What innocent question has someone asked you that secretly crushed you a little inside? by malediction_mal in AskReddit

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That's too real. Honestly what's everyones obsession with knowing what the do? Is it a superficial thing or are some people so uninteresting that is all they can discuss?

If the voiced protaginist is removed for the next game, and the new vegas style speech checks are brought back, what can they do to expand upon that system? by scottbot97 in Fallout

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New Vegas is my favorite game ever but it was absolutely pointless to put points into charisma. Id like to see a system where if you don't have a certain amount in the corresponding special that skill caps out under 100. Not necessarily 10 special per 100, but at least high enough so if I want 100 speech I have to give up special points somewhere else.

TIL a child is 16 times safer riding to school in a school bus than in a family vehicle by EnderWillEndUs in todayilearned

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I would agree with your sentiment, but I feel it's disingenuous because you stated that the bus driver could let the cars behind them around. Thus showing that you feel such an act is a viable option when it clearly would put multiple lives in danger unnecessarily, just for your personal convince. I've driven long enough to see that sort of mentality in lots of drivers, and those are the types that cause accidents and put lives in danger where being patient and courteous could have prevented the situation. If you truly fell a bus should let every car that gets behind it around because you feel important enough it should let you around, then yes that is the very definition of impatience and self importance.

TIL a child is 16 times safer riding to school in a school bus than in a family vehicle by EnderWillEndUs in todayilearned

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You could continue to get mad about a person who gets paid not nearly enough who's trying to do what has to be a very stressful job. Or you could be an adult grow some patience and just follow the bus and stop like every person has to and get home a bit later. Your not more important than anyone else on the road, especially a bus with dozens of kids in it.

A Winable War by tacomcr93 in funny

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If I'm correct it's probably the most perverted things ever thought of.

I'm currently working on a risk like strategy game set in my own fantasy world. by tacomcr93 in gaming

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Thanks haha I'm playing mostly with pieces from other games. I saw the dragons yesterday on sale so I grabbed them because I knew I wanted them. Other than that tho I'm following your advice.

I'm currently working on a risk like strategy game set in my own fantasy world. by tacomcr93 in gaming

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As far as the world goes it's been in development since I was like 15 so 10 years or so. I've taken inspirations from the elder scrolls lore, the death gate novels from Hickman and Weis, dark souls, and ofcorse some from lotr but not as much as the other two. It centers around a world that comes under threat from lots of forces internally and externally, and a council of strong like-minded people (who become immortal to serve their purpose) who want peace on their planet. There is always at least one representive for each race and land of origin. I have a lot of stories that I need to put to paper yet but it definitely lives in the realm of high fantasy (orcs invade from space, portals are discovered uncovering new worlds, the Dovah race with training can transform from humanoid to full blown dragon). And at the center of each conflict arcainia (magic) is often the catalyst for good or evil.

As for game mechanics it's a lot like axis and allies as I've been playing that a lot lately, only hopefully a little easier to play in 1 sitting. The trivial pursuit pieces are the main kings for each countries and I currently have 2 scenarios for a 1v1 or a 1v1v1. The goal is to kill each of the opponent's kings or conquer their capital so each side can't collect income from that kings land to buy armies. Once all kings are dead or all capitals are conquered that side losses. Armies can only move with general pieces (which can't be replaced) and the dragons act as powerful irreplaceable air units or can act as generals as well. There is lots of balance to do as far as numbers and positioning but that's the basics of it so far.

Overwatch logic by BillyBob9876 in gaming

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What if I told you game balance and character design are completely unrelated?

London Murder Rate Overtakes New York for First Time Ever after Spate of Fatal Stabbings and Shootings by GoldMEng in news

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It's not down because crime is down it's down because were getting really good at treating trama victims because of all the violence. The military sends field doctors in training to big city's ers to get them ready for the field and apparently they get way more patients in city's than war zones so yeah...

Oklahoma Senate passes $447 million revenue package to fund teacher pay raise by Bectoriephic in news

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It's a tactic like others have said imo the right know more educated ppl lean more and more "left". Also people with high emotional intelligence lean super progressive so why put the effort when your erasing your voter demographic? It's all about emotional response for them and that is exactly how we all react when were naive to something and don't try to look at an issue from all angles using all the information given (which if your doing it right school can definitely teach that).

They can't use deep seeded racism to exploit them once they become well rounded and knowledgeable people, and you know see how fucking dumb racism is. You can't attack teachers when people spend a lot of their early lives around them seeing what they'll do to help others. And you can't get people mad about abortion when they know the difference between a fetus and an embryo. Also when people learn to think critically and look at both sides I feel like come up "left" more often than not.

The year 1942. A world at war. by tacomcr93 in gaming

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Yeah spitfires, zeros, all that good shit. It's the 2004 revised edition.