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I picked H'aanit as she reminds a lot of the typcial blue mage from FF with her monster skills. A role which i have always loved a lot. Not only that but she was the only one i had a clear idea on what her secondary job would, being the warrior to get as many weapon choices as possible. And while it wasn't a intended part but since she has the best accuracy in the game, she has the best odds i believe to hit something with the warriors multi hitting spear skill.

first time i used that move, put all enemies to sleep, neat. Let's try boosting it to see wha... and my team got caught in a explosion.

is it random which one linde uses?

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from what i seen Linde seems to use whatever it feels for until a weakness for either spear or sword is found. once it has either of them it will use the stronger option


What to invest points in.

So i not only have H'aanits Divine skill unlocked but also enough points to get it. BUT in order to improve on her ability to survive provoke battles better i was thinking of teaching her enough of the schoolors skills to get the Vim And Vigor skill.

So what i want to know is how good is her divine skill if i mainly run her with the warrior job?

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is that even a real thing ?

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Doubt it. He just put the english pronunciation of smörgåsbord which is swedish with the german word for wine

For the 3 first ones, you use the exact same as i while i don't use Ophelia for my main lineup, there i have Cyrus with the cleric role instead.


19 year old cat is screaming every morning and it worries us

we have this 19 old cat that used to be a outdoors cat, however, we moved into a apartment last summer and since the has all out cats been indoor cats. Just this month we had to put down on of them due to his kidney started to give in and it was the hardest thing i have been through.

Now lately have our oldest been screaming every morning around 04:00 andalso sometime during the day. And the most obvious sign of his most likely deteriorating health is his weight lost as he doesn't even weigh a Kilo anymore. My mother told me that i had to prepare for the worst but i feel i just can't handle it.

Anyone that have any idea on what the problem could be.

PS: as a side note. Despite his age, he has been a very energetic cat. while he sleeps a lot like any old cat does, he has is moments where he just burst with energy while playing.

Best if you get him checked by a vet. He could have some underlying illness. Cats are very good at hiding them. Good luck!

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just checked with my mother and she said that we haven't been to a vet since we neutered him, while i might sound optimistic, could it be just that he could need better food?

He’s very elderly, I highly recommend you take him to a vet. At this point, it’s probably not the food, but an underlying health issue due to age, just like people when we get old. Just take him in to see the doctor, there is no way to tell what is going on without blood work and possible ultrasounds.

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Yeah. the thing is that money is a issue here and with our last cat we put down, we where given a choice of taking a blood sample to see if it was the kidney.

However, my mom and dad took the more human route and instead of having to wait 2-3 days for the test results and maybe have him live through those days and not eating anything (as he had lost all appetite) they chose to just let him sleep in. And it might sound a bit cruel, but i know that is what is gonna happen if we take him to the vet as well.

I am just not ready of losing a second cat so within such a close timespan. And that is just the cats, we also have a 11-12 year old dog that we took in a couple of years back that is close to that point as well.

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Merchant recommendations

So i found this really fun combo you can do if you have both Tressa and another merchant in your party, and that is just getting 1 character to max boost on the second turn.

What i do is using Tressa's "Give BP" skill to pass over 2 BPs after boosting her on the first turn to the second merchant. then i do the same with that merchant and pass it over to whoever i feel needs that boost.

While i have no clue on how useful it is as you have to have 2 merchants in the party but i found it super fun and worked really well during Therions chapter 2 boss as i just passed around that BP between the 2 and until i had enough to just blast the boss and his minions

But now i want to know who people recommends using the merchant job? the ones i feel suit it best is either Therion or Alfyn.


That's literally the same team as me. Except Olberic is my main.

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unlike me where i had the exact opposite team. H'annit for main and i just can't live without Cyrus at this point. His study foe skill is to good for me to just let him stay benched

I picked Cyrus as my starter and I'm totally spoiled. He's too good.

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he, alongside Tresa and primrose have become the main group for me.

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how ever will the second one even see with that extension in front of him?

Where does one find this good dog?

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Grandport, the final town in coastlands

So i bought a polearms called the Magus Glaive which has 96+ Physical attack and 162+ Elemental attack. gave it to H'annit and saw that while hovering the the cursor above it in her equip meny, it shows that she has a element damage of 307 but in her regular stat meny it just says 145.

Doe that mean that IF i were to use the scholar or any other magic reliant job for her, would i have to use the spear first before using spells just to get those stats?


