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If you pop hot, the 'wife smokes it not me' excuse won't work (since it is still technically illegal at the federal level). Also make sure the smell doesn't get on your uniform/ clothes since that'll raise questions.

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Got it, thank you. I haven’t been shipped out yet but didn’t realize this means my spouse basically has to quit before moving in with me. Don’t know how that’s going to go...

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CBD oil is a pot derivative too. You can't injest it, at all (shows up in pee tests). Still harboring a criminal in Uncle Sam's eyes, and it isn't legal in all states.

It also may be something to consider if you're sent to a state/ country that doesn't allow pot at all

It's a great deployment. You're part of SecFo. So that part is shitty but overall it's great

Commenting simply to follow thread

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Updating because you said you were following. So I ended up finding an off base with the contract, it's the regency in diberville. Their rate matches with our allowed rate for over 30 days (69.75) and I checked with my squadron and it all checks out, according to the reg I posted above. I leave Sunday and I was able to cancel my dts reservation on Keesler and just booked with regency.

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Yaaas! Thanks. Let me know how it is

They throw out questions some times

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What a bitch!! If you don’t eat at least 1300 calories per meal you’re anorexic. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

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Yeah you can, I had a complete piece of shit ex brother in law join (myself and my ex husband were both Army at the time) and he went to one PT event with his recruiter a few weeks before he shipped and then used that option. It's some kind of chapter and you end up with an "other than honorable" discharge.

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Before you arrive at basic, you can leave no questions asked. Once you get there, the military has to discharge you. If you get discharged in basic, it's an administrative discharge and doesn't count against you at all The U.S. flag patch is mandatory and will be subdued using the spice brown color criteria (cloth) centered at the top of velcro and worn while in–garrison and deployed.

I've had a guy going through the MEB for two years, it's a case by case basis

Try it, see how well it goes and let us know, lol

That's where you're wrong kiddo. You just have to support the nuclear deterrence mission in any way.

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"To be eligible personnel had to have been assigned to the Nuclear Enterprise and performed duties in one of the following, including all Airmen assigned to nuclear missile and bomb wings, regardless of career field"

Dyess and Ellsworth don’t get them, even though they are Bomb Wings

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Aviano is a fighter wing but i got one from there

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That’s so rude to do! You do realize how inappropriate it is, to cancel his hulu account? so disgraceful!! Hasn’t your mom taught you anything about proper etiquette? Oh, and by the way? you’re*

this was a joke just incase someone takes it out of context and decides to threaten me by stealing my lego batman

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I may steal it simply cause it's a lego batman

Wait. Otherwise they'll get back to you and say they have no openings (unless your job has openings from the last advisory)

Basically, you have depth perception

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Everyone does! It’s just an errand!

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Afi says short convienience trips, like getting gas. But who the fuck cares?

36-2903 came out, HOWEVER for your specific question: tan shirt and belt; green socks

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What confuses me is that it ALSO says that there is no MIX of ABU and OCP uniform items... which doesn't make sense with the tan shirt/green socks. Hence, my question haha.

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Well, there's a difference between sand and tan, so only the socks are 'shared'. But they meant like green fleece with the OCP uniform

How is rent affordability there?

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Depends on where you go. What really gets you is ac in the summer

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Is this a satire article or...

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This is making fun of the experts

The bugger's worth $825 million and wants to know why people aren't investing in black folk?

Look in the fucking mirror you steaming bellend.

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He's worth $825m and won't start a record label of his own?

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I'm fairly active at 5'.75" and 105lb. My tdee is still 1200. If she's eating more than that and is less active than I am (running actually doesn't burn that many calories to me) then she'd still slowly gain weight or at least stay at maintenance. My guess is she's still overeating though bc 1200 calories is NOT a lot of food depending on what you're eating, esp if you count liquid calories like the cup of tea latte I have every morning (after that it's just water). My life is sad :(

edit: Alright thanks fatlogic brigade for making me feel crazy just b/c you guys can't handle restricting your diets to someone of my size. I'm not dying or starving or working out til I collapse all the time. I'm just actively losing weight, and I keep a MODERATE active lifestyle without subjecting myself to repetitive gym routines that make me miserable. Leave me alone man gawd. If you have someone of my MODERATE activity level and weight/height and tell her that she needs to eat more than 1200 calories per day or else she'll, what, starve? then how is that different from fatlogic? I won't be visiting this sub anymore. It's toxic.

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It's not sad if you enjoy it. If there is something going on, i'm sorry and hope an astral hug helps

The vax schedule would most likely look much like that of a new born because there are manditory wait times between doses

Because the ATEC measures how someone is responding to various treatments. And your spawn was diagnosed at age 2, a lot of shit is going on at that age.

Edit- i personally have issues with diagnosing a kid with any type of developmental disorder unless they experenced significant trauma. Kids are resilient AF and may show signs but their brain works around it as they grow older. But early diagnosis helps kids get treatment

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