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/u/oddlooptv can you link the sample you used for the arigatou gozaimasu lol

If it's too hot, just use less. That said, I find the categories on to be pretty accurate.

I typically ignore scovilles because it's a measure of capsaicin concentration, not functional heat (which is subjective anyway) and since it's a measure of concentration it'd follow that if you use less then there's less heat.

If you get into superhots the best way is to know the percentage of peppers and have a feeling for the peppers being used.

I think purple hippo is a healthy step up

Chiseling? That's usually only done if it needs to be done. Carving/sculpting? Bass wood or linden wood. It's a softer hardwood with a nice tight grain that lends itself to find detail. /r/sculpting /r/Woodcarving

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Well, this is for an ant formicarium, an ant nest. They don't need to be stone or concrete, but high humidity tends to warp wood over time.

Here's an example of what I'm trying to make:

This was done with ytong (auto aerated concrete) which isn't available where I live.

Why not use a lost wax process? It can be done with cement as it's shape is set early into the exothermic heating. It can be always be heated after to remove the wax but don't get the temp too high or it'll loose strength.

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I will take a look at this process to see what I can learn, thank you!

I can't tell where your tolerance is from that lineup haha

A couple must haves not mentioned in the thread yet:

  • Purple hippo
  • Pure hell by HellFire sauce? Interesting.

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One of my all time favorites, exhorresco is a yuzu hot sauce. It's great, but also way up there in heat.

Dude thank you I’m going to look this up

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well, alright just be aware its 70 something percent super hots.

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They're all super tasty. The HH Red Jalapeño was a freebie thrown in and it's mild, but tasty. The Ancho & Morita is like a bold smokey flavour that would be great on BBQ. The Dirty Dicks is so unique and tasty, maybe my favourite! Can't wait to put the Lucky Dog on some Asian food, amazing flavour and a nice burn. Had the SA on a quesadilla and it was great!

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Where'd you order from? Agreed about dirty dick's, their other sauces are great too.

Shortlist, from having been around this sub and r/spicy for a while now:

  • Da Bomb
  • Dave's extract sauces
  • Pain 100%
  • El Yuca Black Label
  • Tabasco shows up a lot, too

Can only speak to tabasco and el yuca black label, rest I haven't tried.

yeah I think Tabasco is terrible, but I think Tabasco Chipotle is incredible.

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Agree on both counts.


Last night I was trying to make a caramel sauce and I made this.. thing. It was caramel, for sure, but it was crumbly and grainy, almost like a fudge, but it stuck together fine. It was absolutely delightful. The consistency was grainy but it would melt in your mouth extremely fast.

Is there a name for this? I want to research before attempting to make it again.


Here are the exact steps:



  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/9 cup water
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • maybe ~1/6 cup heavy whipping cream



  1. Put sugar and water in a 8 inch sauce pan, turn the heat up high
  2. Wait until sugar mix starts to brown a little
  3. Take off the heat, mix in 2 tbsp butter, cold
  4. Once butter is melted and folded in (mixture will be opaque and frothy) add the cream and keep it moving to prevent large solids from forming
  5. Pour into a cold bowl and keep poking at it so it doesn't make a huge solid.


Any ideas? I will be attempting this again soon, just want to see if I can make the recipe better.

Original Poster2 points · 3 days ago

Going to try to make it again and take some photos while I wait for replies, thank you for reading.

I made something in highschool that sounds similar. I was following a recipe for Scottish tablet, it sounds like what you described, but I'm still not sure if I got the desired result. Either way it was a delicious, crumbly melt in your mouth sugar thing, and it held itself together just fine in squares, and looked like fudge

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Yea! I think you're correct. Thank you.

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You guys think my praying mantis could kill it?

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No, half the time a shovel won't even kill it. I'd just release it.

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I don't know about worst book, but the only one I could never finish. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I enjoy reading, especially self/motivational topics, but this one is so damn hard to follow. Then I got the audio tape to force myself to listen while sitting in traffic. I just can't do it.

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To offer a contrasting opinion, I've bought this book five times because I give it away to people who ask me what makes me tick.


Lots of spoilers ahead. Also, you're absolutely cheating yourself by reading or following this guide- figuring out what works and is strong is part of the fun of any pokemon game.


If you don't mind the above and just want to get to end game to start speed running, this is the guide for you. I'm writing this guide having beat the game yesterday from starting the day before.


Stuff that makes this possible:

  • The best buffer (machop) and one of the best attackers (onix) have near guaranteed recipes. Onix with harden can replace machop for the purposes of this guide too.
  • Late game bosses can be cheesed with nidoran female via flatter
  • Infinite energy glitch still works, which I didn't know at the time


The Team

Pokemon Move Move stone 1 Move stone 2 Move stone 3 Power stone suggestions
Onix, 2x Rock throw Scatter Whack whack Optional Hit heal, move speed. At least 4 attack slots.
Machop Bulk up Sharing Sharing Sharing Hit heal, other heals. Remember to enable everstone.
Nidoran F Flatter N/A N/A N/A As much hp as you can


If you don't find a machop with bulk up, an onix with harden is good enough.


