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Okay, serious question: do people usually get diarrhoea or such when eating at Taco Bell? Because I’ve eaten there more time than I’d like to admit, and I’ve never suffered on the toilet the next morning. And I don’t even handle spices well.

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Pre meat change when it was like 70% soy beef absolutely this was the case. Ever since they got shit for it and changed to more real meat I've not had a problem since. It was always the beef that did it, now it's probably the best deal for quality in fast food period.

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IF you watch lectures about psychology the denial could be explained that way :

When you hear something that happened right "in front of your eyes" (kinda, like being cheated on, being defrauded of your life savings at an old age, other horrible things like that) people go in denial because they don't know ANYTHING anymore. They themselves aren't even the person they thought they were to begin with and everything in their past was potentially wrong.

So, take a parent in this situation. All their life they thought they were your protector. So when their child comes over and tells them that they FAILED, and SERIOUSLY failed at protecting them, and might have even enabled (in a sense, such as agreeing for their child to go to practice without their supervision) a predator to get to their child, which is an extension of themselves (because if you ask a parent whether they would sacrifice their arm to save a child, almost all will say sacrifice their arm; the child is even MORE the parent than the parent's arm is) and they would therefore have to have known he/she was in danger, they couldn't see it.

So their unconscious is not able to map themselves in the world, and it's chaos. And the unconscious HATES not being able to map itself in the world. So they have 2 choices, either they go into a panic attack and SERIOUS anger, letting chaos run rampant and try to wrestle with it. Which is THE RIGHT THING TO DO, but is seriously, seriously dangerous, because that type of anger is MURDEROUS. OR if the idea of facing it is so daunting, and the sense of loss is so big, because it's a loss of self, because they couldn't see what they thought they could see, and couldn't protect what they thought they could protect, that they go into denial.

And all of this happens at a level much deeper than consciousness, in a deep deep part of the brain, and if the person doesn't recognize it and doesn't seek help (psychological), it can be extremely hard to get out of it. The same goes for a parent with anger issues if they don't seek help after a news like that. Because it is very likely that they'll do something to hurt the alleged perpetrator (which is what the movie "The Hunt" explores, btw, excellent movie about coping with an accusation like that, maybe the best).

So I'd say to any victim such as yourself, that have never told a parent about past abuse or that is old enough to articulate it, that the first thing you should tell a parent when telling them about being abused is "it's not your fault, you didn't do this or enable it, you didn't know and you're still the same mother/father that I know and love, but so and so abused me behind your back", and that'll help any potential parent (which isn't actually enabling it) cope with the situation.

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Yeah it takes a fuck ton of emotional intelligence to recognize this happening and shut down those thoughts of denial. It's sort of like grievance of death but never getting past the denial stage... ever. Only your grieving what you said a loss of knowing, and probably the loss of your child's innocence to a monster.

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To film someone during their weakest moment against their will and consent and post it on the www for people's amusement. The justifying argument is that since you are in a public space you have no presumption of privacy and blablabla. Filming someone having a meltdown, a medication induced stupor, or other vulnerable moment and putting it online is a terrible act of cruelty. Totally accepted, but if you think about it, borderline psychotic.

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When my gfs grandpa was dieing in the hospital they kept taking pictures of him in the bed. I told her if anyone does that to me i want her to smash their fucking phone or I'll get out of that bed and do it myself.

Why do people not like ds2? I don't really have any qualms about it

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It's the massive hit boxes and sort of non intuitive world design.

Ill admit the world design is a bit odd, but i always kind of liked it as it felt very dreamy or like you were in some kind of purgatory. At least in my opinion

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Yeah all good, I will say ds2 has some of the best fashion tho!

That creeper in the back ground be like hmmm sure would be a shame if someone destroyed this complex thing you spent 5 hours building.

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If there were one thing we could call honor/affection/loyalty/family, it is a concept shared by many species. Maybe it's love. We are so fortunate not to be alone in this universe.

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That's why we must protect the animals we share this world with. Only animals will truly ever love us unconditionally.

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LOL, saw this murder, not my responsibility. Just a human going about my day. Cya.

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Doing the right thing in that situation would be to report that because there are laws saying you have to. There are no laws saying you have to police traffic.

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FYI- If you whine about down-votes, you will indeed get more down-votes.

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It's more reminding people of reddiquite and site wide rules that makes this place awesome, most of the time.

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I think you could argue that since in 4 you start out as a veteran, being more powerful in a gunfight makes sense narratively. That argument falls apart when 5 comes out and the combat stays the same

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And falls apart if you go female. She's a lawyer not a killer.

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Damn I'm planning on watching that movie at some point, marc dutroux is indeed a pretty solid reason. Looks like I r/wooshed myself.

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It's a great movie too. Especially if you love dark comedy

If you're in Indiana come to Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN. Free soda, water, and sunscreen and plenty of misting stations.

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The surrounding areas are also gorgeous- been through the Hoosier National Forest on the way down before, next time I take a trip through that spot I might continue on south to go see some caves. Marengo Caves there aren't too shabby, either.

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Don't forget Lincoln boyhood national memorial park like 5 mins away! That's where I take my walks most days, it's beautiful and you get to see where honest Abe turned into a man!

