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Will you have sex with my wife?

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38 points · 1 day ago

Are you anti-abortion?

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!invest 960

!invest 1000

Honestly the mclovin line and a couple other things made me think Kanye wrote like half of that verse

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-3 points · 5 days ago

The McLovin line is soo good

I'll sell our children's organs for meat and go into people's houses at night and wreck up the place

I blame people being too chickenshit to be accountable for their fat rolls.

Being fat is a choice. You can choose to move more and eat less. Or you can choose to be obese.

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Being an alcoholic is a choice. You can choose to drink less. Or you can choose to be an alcoholic.

Being a smoker is a choice. You can choose to smoke less. Or you can choose to be a smoker.

Being an opioid addict is a choice. You can choose to do opioids less. Or you can choose to be an opioid addict.

Your analysis of obesity is one that lacks depth and reeks of privilege. Sure, there are people who are obese because they're lazy, but there's people who are obese because they're depressed, and there's other reasons.

Famously exemplified by Obama with the line, "Please proceed, Governor," as panic slowly crawls onto Romney's face.

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I still don't get how Rs think Obama was a bad speaker.

Here is the next paragraph:

"Begnaud spoke with Abdiel Santana, who works with the Puerto Rico state police agency FURA. Santana says he took the photos on Tuesday because he was angry to still see the bottles sitting there. Santana, who posted the photos to his Facebook on Tuesday, said he first saw the bottles there in either October or November of last year. "

I am glad you noticed that the GOP doesn't believe stories reportedly true. This is accurate and astute. The problem we have, though, is anonymous sources. These guys showed their names and faces so if they are lying, they could have repercussions.

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The problem with your logicing about the water bottles is that the reason they couldn't be distributed was the lack of resources. FEMA has to divide their attention, and when your budget gets slashed to fund whatever, that's where those decisions occur

When they do their daily afternoon march down your street, punch one for me pal.

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"anything other than actual Nazi takeover isn't Nazism guys!"

At least you guys are slightly creative I suppose. A word like "racist" loses its power because of overuse, then you up the ante and go for a more powerful word to follow suit. NAZI. Oooo. I wonder what catchy word will be minimized and watered down next by the left?

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If you think racist is overused, you're probably a racist

The bottom pic seems to be popping up all over the place. What exactly is it? Something from a music video?

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Yeah, it's from West and Pump's 'I Love It'. It's a big meme

Lift yourself seemed like something in this fashion but we now know that he was just burning a beat. Extasy might just be the same, at the end he starts scooping.

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37 points · 7 days ago

Theres another verse mixed in with the scooping tho. I feel like XTCY might've been either a pre-TMZ song or a song Ye made and just released

48 points · 8 days ago

Yeah, Kevin, please don’t ruin your career or worse risk someone else’s life to take a funny video

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24 points · 8 days ago

KP do it all the time too. Makes me mad

You guys must be real fun at parties... /s (not really)

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IDC really what KP does off the court but endangering himself like that is just dumb

62 points · 8 days ago

The Melon’s opinion lost any value to me when he said Yeezus sucked.

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41 points · 8 days ago

To be fair to Melon, Yeezus is sort of designed to be off-setting and harsh sounding. While that can create amazing sounding music in some opinions (including mine), it can also really turn off some people

I disagree, he loves clipping who are hip hop mixed with noise and harsh sounds, he loves jpegmafia who almost grates your ear with some of his production, I've said it before but I really feel his dislike for yeezus came from his love for Death Grips, Yeezus was considered a very experimental album that a lot of people loved, but to Fantano and others it made no sense that Kanye was getting all this attention when Death Grips had come out with Money Store and Exmilitary by this time and we're at the time and still are underground. Death Grips in my opinion and his, released two landmark albums in hip hop history and no one cared, and Yeezus drops a good album that has some experimentation to it and gets attention and praise. Whether right or wrong I really feel this was his mindset.

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I don't know anything about Melon, I've never cared and never will. I was just explaining people's justification for not liking it

Hmm. If we can get a better resolution to see the facial expressions a lil better this can be a top quality meme for a few more weeks 👍 good meme format bb I will be investing

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147 points · 8 days ago


We just gonna act like black kids are a beacon of discipline & hard work in school. We just gonna act like this isn't the current of most public school teachers? We just gonna act like public schools haven't been failing black kids? We just gonna act like public schools are private companies, with an economic incentive to see their customers succeed in life? We just gonna act like this isn't a government employee saying that the government program is trash for a whole segment of the population? SMH

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We just gonna act like black kids are a beacon of discipline & hard work in school.

Statistical analysis shows that teachers target students of color, especially those who are black [1]. There's analysis that says that repeating narratives such as this are bad for students of color too, because it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy [2].

We just gonna act like public schools haven't been failing black kids?

They are.

We just gonna act like this isn't a government employee saying that the government program is trash for a whole segment of the population?

That's not at all what she said. From the article:

" They don't have to live in that country. They could go back. But it was their own people selling them into slavery... Want a better neighborhood? Move. You don’t have to choose to live in those zip codes."

Blaming blacks for having slaves and selling them is really, really dumb. Acting like that justifies anything is really, really dumb. Her comment on neighborhoods is perhaps the most white privilege thing I've ever read. She's clearly always had money and doesn't think about people who live in other circumstances.

Want to not be stereotyped, tell people of color to quit acting like animals and perpetuating the stereotype. Many are average people; the few ruin it.”

This is also very dumb. She's assuming 1) that all people of color can communicate with all other people of color 2) that all people of color are the same 3) that you should base your opinion of a group based on "the few". That mindset, present in teachers, is dangerous for students [2].

[1]: Implicit racial bias causes black boys to be disciplined at school more than whites, federal report finds

[2]: Strategies for Addressing Implicit Bias in Early Childhood Education

"You don’t have to choose to live in those zip codes,"

Jesus, how dumb do you have to be?

RLM constantly rejects constructed authenticity. They act terribly, script awful jokes, add goofy sound effects, and mention editing all the time. The Nerd Crew essentially satirizes the trend that Lindsey Ellis criticizes much less amusingly in this video. I don't know how you didn't recognize the BotW intros aren't filmed all at once, because half the jokes in those segments are derived from that fact.

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There's a couple times where it maybe seems like they watched the tape before filming the wheel session tho. Like after they watch Backyard Stuntin', Jay and Rich have the gag where Rich gets on all fours and Jay kicks Rich's ass like shown in the video

495 points · 9 days ago

Wait, he dropped it on 9/11?

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46 points · 9 days ago

He originally had planned to drop it on 5/11/07, but delayed it.

Also, 50 Cent released 'Curtis' eleven years ago today, too.

Damnit, y’all. Knock it off!

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General Thoughts

Eli had some good plays, especially that last drive. He also had some bad misses.

Odell, Barkley looked great.

Defense played pretty well, Im very happy with Bettcher so far.

I liked a lot of Shurm's playcalling. Very creative and willing to take risks.

I'd like to see more EE at WR going forward.

Flowers had some bad, bad, plays. He also had a few good ones. I was happy to see Shurm actually adjusting to help him too.

I'd like to see more single back formation to get Barkley and the OL going.

2 points · 10 days ago

Unepox meme banned you rartes

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