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It really is amazing. The US is facing the greatest crisis of the executive office, likely since the Civil War, and about a third of Americans are cheering it on. The Republican party has become a complete parody of its former self. What do we do when the supposedly conservative faction (that is currently in control of both houses of Congress) will not even denounce a president for his outstandingly blatant foreign collusion?

'A foe' to Trump is anyone who doesn't try to kiss his ass. He has no way of seeing any other entity as an equal to himself, and it pisses me off to no end that he is the formal representative of our nation to the rest of the world, with a GOP that bends over to his every nonsensical whim out of a loyalty to party over country.

Yeah, he's not the brightest. But as it turns out, when you stumble into the Presidency with a GOP-held Congress that will happily put party over country for a few bribes, you can say anything and get away with it without consequence. Just sit in front of the camera and say whatever you think people will want to hear, doesn't matter if it's the exact opposite of what you said five minutes ago.


Up for sale here today is an interesting selection of US Peace Dollars, to be sold as a single lot. Price is $75 SHIPPED to anywhere in the States. PM if interested. Link to images and verification:

A pair of 1922-P Peace Dollars, both in Blanchard slabs graded MS63. One has an absolutely gorgeous obverse, virtually no marks in the fields, but has a small nick on the eagle's leg feathers; the other has a few small scattered bagmarks, and some neat scattered toning. Both display a lot of cartwheel luster.

A bizarre encased 1922 Peace Dollar (mintmark not visible), fairly worn and possibly a designated pocket piece. Small initials 'AR' scratched into obverse.

Worn, scratched workhorse 1922-D piece. Lot of marks, lot of character.

Payment via PayPal only.

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Hello - please update your proof pic with today's date. Rule #1 -->

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If God came down on a chariot of fire, caused the entire crowd to start making prophecies and speaking in tongues, and told him information about his dead grandmother that only he could know, Duterte wouldn't step down from power.

Dude is an extremely aggressive, murderous dictator. People in the Philippines like him right now because he seems to generally murder what most citizens consider 'the right people'.

How do we feel about G2? I’ve been going strong with that guy since I got it on gen 1 (now gen 4) and haven’t looked back.

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Lovin' the G2. The distance of a sniper with the speed of an automatic rifle.

He played his entire career with the San Diego Chargers. It would be weird to refer to him as an LA Charger. Even Rivers will always be a San Diego Charger in my mind. I think the only people I would refer to as LA Chargers are people who were drafted after the move.

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Straight up, it's like calling Johnny Unitas the greatest Indianapolis Colts QB of all time.

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Well that would still be wrong even if he did play in Indy

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I agree Peyton probably has him beat (but they were very different eras of football), it just makes a good example given that it was a major franchise move that kept the same name, with substantial histories at each location. Can Indianapolis really lay claim to the Baltimore Colts history, like their Super Bowl win?

So what existing advantage does Walton offer over these potential competitors? I assume that these preexisting stores don't infringe on Walton's patents, so what benefits does Walton's design possess that will inspire real-world adoption on a wide scale?

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HOT DAMN. I've got wood for this wood.

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Hey, I know you. You're the funny guy who says the funny things.

Hey funny guy, say some funny things.

Where's Christopher Walken when you need him?

It doesn't normally come up with the people that I interact with on the daily (I'm in my 20's), but the little niche that I collect happens to have a very high proportion of younger people that I interact with regularly, so that's nice.

What sort of fantasy world does Navarro live in, to think that this sort of bill would get support from the Democrats? Is he truly that delusional?

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My guess is he isn't, but has to give lip service as part of his job. Try to sell lies that anyone can see through, all it costs is your pride and sense of self-worth.

Well the real test is if they can beat Hogan

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Yeah, and Hogan has been a great governor, a moderate Republican that has enacted genuinely popular conservative fiscal policies without being moronic. The only reason he would lose reelection is if people vote for party (in protest of Trump) over the individual, which I could realistically see happening. Would be a shame, because I'm a big Hogan fan.

In other news, a local stray cat has endorsed Justin Trudeau's campaign for reelection as Canada's prime minister.

I used to edit this show.

Dude hasn't given a fuck for the entire show. Off camera he always asked when the camera crews would go home so he could go back to owning a regular pawn shop.

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This is comforting. You like to think that the charitable, kind people you see on TV are really not just playing characters, but in most cases it's not a true reflection of their personality. At least here, the dude is just being his real, grumpy old self.

I was there yesterday! Fun time, but no purchases.

Simple, nothing there that I didn't already have in my set.

Reducing U.S oil production isn’t gonna reduce emissions because other countries will just increase production. So no, it wouldn’t make the air anymore breathable.

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The line of thinking that "If we don't do it, others will" is the reason humanity is doomed. Sure, producing oil is just a part of the problem, but not doing it is certainly preferable to the alternative.

Producing oil isn’t the problem, demand for oil is. You will never take down a significant industry by attacking supply. That’s why the war on drugs is a complete failure.

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Alternatively, creating a glut in the market such that oil remains the cheapest option hardly encourages the adoption of cleaner energy options. Or using your drug example, we could mirror the opioid epidemic: create a massive supply, overprescribe it, and exacerbate the issue.

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Original Poster3 points · 28 days ago

LOL...I wish. Would be a fun place to work.

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Anything else you would like to post? Maybe something French in 63 from the PCGS Boards? Just throwing out a thought, no reason behind it.

Sweet coin! You've got some great world material. Ever find any unusual chopmarked pieces, I'm still in the market!


Seriously, I've had to bust out the vacuum twice this past week because the lids come off so easily on these things. I feel like we've been betrayed, and deprived future generations of the sturdy construction of a well-designed spice container.


Wow, thanks, Super America Man! You saved us!

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All in a day's work, citizen!

You totally left out the fact that Mexico’s friendship with the US was the overarching factor in their calculus to not join Germany. As a major arms supplier of arms, Mexico wasn’t concerned about an armed population in the US. They had plenty of guns of their own. It all came down to the fact that Mexico and Mexicans valued relationships over any potential benefit from joining with Germany.

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The way I wrote it does make it sound as if Mexico was itching to retake the Southwest US, and military superiority was the sole factor preventing them from doing so. But you're right, the impetus really wasn't there to alienate a neighbor via armed conflict, particularly based on vague German promises.

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