Ayy as someone who can hear this park from where I live SYSY OUTTA MY TOWN! Just kidding it's a pretty great place that's adorable. They pay their employees like shit though. Source was a lifeguard there for 4 years.

Tell her to divorce him, she doesn’t need that shit in her life.

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Found the r/relationships guy. But I agree fuck that, they make medicine you can take to make you not allergic.

Girl, and it was a total joke.

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I was joking too lol.

All you idiots are the same. You can't back up your ridiculous claims when pressed with logic. So you resort to ad hominems and insults.

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Calls people idiots in the same sentence as saying we can't discuss stuff without insults? Excuse me do you understand what self projection is?

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I dont think Nintendo was dethroned till the microsoft deal broke down and the xbox came onto the scene.

The N64 > PS1 and 2

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The ps2 is still the best selling console of all time so yeah you wrong.

Nah it's because smash is nintendo characters, and nintendo's IPs have historically attracted the most fixation by the kinds of people who have issues being unable to socialize normally.

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That bull shit smells worse than the bo that's being described in this thread.

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How do you manage to re-home them after fostering? If I ever tried to foster a litter of kittens I’d probably end up adopting 5 cats.

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Big thing as someone who has been somewhat involved in this is you are so happy to see them go to a loving home. The sad truth is you can't have every kitty, but other people who love them makes you all fuzzy inside.

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I can see the positives of trying to make students more rounded, but to me it feels like high school already took care of this. Did you feel like this delayed you doing what you wanted to do? Given that college is so expensive, I feel like they could just skip that process and allow students to go straight into their majors

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The reason we have these classes that have nothing to do with our major is because classes are so expensive. The schools here operate like a business and there is a fuck ton of corruption at the administrative level. Most schools don't give a shit about academic achievement and just use the school as a way to fund sports so they can make even more money off that. And then they get so pissed at the thought of paying these student athletes who make them millions of dollars, so much they can't even take gifts from sponsors or coaches.

They say "But look at this expensive tuition we pay!". Bitch your the school and your tuition cost way more than it has any right to, they don't even cover living expenses most if the time and the kids are not allowed to have jobs. There was a basketball player for the University of Kentucky some years ago who talked about how ironic it was he would be in the national championship where people payed thousands of dollars a seat to come watch him and the team's play, and he was going to bed hungry most nights. And guess what people chastised the hell out of him. The amount of ncaa apologist and fanboys is sickening.

Student athletes get the worst of the American university meat grinder, and the very people who worship and get so much enjoyment out if these kids are the very same ones who are happy that they revive no pay to out their bodies on the line for their enjoyment. That's why I avoid college sports like the plague. This shit is grotesque and in future years people will wonder why in the fuck we allowed it to happen for so long. Just like slavery.

Well done! But can anyone confirm, I think milk is bad for cats, should they be given water instead? Are there circumstances when milk is preferred?

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We've got both water and milk for them. The mom was so exhausted and stressed she couldn't /wouldn't eat solids, so we gave milk a shot so she can have some sort of substance. She's very apprehensive about us still so hopefully we can win her over and find her a home too.

If you can, give all of them kitten chow. It’s packed with extra nutrients to help mom get back in top condition.

Good on you two for doing your best to care for this family. <3

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I honestly could not see it any other way they are babies I could never abandon them.

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My dad pirated thousands of Commodore 64 games as he had a super high tech hifi system with a double cassette reader (smuggled in from the west by my grandad). Half of the town came to him to copy the games (this was back in the 80's in the Soviet bloc, Hungary)

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So your dad is responsible for the east Europe game pirate trade!

Can we talk about this for a bit?

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What do you wanna know? Haha

Spongebob is like that a lot. It's way smarter than it has any right to be and social commentary you respect as you get older. Also it's funny as fuck.

Like he wanted the guy behind him to pull over and fight him? When does that ever work? If you're behind a road raging douche who's holding up traffic and he finally pulls over, wouldn't you just, ya know, keep fucking driving?

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I once was driving on a back road doing about 5 over (pretty standard where I live) when this truck with 2 dudes comes barreling up on me then proceeded to drive 2 feet away from my rear end while we're doing 65 mph. It took them forever to finally pass because there were not a lot of passing zones, but when they did I did what any good American would do and flipped them the bird for being assholes and driving way too close. As they passed the dude on the passenger side returned the favor.

Litterly 3 mins later I guess the dude douche crew was home because they stopped in the middle of the road. But to my susurprise they were both gesturing for me to pull into pursumbly their driveway to probably fight I guess. They thought they had the whole road blocked but my tiny ass carolla was able to just fit around the right of them. I wondered why they would think I would be stupid enough to stop, 1 they were the dicks first when I flip people off it's to say hey fuck you your a tool, not oh I wanna fight. 2 there was 2 of them 1 of me hardly fair. And 3 that was their property if cops showed then that does not end well for me. I don't know if they thought I was stupid or they were, but there was no way I was pulling into that driveway, besides I'm not an angry person I just like to flip off assholes for the potential self reflection that they may have no matter how small.

I had sex with a chick in the backseat while a friend drove us around. He was a real homie. Miss you Jake!

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