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What’s the big difference between the Hulk Busters? I missed it the 1st time around

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The jackhammer arm. At this stage from the pictures.

Looks like you can’t fit IronMan in it but that’s not a big thing to me. It’s gonna be a definite grab this time around. Last one is going for big money. The local shop wanted 6k -_-#

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Yes you can if it is the same as the first one.

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Sideshow r2d2. Weighs about a paper clip. I really like my figures to have some heft to it.

Also. When is the falcon cockpit going to be released !

Wonder when 1:4 Vader will ever go on sale

If you go on the Sideshow website, you can see more. I am really shocked that a new Hulkbuster is getting released. Interested to see if it is a true sixth scale or a power pose figure.

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Looks the same but with jackhammer arm.

ELI5 why is the game in deep trouble if it is true ?

Does it mean those average 40 k eve total players is something much less ?

Botting players are earning isk 24-7, with no risk and no actual gameplay. First - it causes inflation, making the value of YOUR time / isk drop (running a site is essentially worth less for you, the more bots there are). Second, it can cause collapse of the entire economy (as happened on Serenity, where the chinese botters completely shit up the econonmy, and alliances had so much money that they bulldozed their way across the galaxy until it was one big blue donut).

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Slay the spire

On sale on steam atm


Hi, been doing my head in given some of the ASUS ROG monitors (preferred) doesn't actually have HDMI 2.0 for the PS4 Pro.

Can anyone recommend me some good 4K monitors that I can use for both PC (Gaming/streaming) and PS4 Pro (which i believe needs HDMI 2.0) to work?

Thank you


I recently got the lg27uk600 for my PS4 pro I’m still testing it out

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Original Poster1 point · 11 days ago

How about the BenQ EW3270U? I am keen to go something bigger. This seems ok ?


I've done some googling and I've narrowed down to the following. Keen for other monitor suggestions if I missed any and if anyone owns one of these please let me know your thoughts.

Essentially going to do gaming and work. I will have another 2 x 24 inch monitors on the side of this (I am a productivity freak). Keen to watch some youtube and netflix on 4K too. I feel 4K @ 100mhz to 120mhz is fine with me, I am not fussed with the newer versions of 4K @ 144mhz. Will be also doing PS4 Pro (in addition to PC) gaming.

So my shortlist:



Acer Z35P

Leaning towards Z35P due to the ability to OC to 120mhz. Prices for all 3 are pretty close, AOC is ~$100AUD cheaper than others, so price isn't that much of a big deal.



Basically none of those options are 4K ultrawide
Those are 1440p ultrawide

You will be able to see 4k footage on it but it is not 4K at the end of the day.

I will not enter into the details of real 4K vs UHD but keep in mind that 3440*1440 is much less pixels then 3840*2160.

With this out of the way I would recommand the AW3418DW as it is as of today the best UW you can get and it is currently on sale

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Big oops on my I had a look at the AW3418DW and that isnt 4K either. But curious why you suggest AW3418DW compared to the others? The resolution, refresh rate looks to be similar to those 3?

So safe to say there is no 4K Ultrawide at the moment?

I would love something other than iron man 1/4. Would love to see more get the treatment.

Original Poster14 points · 13 days ago

Made it into a flower shape. Hope you like it.

Please tell me you used a mold for this!

This level of detail and realism would be fairly impressive in a forgiving medium like clay. In a medium like meringue, it's mind-blowing. So I'll feel better about my failed meringue-sculpting attempts if you say you used a mold :)

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Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

No mood. Just pipe it :)

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Eve online and then do planetary production or manufacturing

Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

That would be perfect. I have been doing this for a long time a while ago. I just don't want to go back to Eve atm. Good suggestion tho.

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Eve has these things called alpha clones. Which is f2p if your hesitation was due to price.



over the years I have developed some RSI, motion sickness and now with kids I dont have much time to play. So please recommend me some 10/10 games in your view (since no time, i dont want to be wasting any!).

I cannot play any 3rd person or 1st person view games (motion sickness)

I cannot play repetitive hand movement games (think shooters due to triggers, or PoE, Diablo 3).

I cannot play games that require 100+ hours...I kind of get bored. Only games I have played >100 hours was Witcher3. So I loved Divinity Original Sin 2/Stardew Valley but I just got bored after 30 hours respectively.

Here are some games I love (but no longer can play - RSI or motion sickness)

- Path of Exile/D3 (RSI)

- Destiny/Division (motion sickness/RSI)

- Nioh/Dark Souls/Bloodbourne (motion sickness)

- Hearthstone (got bored, RNGjesus, got really expensive)

- Witcher 3 (i'd play this even missing limbs, so stuff motion sickness here)

- Elite dangerous (after 400 hours, the grind killed me)


- platformers (hallow night, splunky) co-ordination just sucks

- roguelikes (i like to feel sense of achievement. walk away with something everynight due to my lack of time). So yes, I have tried Slay the spire but i dislike roguelikes.

