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superciuppa commented on a post in r/videos
custombimmer 236 points

Why am I not surprised it is Greece .

superciuppa 157 points

Goddamned Alexander, everytime I found out he was on my map, I would make it a point to wipe him off the map as soon as possible, so to not have to deal with him later on...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/videos
LeftWingScot 99 points

Usually a "loose horse" will be left to its own devices until the pack has past it then an "outrider" (a individual who is responsible for the track) will chase down the horse sometimes on horseback, grab the reigns and slowly guide the horse into line and away from the hurdles. They are experts at using there presence to push a horse off to the edge of a track were it can be removed safety.

letting a horse remain "loose" for too long can see the horse become confused and they often run into hurdles or fences injuring themselves never mind hitting other horses.

superciuppa 88 points

Man, horses sound like really stupid animals...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/europe
OnlyOneFunkyFish 5 points

I was out of city centre. Still very good compared to my city...

superciuppa 16 points

The fuck do live, bombay?! I just came back from Rome, it totally is a dump... my relatives living there also agree, they keep complaining about it...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/polandball
613codyrex 59 points

Looking to it as an outsider.

I guess this is better than no coalition and in turn even less of a chance for things changing.

Also eh. What's the worst that can happen? The coalition might fall apart before any of the real work starts as is tradition for far-right parties who manage to gain power. A bit concerning about the common platform between the league and the M5S that deals with the eurozone but that was oddly omitted from coalition talks so they might not get to that. The basic income bit is interesting tho, i wonder how that will work out.

superciuppa 1 point

The basic income bit will go horribly, we’re already broke the way we are, I don’t understand where we’re going to find the 17 billion € to just give away for free to people. They’ll increase the taxes for middle class business owners as the previous governments have kept doing for the past decades, sending us even deeper into an economic recession...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/worldnews
MrMcHaggi5 17 points

They sure do have lots of guns, but they can't carry them in public, they are all trained on how to use them and you can't have one if you have a conviction or are mentally unsound among other things. It's almost as if regulating firearms works!?

superciuppa 2 points

I think it has more to do with the fact that there is very little poverty and the population is way more educated compared to certain “ghettos” in American cities. There is no need for people to kill each other

slikts 9 points

… he is by extension saying the same thing about dozens of US cities like Fresno and Wichita.

The murder rate in a city like Detroit makes it almost two orders of magnitude more of a "war zone" than London.

superciuppa 5 points

From reading comments about detroit on reddit, I’m now convinced that Detroit is an actual warzone...

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superciuppa commented on a post in r/europe
caanthedalek 124 points

What the hell is it with people getting morally outraged about pineapple on pizza? Nobody's making you eat it, who gives a fuck what other people put on their pizza?

superciuppa 7 points

Yes! It’s a goddamned atrocity, if you’d see a child getting beaten by an adult you wouldn’t just stand by and watch. It is the moral duty of every Italian national to safeguard the integrity of every pizza on earth. Millions of innocent pizzas suffer every year this terrible fate, none of them deserved this kind of abuse, inform yourself and spread the word the next pineapple pizza might happen near you and you might be the only one to save it...

Durzo_Blint 67 points


Your autocorrect is weird. I can't believe it would change ruined to refined. Also it was a Canadian who added pineapple and the banana curry pizza comes from Sweden.

superciuppa 1 point

Banana-curry pizza... i barfed a little in my mouth just reading that...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/videos
emcax24 -5 points

Prolly "the building was already at risk of collapse due to water seeping into the foundation" or something like that. Buildings don't just collapse straight down into their own footprints due to fire. Learn how to physics.

superciuppa 1 point

How about you learn some physics dipshit, steel doesn’t need to reach melting temperatures to loose most of it’s strength...

emcax24 -2 points

Guess fires on 1-10 floors weakened the steel in the other 100 floors too which is why the entire building(s) came straight down right? Learn yourself some logic and critical thinking skills while you're out there shopping for physics.

superciuppa 1 point

No, it’s the fact that the top 30 floors weighing hundreds of thousands of tons came crashing down on the bottom floors because a 500 ton jumbo jet traveling at 500 mph knocked out 10 floors beneath them...

