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We all know Iron man started the fight with the real roadarollada

Ok meme police here, why label it none? There's already nothing there. Would've been funnier to see it. If you're gonna label that at all put updated localisation files

It's too strong at the moment, I'd say making the dwarf a 2/2 or something might be closer to balenced, but even then idk

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This secret probably wouldn't trigger your entire game. As it stands it needs a bigger reward

You can’t test for competitive spirit.

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Leave an opponents minion up. Assuming it just needs a situation where the secret can trigger

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Where's ultimate infestation?!!

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They already played that turn 4

Why am I getting a zodiac killer vibe?

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Hearthstone: In the Works - September 18


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You call cards being added to the classic set nothing? What where you expecting nerfs? New set.announcement?

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Don't forget to scream AMERICAN FREEDOM, and DIE ANIMAL SCUM.

I mean, it's not like the cows are part of your livelihood or anything, that's be silly haha

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Screaming American freedom despite being Australian

Batman Over Heaven

Coochie wielded guess I'm a gamer grill with feet

Because I was describing the scene.

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But you were trying to describe how wtf the scene is in relation to the claim that King was a weird pedo. Underage gang bang is fucked but interracial stands out by not making it any more controversial, unless you're from the deep south I guess

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The original It also has a lot more supernatural stuff since it also includes the “future” where the kids are adults. So yeah definitely more supernatural stuff in the sequel.

Edit: I am talking about the original movie adaptation.

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It also had the boys run a train on the girls. Good luck seeing that in any adaptation

Sometimes we confuse having high stats with helping the team. I was playing a game where our heals were Brig and Zen. We weren't getting enough healing and our tank line was getting crushed. I asked if one of the heals could switch. The Zen said that he didn't need to switch because he had gold healing, gold damage and gold kills. Was he carrying? Nope. Everyone else was just dying first because he's the backline. Neither switched and we lost pretty bad. If you're doing really well but the rest of your team isn't, you may actually be part of the problem.

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Thing is Zen was functioning as a dps, which he can do. Zen can 1st place deathmatches for Christ sake. Sometimes you have to tell yourself "yes he's classified as a healer, but he's acting as a soft dps so I will go healer" you're not gonna convert him in a round and having 3 healers is fine if 2 of them are basically dps

This is just what I was talking about. You think because he has gold medals, that he is doing well. Doing the most on a team that is doing bad is still doing bad.

Overwatch is not a deathmatch game, so that argument is irrelevant to this conversation. Overwatch is a teamwork game. He's chosen the role as a healer, and he is not filling his role. Also, you must have never played solo que, otherwise you would know that getting a DPS to change off DPS is near impossible.

The point of this whole argument is that having golds doesn't mean you're helping your team. I could be a pharah who is just killing it, gold everything, and still lose. And it could even be my fault.

If you are doing well but everyone else is doing bad, maybe its because of you. Maybe your team are the ones sacrificing for your success. Maybe you need to focus on saving your teammates instead of looking for easy kills. Overwatch is a team game. You can't do it alone. It's built so no one person can carry. So next time you feel like you're doing well but your team isn't, lik at yourself honestly and all of there is something you can do to support the success of your team. Who knows, that might be the chance that wins you the game.

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I do almost nothing but solo que and 9 times out of 10 demanding somebody with gold swap is pointless. Play around it. Ignore that the game has him tagged as a healer and see if he continues to do well. If he continues to do well then he's validated. Otherwise he's likely to switch

People in lower classes are typically unhealthier, due to lack of money, knowledge and it being easier to buy ready-made unhealthy food. By only focusing on soda being bad, instead of also judging fruit, you are really just singling out and looking down on lower class people. (according to the op)

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Of course her argument is still bull because water is cheaper easier to obtain and better for you than soda. You can't play the poor card in soda like you can food

The government robbing people through taxation

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That's obvious but what does shooting them translate into?

tf2warehouse,, and i think a couple others... also tf2tags which technically isnt a trading site but still :(

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Outpost is the first big loss imo. I haven't heard of warehouse and I could never figure out how bazaar was supposed to work. Outpost is where I started trading. I never thought it could be so convenient.


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Lol, kinda expected that ending but still pretty funny.

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Now he's gotta go back again to stop the prank. It's a long day. Or not really he can get to it whenever

This is actually kinda funny, but wildly inaccurate.

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Of course its inaccurate, its exaggeration.

Jonathan is the most thot he was always fucking breathing

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Lisa Lisa was more obsessed with breathing than any other girl, therefore biggest thot in Jojo

Is that Lazy Purple?

Lazy pure is my favorite tf2 youtuber!

I know, but not nearly as much so as in the past.

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But what is there is much higher quality. I mean there's a lot.of terrible ones but that's always been true.

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