- LoL/Dota 2 - so many hours in these games but toxic players, pass. Being a dad I cannot handle more "children".

- Civ 6, xcom, Puzzle games like Witness...due to work/family, i tend to like less 'heavy thinking' type games

Already playing: truck sims (ETS, ATS), Football manager games.

I have consoles (PS4, Switch) and PC available to me so suggest away!


I'd recommend picking up a Switch. It's great for short burst gameplay sessions, has some amazing games like Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart and so on, and comes with two controllers by default so your kids can get involved too.

Also, I've heard that chewing gum while you play helps with motion sickness. I'd imagine that the repetitive motion of your jaw, near your ears (where your balance organs are) helps your brain to keep itself the right way up. Failing that, you can take a break every so often to just stare out the window into the distance to re-calibrate your inner ears, or standard anti-nausea medication should work.

Hope that helps!

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

I’ll give gum a go. Thanks.

3 points · 16 days ago · edited 16 days ago

I admit, between your physical limitations and your dislikes this is hard; you dislike most thinking and turn-based games which rules out a lot of non-repetitive-motion stationary-camera games! Unfortunately this rules out most of my 10/10 games but maybe you'll find something in here that you'll like. Check out some youtube videos of each to see what you think and to check for motion sickness, although it'll be worse since you're not controlling the character.

For your RSI, will the XBox Adaptive Controller help? Being MS, I'm sure it's PC-compatible, too, but I'm not sure if it's out yet. If it is, and it works for you, and it can be set up for games you like, it might let you get back into PoE or D3!

Have you tried putting a dot on your screen as a crosshair? I hear that having a crosshair can help with motion sickness.

One Finger Death Punch, on Steam. Beat up bad guys by clicking two buttons for about two minutes. May be too repetitive though, but it's so short per level, and you can always switch hands. Stationary camera.

World of Warships. Arcadey naval combat against other players. Generally nobody talks, so toxicity isn't a problem. I don't think you'll get seasick but watch some youtube gameplay to make sure.

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes. It's a party game. Play with your family!

I notice you liked Elite Dangerous before it got grindy. Was motion sickness not a problem? If not, consider DCS World, independent or on Steam. It's a hardcore flight sim though, so it might be too time intensive. You might also consider Star Citizen (it's got some political problems though), War Thunder (probably less likely to cause motion sickness here but still a possible issue).

Poly Bridge, on Steam. Construct to solve a puzzle. Short puzzles, so time will not be a factor, but it is thinking.

Beseige, on Steam. Construct a machine (and then pilot it) to solve a puzzle. More iterative design action puzzles.

What about Real Time Strategy games against the computer? They might move too quickly for your RSI, but maybe look into Starcraft 2.

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

Thanks. Will look into the Xbox adaptive controller.

Yes I find motion sickness differs from game to game. Really odd. Is it due to camera speed ?

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What pedals did you have before these? How do they compare with cheaper load cell pedals? I have a pair of Fanatec CSLs and want to upgrade soon.

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The best part for me reliability. These things are built to last. Also once you see it the setup is so simple and elegant it’s very easy to fix or configure. I’ve hard my fair share of reliability issues with fanatec and thrustmaster

Where are you located ? That’ll help us :)

3 minutes in a locale outside of Astera / Quest Completion

Kill a LR jagras a bunch of times essentially.

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can i just do 3 mins and return or must i kill monsters?

It's not a requirement to kill monsters

Astera advances when you're on expedition for 3 minutes, a mission for 3 minutes or have a quest complete.

Since you should be able to kill Jagras in under 3 minutes (with high rank gear) make a determination of if you wanna do quick missions or just sit idle in expedition (Ancient Forest) for 3 minutes, then use world map to fly to Wildspire Waste for another 3 minutes.

The strategy is up to you, but just note that it can get boring kinda quick.

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is there a time limit for the "manged deliveries" ? I am wondering how much time I have for the death stench layered armour

so for those special events with 5 monsters, i realised that some dont appear until you kill the first 3? is this correct?

Same here.

I always read about scammers but everyone I met so far have been nice as hell. Yes I’ve been killed etc but that is fine.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe last years exclusives went up for sale in limited quantities online before SDCC and then both came back up for sale after the con season. Not sure if it’ll be the same this year.

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Yes correct.

No distant limit or city limit it seems ! Yay !

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