Easy recipes for your team

Check here, click 'pokemon' then find the pokemon and scroll down to the highest % chance recipes. Check here for all combinations.


Notes on the recipes:

  • Onix has many 97.3% recipes with easy ingredients
  • Machop has a few 96.1% recipes with easy ingredients
  • Nidoran F only has 25% recipe, tops. Can't make everything easy.
  • You'll want to save your honey for machop recipe
  • Try to use as few small gray as you can on Onix because Nidoran recipe needs it
  • Rerolling an onix or two once you get silver pot will see a bump in damage making things faster
  • None of these pokemon will really carry over to end game since you'll want all gold pot pokemon (only available after beating mewtwo)


Disclaimer about getting infinite energy

  • Game definitely knows if you use this, so use at your own risk. It will check against your free tickets per day and not let you get them.
  • If you get at ~200 tickets from compensation, you don't even need to do this as you'll get enough energy to beat it in a day from quest rewards and time
  • At time of writing there are no known bans for doing this.


How to get infinite energy

(on android, untested on other platforms):

  1. Without closing pokemon quest, open android settings
  2. Find time and date settings and disable 'automatically set'
  3. Set time back 1 day
  4. Switch to pokemon quest
  5. Switch back to time and date settings, enable 'automatically set'
  6. Switch back to pokemon quest, your energy will be refilled and your daily free pokemon will be waiting in camp


Basic guide

  • Pick whichever starter pokemon
    Bulba is meta at the moment, with vine whip. Blastoise is as well, with hydropump.
  • Try to get rock throw onix asap
    Should carry you to mid belly button caves. Doesn't need to be perfect, hardly any attack slots is fine
  • Get your second onix
    Will finish off pincushion plains. Still doesn't matter what stats as long as it has rock throw
  • Get your nidoran F
    Just needs flatter. Move speed stones will let flatter land easier. You should be breezing through miasma moor and hushed highlands since onix has type bonus for both areas.
  • Get machop with bulk up
    You'll need at least two share stones. If you get one with fighting move cool down bingos then cool, but not important since you can't unlock 2nd bingos yet. If you can't get a machop with bulk up, if you got another onix with harden that's good enough.
  • Cheese the late nightlight nook and farside fjord bosses with flatter.
    Gengar is tough without flatter for this team. Or any team.
  • Run up to mewtwo and use flatter.
    That's the game.


Random tidbits I'd want to know as a new player

  • Yellow pokemon recipe is OP (starmie, weepinbell, persian and alakazam are all viable for 12-B)
  • Fighting pokemon recipe is OP (machop, hitmonlee, hitmonchan are all viable for 12-B)
  • Because of the above, you should prioritize yellow and gray material statues, respectively.
  • The material statues round down per drop, so the 1.5x statues are virtually useless without a 2x statue to go with it.
  • Ultra expedition DLC is enough to put you on (roughly) even footing for speed running, since you can't get Gengar statue (2x ingredients) with tickets. I'm not sure, but I have my doubts you'll be filling up 4 gold pots with ingredients even with all the boosts. All the other statues can be obtained with tickets.
  • Statues give bonuses even when not placed.
  • Nobody knows for certain if there's a gen 2 coming or not. Game has been datamined to show there's filler data for 808 pokemon, but there's also a credits roll and a 'thanks for playing' message at the end of the game. If you scroll the world map to the bottom left you can see the corner of another island.


Some more helpful links


What happened to the Pokemon Quest recipe page? It's gone.

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This one?

Where's it missing?

edit: nvm, you mean the spreadsheet, and I think I see what you mean- it's a huge sheet with hundreds of entries and several pages so it'll take a while to load if you're viewing it on a phone.

I get redirected to amazon if I try to open it on my phone.

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/u/Theruler333, what's up with your site?

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I'd say normal type moves. Gen 1 has the most normal pokemon iirc and a lot of them have normal type moves.

That's a good question, wild colonies will swarm peanut butter but I don't know if I've heard anybody feeding it to them.

Wait, what do you mean?

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Well, there's statues that grant a higher chance of pokemon having two skills, right? And if you get the bonus even when you don't place the statues and having two skill pokemon is a bad thing then it would follow that you should never buy the two skill statues.

You are getting it wrong, all decorations are useful, you don't need to put in your base to work. Two skills is for stones so you can choose hp or attack, not moves.

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Oh! Okay, you're right I didn't realize that's what it was for. Thanks!

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the recoil damage is a lot

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Does HP on hit calculate before or after recoil?

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Someone suggested there were gen 2 mons on the loading screen as proof of gen 2 coming. This doesn't mean gen 2 isn't coming, but there aren't any gen 2 mons on the loading screen haha

Here's the clean image:

Thanks to @darkflagrance, @Arxor and @liam on the discord for helping out!


"I'm not ____, I wouldn't bring that up just to brag."

I feel like it's the opposite of humble?

5 points · 7 days ago


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Original Poster2 points · 7 days ago

Perfect, that's it, thank you.