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superciuppa commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
canering 33 points

This was the worst trump interview I've seen yet. I can't believe I was surprised at how truly awful it was. Anyone listening to that would agree there is something seriously wrong with him. He's completely unfit to be president.

superciuppa 1 point

He couldn’t sound more like a guilty 5 year old than that:

What, me?! That’s not fair I didn’t do nothing, it’s all Hillary’s and the FBI’s fault, they started it!!! MOOOOM!!!

superciuppa commented on a post in r/europe
swiftzahn 14 points

As an Italian, I second your conclusion. Compared to how Germans handle their past, that is with a proper amount of awareness, Italy hasn't done a good job at understanding what went wrong with Fascism or the role Mussolini had Italy play internationally. Many are stuck in an ignorance bubble made of mottos like "Mussolini also did good things" or "he was a great leader and was obligated to ally with Hitler, so as to avoid that Italy was invaded".

superciuppa 1 point

What’s your wife point of view, if you don’t mind me asking, do your brothers in law also share their faters views or do they resent their names... I realize that it’s probably hard asking these kind of questions in that family...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/europe
Alcobob 2 points

At least sitcoms have no effect on real life, except when Janice from accounting needs us to tell how Bob and Paris are totally getting together in the current episode. I don't care Janice, keep that shit to yourself.

superciuppa 3 points

Who are you... german John Oliver?

superciuppa commented on a post in r/worldnews
AllGarbage 539 points

The only relevance to social media to their arrest is that it gives CNN the opportunity to attach pictures of two hot chicks to the story. We were all lured in by the thumbnail. They wouldn’t cover it otherwise.

superciuppa 2 points

Not gonna lie, I was hoping to see more pictures of them in bikinis...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/Bitcoin
masixx 5 points

Is this so? I did not read the article but I'd guess an serious stat takes that into account. It's statistics 101. But I guess if one does weight the widespread depends on the question asked: relative damage per drug or total damage caused by drugs.

superciuppa 1 point

I mean, do you honestly believe that alcohol is more dangerous than heroin? I think it has something to do with the rate of hospitalization and overall impact on society than actual danger that it poses to your health. I personally wouldn’t shoot some heroin after a long work day instead of cracking a beer open on the couch...

outofofficeagain 3 points

Read the article, it combines harm to the user plus harm to society, people shooting up on their couch don't sucker punch people in bars

superciuppa 3 points

Yeah that’s my point, alcohol is dangerous because it’s so widespread, not because it’s necessarily the more harmful drug on its own. If there would be as many heroin users as there are alcohol drinkers (and I don’t mean the serious addicts or alcoholics, just regular consumers of it), society would grind to a halt...

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superciuppa commented on a post in r/funny
HalfPointFive 39 points

I just ignore it unless they're hitting people or throwing stuff. To be honest sometimes I have a hard time not laughing. I'm on my 5th toddler though, I did get more upset when the first ones had tantrums.

superciuppa 1 point

I'm on my 5th toddler though

you know there's this new thing that has been invented, called "condoms", maybe you should give it a try...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/AskReddit
DeoFayte 140 points

In schools it's not uncommon to ostracize the "nerds" and in life it's not too uncommon to see the same being done out of a jealous spite. It's more of a trope than a reality but it definitely still happens sometimes.

superciuppa 1 point

In adulthood it becomes something like ridiculing experts because people are convinced of knowing better or being smarter without having gone to university...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/worldnews
Mozorelo 2 points

Meh. If grab them by the pussy and cheating on his wife by raw dogging porn stars didn't bring him down what the hell could? Age of consent is 15 in Russia and I doubt he had sex with a 12 year old.

superciuppa 2 points

What if it was an underage boy?

superciuppa commented on a post in r/skiing
garpski 17 points

I thought it could be seen in the header. But I guess not. Sorry. It’s Val Gardena in the Dolomites in north eastern Italy. Rocky peak on the right is the Langkofel (Sassolungo) 10,436’.

superciuppa 1 point

Aw shit, was this yesterday after it snowed?

superciuppa commented on a post in r/AskReddit
superciuppa 2 points

In an effort to not give the usual answer of: "no, because I'm lazy" I'm gonna answer it for the reason I assume you wanted to know. Which is: yes, I would keep eating meat, because I wouldn't feel bad about it. I don't have any problem in claiming that animals are inferior to humans, and thus we should't feel bad about killing and eating them, countless other animals kill weaker creatures for their food supply and I don't understand why it should be morally bad for us to do the same.

This is not to say that I don't completely agree with vegetarians and vegans, the way that we grow these animals and the amount of environmental damage that we cause to do so are concerning. that is certainly something that we can do better as a species, but not eating meat because cows are cute and shit, is in my opinion total bullshit...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/AskReddit
2001_spacethrowaway 6,048 points

Being angry at tourists and having a drinking problem.

Edit: oh woah. No, you're all wrong. Small beach community in upstate NY but it's comforting knowing it happens everywhere.

superciuppa 1 point

I live in the Italian Alps, you practically described the entire local population...

superciuppa commented on a post in r/TumblrInAction
ScatterYouMonsters 75 points

"'Vaginal knitter' spends 28 days making scarf from wool stored inside her"

continuing through menstruation

"Feminist Hero Bakes Sourdough Bread Using Her Own Vaginal Yeast"

superciuppa 4 points

The artist from down under


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