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brazenmaiden 6 points

Going to give you a serious answer and say don’t do a sign. You probably won’t be allowed to bring it in and you’ll just block the view of other spectators. Yell her name and number while she’s on stage. Have her post competition cheat ready for her when she steps off stage. And make sure you get tons of pictures of her alone and with everyone that came to cheer for her. My biggest regret is always being so tired and hungry that I forget to take more than a few pics throughout show day.

sukhihontu 1 point

Good to know! Thank you

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UpstairsGuidance 1,279 points

Created a throw for this just in case.

I work in a job that from time to time puts me in front of millions of people on the internet. I'm not a professional performer or a trained actor in any way. I'm just a dude that does a job for a company that creates content that is seen by more than a few people and sometimes I'm asked to be in that content.

I hate it. I hate being in the content. It is awful. I won't go and read comments any more because even though the ugly comments are by far the minority, it's the only ones I seem to be able to see.

People are fucking ruthless. Do you have something about your body you don't like or how you look? Go be in a video or production that is seen by many because internet commenters will find whatever your weakness is and they will go to fucking town on it.

People have no idea how long it takes to create the stuff that everyone sees in the movies, TV, and on the internet. People sit around planning and writing out ideas and getting everything set up to make the content. A lot of work goes in to it and everyone tries their best.

The internet doesn't fucking care.

You try to ignore it and you try to tell yourself that those people are just really unhappy with themselves and it's easy to attack on the internet and they don't know you so how can it be a personal attack and all that. None of that works. The comments hurt. They shouldn't for all those reasons I said, but they do hurt. What's worse is if they find out that their comments hurt you, it only makes things worse because they'll never forget what hit home and they just get worse.

All this and I'm a dude. It's even worse for women. And I don't have kids either because the ones who have kids, my god how cruel kids can be.

I don't know. Maybe it gets better when you get to Matt Damon money and you can go hide in Europe. I can't speak to the experience at that level. What I know is that most people who perform in movies and TV and other content are just regular folks grinding away. Very very very very very very very very few people get rich acting or performing.

Long rant but I feel bad for Fergie. She can't hide from this. My recommendation to her would be to get out in front of this and make fun of yourself a little and own all of it. Take away the power of those to mock you.

sukhihontu 6 points

You are doing great, anonymous dude. Whatever it is you do, I’m proud.

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sukhihontu 2 points

Hanky Pankys - women’s one size fits most underwear. They are super comfortable - but I remember when I was a teenager (around 15 years ago) working in a clothing boutique and every month the owner would come back with her “warehouse haul”

She had me write up the price tags for these Hanky Pankys (I’d never heard of them before that) solid colors were $8, print $8.75. As I’m writing out the price tags she tells me this is how we profit, because “those babies are about 50 cents a piece”

Years later I see a hanky panky display in Nordstroms. I rush over, ready to buy a handful (did I mention they are SUPER comfortable?) until I see the price tag... $20 for one pair.


sukhihontu commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sukhihontu 2 points

Febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES)

A severe brain disorder that develops in previously healthy children after a fever. This syndrome causes a very sudden (acute) onset of nearly continuous seizures (status epilepticus) which do not respond to seizure medications. There is no link between a specific illness and onset of seizures, it could be anything from the flu to strep throat.

The only way to diagnose this to have all other tests/bloodwork/labs come back normal or negative for other possible conditions/answers as to why in the hell your kid can’t stop seizing.

My son has it and it is absolutely the scariest, most terrifying thing that exists, for us at least.

throw_it_in_her 2 points

He bought me a gift for my birthday after one year together that HE liked instead of me.

sukhihontu 2 points

Oh yes. I’ve been there. He asked if I like sushi, I said “not really” (I like the non fishy sushi, which apparently in the sushi connoisseur world is a cop out) so no, I don’t like sushi.

He got me a sushi bazooka.

Promptly took it out of my hands after I opened it and said “well, since you don’t like sushi...”

sukhihontu 4 points

He would use the windshield wipers on full blast when it was drizzling. Not a light rain, a DRIZZLE. No legitimate reason for it, it was a newer car, he had multiple levels of wiper intensity. This happened 3 times before I determined he must be some sick psycho and noped the hell outta there.

sukhihontu commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sukhihontu 60 points

Life saving medications. My son has epilepsy. I already have my plan in place. As soon as shit starts to go down I’m going straight to the pharmacies and pharm labs. Won’t last forever but my hope is I can stock pile enough anticonvulsants to get him thru until the rebuild.

I obviously have way too much time on my hands to think about this shit.

Edit: word change

Chaoss86 6 points

Research how they managed epilepsy before we had those medicines, there are alternatives that you might be able to 'ween' him onto over time. Sure it might not be as good as the current medicines we have today but it'll be better than nothing.

sukhihontu 3 points

Like the Ketogentic diet? He’s on that as well. Hes actually one the rare cases (well not so rare but rare enough) of drug resistant epilepsy. So he has 4 different seizure medications, including being on the Keto diet.

sukhihontu 2 points

Holy crap! My first gold!! Thank you, kind stranger!!!

ZedFreakinPanda 8 points

fuck that, this video is awesome and you are awesome.

sukhihontu 3 points

Fuck yeah, thanks! you’re awesome!