One of my most appreciated changes from typical RPGs

One thing i love is how unlike most JRPGs, is how you can not only cause status ailments towards Bosses but specifically poison. Might be wrong in that statement but i feel i seen FAR to many RPGs where they don't allow or at least, makes it so not worth the trouble to give a boss some ailment.

Where up against Ophelia's Chapter 2 boss and had H'annit use the apothecary's poison skill on it, forgot about it. and after the boss just boosted himself and had 3 turns each time, just went up in smoke.

Took me a second to realize that he did not in fact kill himself but it was the poison i had applied on him 4 turns ago.

Bravely Default and Second also has Status effects be much more useful than you normally expect.

Poison was psrt of one of the most obvious ways to deal 9999 damage per hit, and proper use of Status effects like Paralyze could mean you easily debilitate enemies into a cycle they never even get a turn.

In general games like this and Final Fantasy have very good uses for Status Effects, the system with Jobs only amplifies this (and explains why Statuses are the most obviously useful in FF4, 5, and 9 especially).

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Original Poster2 points · 2 days ago

you could poison bosses in Bravely Default?

Literally every human Boss except Qada (and Derosso? I forget) is able to be Poisoned.

If you get a popup saying GUARD then they're immune (which should only be Qada). If it just Misses they can be afflicted with the Status.

With Status Ailment Amp and using a character with decent Intelligence (so any Black Mage, Arcanist, or Vampire, basically any of the Jobs that can set Statuses), you can pretty much guarantee setting a status.

The fact no boss is immune to Paralyze and Vampire has a skill that has a 50% chance to Paralyze all enemies, without dealing damage to break them out of Paralyze, and that Paralyze both stops them from generating BP and makes them unable to act for 2-3 turns completely trivializes every fight against human bosses in BD.

Poison being easy to set is just icing.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

never knew that. Am so used to that stuff always failing that i just phased out all things related to it.

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What did YOU managed to achieve under the 3 hour limit? Also thoughts on speedruns of this game.

So just played through the prolonged demo and managed to go from Alfyns story, H'annits and Cyrus right on the 3 hours given.

How much did you manage to play through in this time?

Also, one thought that crossed my mind which i found interesting is how Speedruns of this game is gonna be like. Seeing as you can chose who ever to start with and who and when you recruit the others in any order you want. I'd imagine some scenarios where you walk a path in a similar manner to the megaman games where you pick up whatever character in the order where they are more needed due to weapon weakness and such.

What’s the prevailing starting point for a speed run? I’d imagine Cyrus since he can lower encounter rates.

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no clue as i don't do speedruns

anyone that knows if we are getting a english physical release and if we already have one, where is it ATM?

Hey, I'm trying to decide on a game to buy, and I'm thinking about getting Octopath traveler or Xenoblade Chronicles 2. What are some important differences to take into account?

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EDIT: just finished up writting this and noticed how much i had typed so TL;Dr. Octopath traveler is my pick of the 2

I at first, HATED Xenoblade due to how bad it is at explaining something, even more so if you were yo forgett some stuff in which you have to google it as there is no way to re-read old tutorial messages.

After getting a hang on how combat worked, i kinda liked it. Story is Super anime and i love it for it, Voice acting can be between nice to 80s Anime grade of acting.

the thing i absolutely hate about the game is the Core crystal system where you can new so called blades (which are personified weapons). Early on you get them more rare ones frequent enough but if you want to get all of them you pretty much must grind for 200+ hours just to get hundreds of the best crystals in hope of getting the last 2-3.

Octopath is very similar but also not as similar to the bravely series Like the other comment said, It's very much a old school FF game with a lot of moderns touches. The biggest downside for me so far with the game is how the characters doesn't really interact with each other throughout the game asides from some small convos that can pop up after the first chapters of each character is done.

Kinda Vague in what to say about Octopath Traveler as it is still for me just a day old game and have a lot to do in it but i would give my money to that game any time of the week over Xenoblade 2. Unless i just really want some Good anime stuff.

Been playing Octopath traveler a lot recently and its one of few titles where i play undocked as well as docked. But everytime i play undocked i can hear the fan inside the switch and am worried, seeing as i do have a somewhat dusty room from time to time, that some have gotten inside it and is heating up the system more than needed.

Is there a good way to confirm this and can i use compressed air towards the Fan Grill to blow it out?

that is one thing i feel is kinda weird seeing how Tressa's first chapter revolve around how she couldn't stand seeing some pirates steal some hard earned stuff from her town yet to my knowledge, she has no problem with teaming up with another thief who can just like that steal a bunch of stuff form her own town.

so if this were a cobra, would it spit the knife's like throwing daggers when spitting?

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