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I actually understand quite a few of the individual bits on the first page. We had that in highschool in Germany. Don't have a clue of what the overall picture he's creating is though.

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Oh yeah, I also understood some of the words... I did study the Alphabet in elementary school after all...

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I used to smoke Mr. Smiley which was a version of spice. Mr. Smiley came in a 1 gram container and my friends and I would smoke 2 or 3 of those at a time. I'm not dead, and I didn't go crazy. However, it did make me feel extremely, extremely tired with a brutal headache. I also remember what it did to our eyes. Weed makes your eyes glazed and red, yeah, but Smiley made our eyes fucking neon pink dude. We were smoking it because weed was hard to find whereas we could walk into the nearest cigarette store and buy Mr. Smiley. I was smoking it close to 10 years ago before it was all over the news that this shit was killing people. Even though I didn't die or go crazy I would really urge people to never touch spice because the risks far outweigh the benefits. *Edit: just to hammer my last point home, there are a few cases of death specifically linked to the brand of spice I mentioned. Do not touch this shit. My friends and I got lucky, that's it.

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How the fuck did they allow that shit to be sold legally in a cigarette store? From what I’ve read on the internet this shit is so noticeably worse than pot just by looking at the effects it does to people on the first try...

They did it in the very same bridge in different points, in the portion that collapsed the replacement was delayed. Allegedly the decision was made to not disturb the huge traffic volume of the summer period.

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And now the traffic will be disturbed for the next decade...

Why are people so proud to hate each other

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you've never worked in the service sector, have you? waiting tables kinda makes you hate humanity and hope for a new plague...

There’s always time.

As middle age creeps in you realize there actually isn’t, and there’s quite a few things you always figured you’d do / experience that you won’t.

Upside is, (if you’re me at least) you’re fine with this and have gratitude for what you have experienced, not just what the future holds.

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Jesus, time is moving so much faster now, it’s ridiculous, I wake up in the morning, do a couple of errands and it’s already lunch time, by the time I’m finished eating it’s midday, so afternoon, which means it’s basically evening so I have to eat dinner now, now that I’ve finished dinner it’s night, which means I have to go to bed. And tomorrow will be exactly the same, oh and tomorrow is the 15th... AGAIN?! I swear to god it was just last week, if it’s the 15th it basically means that the month is over, next month is my birthday, that means that another year has past AGAIN?!

Aww, they hate each-others guts and keep throwing condescending insults at each other, just like real people...

The look on his face says it all.

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I don’t know what to look at, the dry humping or the dude’s reaction...


It’s like a fucking comedy skit...

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As an Italian kid, I remember the first time I said a bestemmia (don't really know how to translate that in English... I guess blasphemous insult?) at home, my parents got pale and just stared at me like I had spit on my grandma's grave or some shit like that. I had cursed plenty of times in the past and they just got angry but nothing bad really happened, but that time around I was super frustrated in a videogame and I just shouted "porco dio!" and all hell went loose in my house.

Bestemmie in Italian are on a different level from normal curses or swear words.

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Tbh it also depends with whom you’re speaking, some people get super offended other use it as a filling word between sentenced...

Trump has 10 years left tops.

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Can you imagine if he dies of a heart attack during this presidency, it’s totally in The realm of possibility judging by his health bill...

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Injecting mercury (although I guess they don't use this much anymore), formaldehyde, or live viruses. Basically I prefer not injecting stuff whenever possible.

Probably nothing bad will happen but maybe you get a bad batch? Anyway I'm quite neutral-positive on it (again, massive public health benefit) but I do find the anti-anti-vax crowd to be even louder and more annoying than anti-vaxers.

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The substance doesn’t make the poison, but the dosage, even oxygen and water, which everyone would agree are very natural healthy substances that are absolutely necessary for life, can be toxic and lethal if take in big enough quantities... you can even ingest cyanide in low dosages and be perfectly fine, because it is naturally present in many nuts and seeds that we consume every day.

wow great reaction to my main point... just picking out the last sentence. witht attacked i meant sabotaged. and if you still think that haven’t happened.....well idk what to say than.

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The US interfered with communist countries just like the soviets interfered with capitalist countries, that whole ordeal was called the “cold war”. And besides I’m not trying to defend the US, I don’t like the US they have a horrible society and system. I’m defending social democracies based on a free market that have a functioning social safety net. Are they perfect? No, they obviously can be improved upon, but they sure as shit are better than living in a bleak dystopian autocratic society with virtually no personal freedom...

you really don’t understand that my view isn’t restricted on one country where the people have a good life. My view intakes also what the good life of the people in this one country takes from other people. You’re acting as if we’re talking about in which state people have a better life. But we’re talking about which state IS better for all humans. Like for sure you can have a great life in your state if you exploit other people, never disputed that - but i think it’s wrong.

