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t_bryan_ commented on a post in r/vaporents
AussiesLoveWeed 2 points

I do it on most Sunday afternoons with my Nonavong through water. Absolute mint! Bud, Kief with a spot of oil in the middle usually.

t_bryan_ 1 point

Would I be able to use a spot of oil in the vapcap?

AussiesLoveWeed 1 point

Not without something like herb, kief or hemp fiber to let itsoak into when heated. Also you have to keep the cap pointing up orthe oil may clog your cap

t_bryan_ 2 points

Thanks for the tips, I am going to try it right now :)

t_bryan_ commented on a post in r/Petioles
oaschbeidl 7 points

Depends on your reasoning why you want to smoke/vape less weed.

Nicotine is way unhealthier and physically addictive though, so I don't get why you'd willingly substitute for that. If anything you could get a vape and some 0% nicotine e-juice to go with it, but I'd rather just vape CBD weed tbh.

t_bryan_ 0 points

But CBD weed will end a tbreak, right?

t_bryan_ commented on a post in r/nottheonion
WakarimasenKa 238 points

I missed the $20,000 story. I saw a 18,000 story instead as the first one.

Im thinking it is a matter of exchange rate at the time of writing the article.

t_bryan_ 72 points

Maybe they're just finding more halves, making the value decrease

t_bryan_ commented on a post in r/opiates
compakt665 12 points

I know this will sound rediculous but how the hell did you manage to get all of these pills? It’s extremely hard to get opioids from over the counter (in my area at least). Please teach me your ways! (seriously)

t_bryan_ 2 points


burner_account001 8 points

I’m not smart enough for that.

t_bryan_ 5 points

I'm sure you're more than smart enough for it! It's not very complex once you understand the basics of it (dnm bible). Once you learn the risks, have a working computer, USB drive, a stable internet connection and some motivation, youd be good in no time :)

t_bryan_ commented on a post in r/benzodiazepines
Challengerhelpneeded 1 point

I must be in my less responsible days..My stash right cop is 10x this.

t_bryan_ 2 points

They're beautiful...

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