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That was really great, I can't wait to see more of this show.

Just want to point out that this company's Wikipedia entry mentions that their chemistry sets contained radioactive uranium ore, and that "increasing consumer liability concerns led to its demise".

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According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office the Republican tax cuts are fuelling historic deficits.[1]

The deficit - the amount that Washington’s spending exceeds its revenues - will expand to $804 billion in fiscal 2018, which ends on Sept. 30, up from $665 billion in fiscal 2017, CBO said.

The national debt is on track to approach 100 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2028, said the nonpartisan CBO, which analyzes legislation for Congress.

...But those growth rates will not offset the deficits, which will “increase rapidly this year and over the next few years,” then stabilize, resulting in a projected cumulative deficit of $11.7 trillion for 2018-2027, CBO forecast.

“During a time of low unemployment and economic expansion, we should be taking reasonable steps to put our debt on a sustainable path – but instead we are piling up trillions of bills,” he said.

Moreover, the tax savings are not being evenly distributed, corporations have not redistributed the savings to the extent that they were promoted.[2] The White House claimed that 70% of the tax cuts would go to workers.[3]

1) Reuters - Republican tax cuts to fuel historic U.S. deficits: CBO

2) CBS - Guess where the corporate tax cut money is flowing

3) NBC - What did corporate America do with that tax break? Buy record amounts of its own stock

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Exactly, this administration is emphasizing all the very worst about conservative economic policy. Lowering corporate tax rate, creating a massive reduction in federal funding to stimulate the economy (which is by no means Trump's motivation, he just wants to pay fewer taxes), then increasing spending at the same time. Conservative tax policy can be a great thing, if detrimental in the short run to federal funding, because it allows the opportunity to reduce the national debt, etc. But instead your average citizen is going to get screwed at both ends - less federal revenue, more tariffs that will be passed to the consumer, and greater national debt. Conservatism is a complete parody of its former self.

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Buchanan's ambivalence and hesitation to address this thorny issue during his presidency was what precipitated the civil war in the first place and the reason why he is generally considered the worst us president in history.

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I thought Andrew Johnson was #1 on most lists; he certainly tops my own, though Buchanan and Pierce were both terrible.

As far as underappreciated Presidents go, shout-out always goes to my man James Polk, the guy who didn't want to be President, and was thrown on the ballot because the other two nominees from his party had too much political baggage and could not get a super-majority. Still went on to fulfill all four of his major campaign promises in a single term.

Why is Jackson a bad president? He was a war hero who stood for the people. He wasn't perfect by any means but in terms of the time period I think he would be considered at least mediocre?

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Andrew Johnson (Lincoln's VP, got impeached for really discouraging the Southern states to not support the 14th Amendment or Reconstruction in general), not Andrew Jackson. Jackson's got his own host of issues, but he was very popular and at least predominately acted in the best interests of the country (doesn't excuse his treatment of Native Americans, etc.).

Janet, I know you're really into arts and crafts right now, but you really don't need to use your bedazzler on everything.

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Didn’t he publicly renounce his line in the succession before going North?

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Did he? (I don't actually know, but I can believe it) Either way I still think Randyll's move is understandable; he still poses a threat while bearing the name, which taking the Black provides the most immediate and efficient means of erasing, and discourages him from having children. Assuming he doesn't take the Black, even without a title, any children that he has would still be named Tarly, given that they were not bastards, and would still pose a threat to the integrity of the family name, even if they never challenge for control of the house.

Wouldn't joining the maesters be equally as binding as taking the black?

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The OP mentions that you don't take the oath as a maester until you have completed years of study, during which time he would still hold his name and title unless he otherwise renounced it.

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Lucas at the helm would have been wretched. Spielgerg at the helm would have been watchable but probably would not have been a classic. (see the Adventures of Tintin).

If Watterson gave anyone permission to direct a C&H film, he should have given it to David Lynch and told him to make sure the resulting film bore no resemblance to the source material. I would watch that.

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Hey, I really liked Spielberg's take on Tintin. I thought it was a very well-made young adult adventure film, the fact that it was based on preexisting material with all the associated expectations of an existing fanbase notwithstanding. The action is wonderful, the kind of film I can watch several times over.