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I’m pretty sure you don’t want to understand my view, I’m not defending the kind of predatory capitalism that exists in the US, I’m defending modern social democracies run by constant and sensible policy making with intelligent regulations, that are still free marketplaces. Colonialism ended a lot of years ago, just because in the past we took advantage of poorer countries doesn’t mean that we are still exploiting them as much now, or that we will keep doing it in the future. The main point of modern democracies is that when something isn’t working well we can change the laws through a democratic vote and make things better. You don’t really get that in a communist regime as only the view of the party matters and it isn’t always the best one...

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Fine? I dunno. But I think laws telling people what to wear are certainly much less fine.

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laws usually aren't there to tell you what to do, but rather what you shouldn't do, in this case you shouldn't wear a particular piece of clothing that conceals your face and is generally degrading to someones humanity, even if the person in question doesn't think so...

You sneeze, you die.

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As a person with allergies... fuck you!

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I don't understand why Italians keep electing these shitty politicians.

We have no other options. There is no "party that actually gets stuff done." Most politicians here are not good people trying to do great things for the country; they're selfish people trying to get theirs. Or at least that's the sense most here have, which means it drives a lot of people away from trying to be politicians because they don't want to automatically be branded. Italy also has a lot of special interests, so even if you are a decent person, getting to the top as a politician, to the point where by the time you're high enough to make any meaningful change, there's enough red tape holding you back.

We haven't had an inspirational figure in ages. The one guy many of us thought was going to be a breath of fresh air politically, Matteo Renzi, turned out to be a wet fart. He lost all charisma and personality as soon as he became PM, and turned into another regular shitty politician (he likely was that all along, but at least he hid it better before becoming PM).

The "conman" we elected in the 90s (not the 2000s, Berlusconi is way older history than that) WAS that alternative candidate that people were screaming for. He was breaking the old stale hold of regular politicians who did nothing but sit around and do nothing. He was a businessman, he was dynamic, and he had charisma. It's no wonder he still has a relatively big following today.

The guys we have in power now are this generation's "parties of change." They campaigned on that slogan, and people who are fed up with a decade-plus of nothingness voted for them mainly with a mentality of "let's see if they can figure it out" (spoiler alert: they won't figure it out).

Italy's problems also run deeper than just choice of politicians. But that's the subject of a book, not a reddit comment.

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Jesus fuck! can somebody please explain to me what the fuck Renzi did wrong, he has some vague connection to a shady bank that went bankrupt? Is this the heinous crime he committed? who gives a flying fuck, during his government the debt got lower, occupation rose, he passed some new legislation here and there that made the lives of business owners a lot easier and in turn made the economy slightly better. He was generally respected by other European leaders and made the whole system work in a semi-decent way. Which is a heck of a lot better then what we got in the past few governments. Was he a good state man that solved every problem we had? No, but as I said at least he made shit kinda work in the right way for once, if we keep expecting miracles, we are never gonna get anywhere...

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Im sure he will provide a measured and composed response to this.

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Well this is only further proof that he’s actually right and the globalist interplanetary vampire paedophiles are trying to silence him, so to avoid having all of their secrets for world domination revealed...

Holden Caulfield. When I was 16 I identified with him. When I reread it at 22 I hated him and thought he was a total asshole. When I read it again at 28 I just saw a scared kid putting up a front.

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I can’t remember how old I was when I read it the first time, but I remember that I thought he was such a whiny little bitch. I hated that story because of him...

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I've been on the receiving end of this. Whenever you do any sort of creative work, it's kind of expected that one-star reviews are going to be a thing, and you get used to that -- but the sheer bile that goes into some of them is astonishing.

I get it, guy. You didn't like my book; they're not for everyone, and that's cool. But at most all it cost you was $2.99 and a couple of hours of your time. Maybe a little perspective is in order? Maybe 'I wish she'd just die and stop publishing this shit' isn't a measured response?

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Internet reviews in general are so fucking toxic it’s ridiculous. Our family has a hotel and even if we keep telling ourselves that we don’t give a shit about tripadvisor and company anymore, an unexpected negative review always completely ruins your day. They’re so over exaggerated and filled with hatred, that they just seem like a personal attack. They just make you resentful and spiteful towards everyone, you completely loose any trust in the customers that you currently host, like everyone one of them could become a potential new enemy.

In the documentary they mede it sound like if the dome would brake apart it would have apocalyptical consequences for the planet, which is just bullshit. The ocean is a massively huge place a couple hundred tons of radioactive metal isn't gonna have any effect on it...

We don’t have to tear other women down to lift this one up!

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yeah, but we can tear down the idiots who made untalented and useless people famous instead of people with actual merit and skills...

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Did you try taking another? You’re supposed to take one pill after each lose bowel movement.

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Take the whole damn blister while you’re at it...

I know what it is, those two symbols on the bottom left look like somebody shooting an arrow to another man holding his hands up...

How in the world did they fuck up so badly? Like the people who were fans of the original show are likely the audience they are trying to attract but they missed everything that was great about the show. I know it's just a trailer but I highly doubt that this show is going to be any good

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I was one of the original fans when I was a kid, I’m 24 now, I don’t give a shit about this angsty edgy crap, I’ve got a mortgage now the kind of shows that I watch now are game of thrones or breaking bad. They kinda fucked up their target demographics...

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