Ruins of a croft in Wester Ross, Scotland (3872 x 2592) by sylvyrfyre in AbandonedPorn

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It's real life people being kicked off their land because they weren't paying enough rent to be profitable for the local laird: running sheep on the land raised more money, from the wool and meat. The people were expelled in the Clearances and the land was given over to sheep, while the people went to the four winds. Folk ended up in Canada, USA, Australia, new Zealand. One of our greatest politicians here in New Zealand was the Minister of Lands John McKenzie, whose family were displaced. He made sure the same process didn't happen in New Zealand, by breaking up all the big estates down in the South Island during the 1890's



Hey all! On the left are my results from Ancestry, on the right are the results from uploading my raw data to My Heritage. I find them to be quite consistent with only the numbers increasing and some areas disappearing. by Lecym93 in AncestryDNA

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I did my first DNA test through MyHeritage as well, and I'm expecting my Ancestry.com test results back within the month. So it will be interesting to see what Ancestry say about my 1.3% Iberian and 1.2% Nigerian result from MyHeritage: I daresay they might vanish completely.

Pie graph of Y-DNA of the Philippines by sylvyrfyre in AncestryDNA

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It's only a small sample of 105 people. You'd need a far larger sample base to get a more representative result of the spread of Filipino DNA.

The Bull Moose Century (Scenario) by Urdeu in AlternateHistory

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Theodore Roosevelt was known as The Peacemaker because of his role in a number of international disputes. It's possible that as President in 1914, he might have used his clout to mediate in Europe and step in to stop the outbreak of World War 1.