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surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/AskReddit
HT2TranMustReenlist 89 points

My friend approaches tinder the same way and swipes (the yes direction, I've never used it) on rapid fire to all the girls that come up for better chances of getting matches

surosregimeprime 5 points

Actually going through each profile (as a male liking females) is totally pointless and a waste of time. It's much more efficient to mass like and from there on message the ones you like.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Evangeriron 23 points

Oh my god, I had a guy in my old guild who had ui exactly like this. Still don't know how he saw anything through all that junk.

surosregimeprime 1 point

Never understood this. I raided somewhat hardcore throughout BC and wrath and just used the default UI with a threat meter addon.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
-Leviathan- 7 points

Azir is only great in the hands of people who know how to play him properly. Shiphtur has been playing Azir for an extremely long time, so it's no surprise that he can pop off this game.

surosregimeprime -11 points

you're joking because in low plat every azir tops damage charts regardless of kda.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/darksouls3
surosregimeprime 3 points

Greatwood probably took me the longest to beat next to Midir. Phase 1 can be very overwhelming for a new player with all the adds spawning. The hand in phase 2 isn't as telegraphed as previous attacks in the game are either. I beat Nameless King on like the 4th try tho lol. Funny how the difficulty for certain bosses are night and day for different people.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/darksouls3
EchoWhiskey_ 3 points

Can anybody confirm that DS2 is super boss-heavy?

surosregimeprime -1 points

I mean it does, but if you're competent you'll 1 shot the vast majority of them. Only a handful are truly unique or pose any level of challenge. Only bosses that gave me trouble were Lost Sinner, Chariot, and Belfry Gargoyles. That's 3 out of like 20ish.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/AskReddit
rsqejfwflqkj 67 points

I don't like that way of thinking. Instead, I think that those dreams just need to change to incorporate what's possible with those responsibilities. Giving up on all positive, enjoyable goals in life because you have kids or something else is just really, really sad...

surosregimeprime 6 points

It's ok. They'll live their lives wondering what "could have been" up till the day they die.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/tifu
Qthebrew 19 points

It's been hard to get into in the last few years. I've tried to get into it a few times but for some reason I just can't.

surosregimeprime 14 points

Probably because it's a shell of a game and currently the only game on the market that loses things with expansions.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/AskReddit
TenTimesTheTrojans 5,902 points

Was discussing some relationship woes with a friend and at one point he said, “Ha. When I get a girl, I’m not gonna take any shit from her. I’m the man here.”

Well, true to his word, and to the best of my knowledge, he’s still single.

surosregimeprime -39 points

On the other hand are you asking your wife/girlfriend if you're allowed to purchase something with your own money? Asking for permission to go out at night with friends? That's "taking shit" in my opinion and not anything I would ever stand for.

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/malefashionadvice
surosregimeprime 1 point

Is it worth spending more for basic t's? I'm having trouble deciding between a couple from AllSaints vs. like 4 from H&M for half of what I'd pay at AllSaints.

Also open to suggestions if anyone knows a solid brand. I like the vintagey/raw cut look if that makes sense?

surosregimeprime commented on a post in r/malefashionadvice
surosregimeprime 1 point

I was looking at the size chart for shirts at H&M. My chest is around 38-39'' so I'd fit their medium, but they also list a waist size. My waist is 28'' which is an x-small on their site. Why would a t-shirt include a waist size? If I buy a medium will it blow out like a balloon on me?

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