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SINCE I cannot update photo post, UPDATED VERSION:

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should delete this post and remake

Shoot the shop an email. 1 bottle out of the dozens Ive ordered online came shattered once, and they comped my next order for it. Shit happens unfortunately.

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Original Poster16 points · 12 days ago

Yup order was from doc hotties, got back to me within ten minutes letting me know they'll send the replacement out asap.


Hey everybody! Made this guide so that it's a bit easier to get into the hobby. There's so many options, I thought I'd try to help take some of the guesswork out.

Resources and suggested reading:

First, some notes:

  • These types of formicariums have been tried and tested by experienced ant keepers
  • That said, everybody should take care of their colonies as well as they're able.. but not everybody can afford expensive nests. That's what this guide is for :)
  • If you need your parents' permission, I suggest showing them this video.

Stuff needed

Non-household items are listed in the materials list linked above.

  • 0 weeks to 4 weeks (~$10)
    1. Test tubes
    2. Cotton balls
  • 4 weeks to 1 year (~$15)
    1. Sugar, salt, access to a stove
    2. Dry sand
    3. Appropriate food, depending on species.
    4. A small-ish container with a lid
    5. Water bottle caps
    6. Baby powder and rubbing alcohol

1. Finding a queen

First, you need to learn how to identify queens.

If you wanna go whole hog on queen finding, I suggest reading the advanced guide.

That said, here's the cheat sheet:

  • Watch the subreddit, discord and to see when people are reporting flights
  • As a rule of thumb, flights occur when it's warm right after a rain. A majority fly in the afternoons and evenings, but some fly in the morning too.
  • Go on walks (with your test tubes and cotton!) a couple times a day. Here's how easy it is :)

2. Setting up her founding chamber

Test tube setups have been used by ant keepers for years now to simulate the founding conditions of queens. Queens (usually) do not need food while founding, but there are some that do. Once you have identified the species of your queen, you should figure out if she is fully-claustral or semi-claustral. If she's semi-claustral, skip ahead to step 3.

How to make a test tube setup:

  • Fill a test tube 3/4ths the way with water
  • Taking a cotton ball, tear a chunk large enough to fit into the opening without trying too hard
  • Using the handle end of a spoon, quickly push the cotton down to the water so that it's damp, but not leaking
  • Persuade your queen into the test tube and plug it with another small torn piece of cotton.

Videos of this process:

After you have her in a test tube setup, you want to leave her alone! Keep her in a dark, warm (not more than 85f) space that is free of vibrations. Making sure the nest is warm helps a lot of keepers, but for many species it isn't necessary. It's usually okay to check on her every other day or so.

3. Setting up a foraging container

Many colonies don't need to be moved out of isolated test tube setups, but they will need to be fed.

It's time to set up a foraging container if:

  • Your queen is semi-claustral
  • You don't want to risk food introduced to the test tube growing mold
  • You can't safely put food in the test tube without them escaping (typically 5-10 workers)

This is how you set up a foraging container:

  • Taking your food container, line it with dry sand. This will prevent them from nesting in it. Some people prefer using plaster or hydrostone since it keeps everything cleaner.
  • Mix baby powder and rubbing alcohol until you have a slurry
  • Using a cotton ball, run it along the top of the inside of the container. Video for reference. This is to prevent them escaping when you take the lid off. Let it dry with good ventilation because ethanol vapors are heavier than air
  • For placing food, an upside down water bottle cap or a piece of tin foil works great :)
  • Cover them up when not looking at them
  • When water runs out in a test tube, just add another next to it. As the colony grows, keep adding test tubes.

Addendum: Feeding

  • Workers need constant access to sugar water to survive. Workers actually do not need protein to survive.
  • The recommended mix for sugar in water is 1:5 sugar to water, with a tiny pinch of salt. A young colony won't need more than a drop or two at a time.
  • Protein is needed for the brood to grow. You can give this to them in the form of flies, spiders, crickets, worms, shrimp based fish food, dried blood worm fish food, crumbled tuna, crumbled scrambled eggs or any other number of options.
  • You want to give them the tiniest amount of protein you can at first, just to make sure they're taking it.
  • Likewise, if they don't have brood to feed, they probably won't forage for protein.

That's about it! Below are some facts to help you understand why things are done this way

  • Founding queens will nest in the ground where is it warm and damp. Test tube setups mimic this to great effect.
  • If you bother queens too much, they will not feel safe and will either refuse to lay eggs or eat the ones they have already.
  • Most queens don't need food while founding because they absorb muscles used to fly to lay the eggs that become the first workers.
  • The baby powder and rubbing alcohol mix works to prevent ants from climbing on the walls

After you have a pretty good sized colony, take the time to explore all the amazing formicarium options available through stores, or make your own! Many ant keepers make the mistake of moving their colony to an large formicarium too early and they see worker die offs, so take your time.

Good luck!


I used a cork to seal off the test tube with my queen in it, it's that okay? Not sure if it matters if she is sealed air tight or not

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Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

I don't want to say it's really important because some air is getting in anyway but it's standard to use cotton.

Is it worth changing? Don't wanna disturb as she's already laid eggd

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

it's minimal disturbance, I'd just do it the next time you take a look at her.

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