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BrobaFett 12 points

Doc here. We use CBD in a lot of kids with unusual epilepsy. Dravet syndrome being a big one. I suspect they were able to stop his seizures but he needed burst suppression (basically a coma) to do so. Good to hear things worked out for him!!

sukhihontu 6 points

Yep! That’s what the three medically induced comas where for, to achieve burst suppression. They never got the results there were looking for with the first two. It was approx. one week after he was given high dose phenobarbital (I was told at the time it was the highest dose ever given to a pediatric patient... yikes) and it broke status epilepticus, still seizing 12/24 hours a day when we started the CBD.

Edit: wording

[deleted] 8 points

I don't see why the active ingredient, cannabidiol, can't be bumped down to Schedule IV in the US, irrespective of ongoing marijuana legalization efforts.

sukhihontu 6 points

I believe there are bills waiting to be voted on in regards to this, I could be wrong, or just sort of wrong. I probably should look into this before answering. BRB

Edit: this might be what I’m thinking of:

Hasn’t gone anywhere though since it was introduced

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whargness 2 points

Was he naked? That would be a thousand times more impressive/hilarious.

sukhihontu 3 points

He was just wearing a camo fuzzy bathrobe I got him for Christmas. With the matching slippers. So it was creepy-trench-coat-flasher-esque

Zouea 2 points

It must not be cold where you live.

sukhihontu 1 point

CA. 70 degrees yesterday

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obeyyourbrain 2 points

It isn't the first time he's called himself a genius, so I strongly doubt it was him being ironic. This is also the "bing bong bing bong!" guy we're talking about.

sukhihontu 1 point

I mean in regards to him using the word “like” when trying to express how smart he is. I know he honestly thinks he’s the smartest person on the planet.

sukhihontu 3 points

Okay, I can’t believe I’m actually asking this (as I strongly dislike the twice baked bag of moldy curry vomit that is our president) but was trying to be being ironic when using the word “like”?

The way I read it in my head made it sound like he was straight out of Mean Girls and it was intentional. Because, who does that? I get it, he’s a moron, and even if he did that on purpose, tongue-in-cheek, it’s still fucking dumb.

I don’t know why I need to know. I’ll still loathe the guy. But... can he really... can it really... did that really... why the fuck....

sukhihontu commented on a post in r/AskReddit
charismatic_prism 17 points

I grew up with nurses. I learned not to be grossed out by anything.

sukhihontu 8 points

Same here. As well as an irrational fear of neck injuries & latex balloons (mom was ER nurse - apparently pieces of ballon stuck in people’s esophaguses is a lot more common than you’d think) and, of course, 99% of all medical issues are the cause of needing to go #2. Flu like symptoms? When was your last BM? Nosebleed? Oh you just need to have a BM. Big sister accidentally slammed the car door on your hand and it cut the tip of your finger off? First things first, here’s some Colace.

sukhihontu commented on a post in r/UnresolvedMysteries
Leldis 16 points

He killed her, because he did not want her to go to Poland with son, because he thought she is not coming back to USA..

sukhihontu 2 points

This is been my exact thought since the very beginning. I wish LE would elaborate (or even freaking talk) more about her plane tickets, were they ever canceled? did she have travel insurance? was it a one way ticket?

sukhihontu commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sukhihontu 4 points

When a PICU doctor said “well, if he survives this” after every question I asked about my sons condition. Then when he it obvious he was going to survive, because F*CK THAT SHIT she was saying, when she said “you ought to have someone build a wheelchair ramp before he’s discharged, it’s unlikely he’ll walk again”

Yeah. F that. My little fighter walked his 6 year old butt out of the hospital after 2 months in the PICU and 1 month in rehabilitation.

sukhihontu commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sukhihontu 1 point

I was working as a receptionist for a dermatologist. The office was in a medical building, so a there were few other different doctors offices in the complex. On this particular day I was sitting at the “check out” window and the other receptionist was working the “check in” window, behind and off to the right of me, If you’re standing at the checkout window, you can see the waiting room/check in and vice versa.

I overhear someone walk in and ask if this was “Dr. So-and-so’s” Office.... except, I was in the middle of checking someone out, so I only half heard the doctors name, but whatever it was sounded familiar. Thinking this must be another doctor in the building, because obviously I recognized that name from somewhere, I turn and without the slightest hesitation, and without remembering to use my inside voice, I loudly exclaim.... “OH, YOU NEED DR. KEVORKIAN?”

Right into the face of a home health aid and the approximately 107 year old woman clutching on to her arm for dear life, with a nasal cannula, oxygen tank & I swear, an almost audible death rattle with every breath.

The minute it comes out of my mouth and I see who I just yelled it at, I remember where I’ve heard that name. The aide, my coworkers, the packed waiting room and the woman standing at my window just stare. Fucking silence. Except the elderly woman didn’t seem to hear me, which... doesn’t make it any better but doesn’t make it worse. I felt my face go beet red, mumbled something like “3rd floor, on the left” before turning my back to them and dying on the inside.

sukhihontu commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sukhihontu 5 points

What do you do with the absolutely useless trinkets (crap) that fills your Christmas stocking each year? I'm not ungrateful at all, inlaws have tradition of filling stocking with joke dime store gifts, we now have a closet stacked with boxes of this useless crap. Money was spent, dont want to throw out... or do I?

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