But is it a classic in the animation genre? I think very few animation (hand draw and/or CG) fans would place it in the top 10. If popular opinion determines classic status (and you may feel that it does not), my guess is that Speilberg's Tintin is merely a good and/or enjoyable movie, but not a classic.

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Classic, probably not; you hardly ever hear people speak about it even now. But I would put it well above "watchable", myself. It didn't fall into the "every frame a painting" or have deep-rooted social commentary, but it didn't have to. It was, to me, just well-crafted, engaging, and enjoyable.

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Was he throwing shade at H8? Really looking negative.

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I mean, Maximilian was the head of the Holy Roman Empire (a position crowned by the Pope formally) at the same time that Henry packed up his island and said, "I'm gonna make a better religion, with blackjack and hookers (and divorce)". I can imagine there was some hostility.

Finally, this is what I've been waiting for.

So is there not a single adult left in this administration to curb this blabbering moron's stupidity? Have we successfully got rid of them all by now?

Well-stated response. Everyone has a strong opinion in a developing space, and keeping a level head can be tough, but I feel that we should promote even-headed debate for the sake of all projects, and blockchain adoption as a whole.

This has been a rather rough day, one of the days we'll get to talk about in the future, reminiscing about 20% market drops even in the midst of great news. Exciting, heart-wrenching, certainly not dull.

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Edit: Trigger warning for u/TH3SHUR1F

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"Viper's got you in the pipe, five by five."

Definitely the hardest boss in the game on Master, and he doesn't even do us the courtesy of showing us his face. Look upon me, coward!

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They also smashed the shell with a mallet. Animals!

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There's a scene in 'Lincoln' where a character does the same thing, and it really upset me far more than it should have.

Hey guys. I wrote this a long time ago and it's really outdated and inaccurate now. We learned that they do design their own chips, and they also serialize their chips without an API, from within their chips, just like walton does. This contrasts with Ambr osus's chips that serialize via a centralized API.

Anyway, just wanted to clear that up.

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TLM, it's great to see you again! Since you're here, what advantage, if any, do Walton's design provide over that of Vechain? Do Walton's patents secure any individual position in the industry?

All of the smart/rich people are already hedging their bets and moving to places like New Zealand, which will suffer the least amount of consequences of GW.

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Which is pretty funny, as if large governments all over the world are not going to use their militaries to secure as much land that is at a low risk of feeling the effects of climate change, and that those governments will respect a property line.

Yeah, that's not really how it works, as should be obvious from the recent disasters of US occupation.

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I'm not arguing that countries would seize territory as a initial protective measure, but when resources dry up and people get hungry, treaties are going to be ignored, and international borders will not be respected. Currently, governments have to answer for their actions internationally, whether through sanctions, loss of soft power or standing, whatever. If the global political situation devolves into "we only have enough arable land to support 1/10th the current population", and people see their quality of life crash to poverty, do you really expect countries with massive military power to give up the ghost without a fight? Abandoning an occupation due to an opposing force using guerrilla tactics is one thing, it's another when a military sends in their army with orders not to respect human life, and no concern with how the rest of the world sees them, because they're already at war with everyone else.

Why, oh why would you choose to invert the y-axis like that.

Beyond that, we should be focusing on the development of the tech, its application, and adoption, not making the space into a popularity contest.

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Why Weisselberg is such a big deal (Edit - added supporting links):

  • Deeply involved with Trump's businesses since the 1970s
  • Signs off on every single penny that goes in and out of Trump Org.
  • Handles Trump's personal finances, including his tax returns.
  • One of the three trustees for the phony "blind trust" Trump Org was put into, along with Don Jr. and Eric
  • Serves on board, and as unwitting treasurer, at legally imperiled Trump Foundation.
  • On Cohen's hush money tape as being consulted on how to set up a shady LLC to hide illicit payments.

This is the biggest fish, the one Trump Org experts like Tim O'Brien at Bloomberg and Adam Davidson at the New Yorker have been waiting on. He. Knows. Everything.

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I feel as if this is the most underrated development in the witnesses yet to be called upon publicly.

Yeah, I don't buy the patriotic act for a second. The dude is out to save his own skin, end of story.

Sweet collection. I wish they made a Capitol Plastics-type holder for this type set.

I could live a nice, simple life on a pension of >$200K. But honestly, shortcomings as President aside, he is probably one of the most wholesome and honest individuals to hold the office in the past century.

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