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Family Guy has about zero artistic value at all imo

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flee the country

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in my big

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I swear most of y'all don't watch any basketball outside NBA cuz the reffing there is million times worse than at the NBA level

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Mostly about the sounds and lyrics and shit. I listen to a lot of rap and so Ill listen for like themes in artists and similar lyrics.

The destabilizing of the US, NATO, NAFTA, and to a certain extent the EU. If the US becomes protectionist or sides with Russia, Europe becomes far easier to prey on. So does Southeast Asia.

Edit: also probably destabilizes the Middle East further than now, and allows Russia to become the leader there.

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I hope this is all just a hypothetical because in terms of policy Trump has been much harsher on Russia than Obama was. In Syria, American soldiers killed over 200 Russian soldiers earlier this year.

If you actually think Russia is controlling Trump then you have a screw loose.

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Fundementally that's just not true. All of Trump's rhetoric is extremely damaging to the West and the US as a hegemon. Trump clearly lacks the ability, or is unwilling, to weild soft power. This kind of problematic behavior and discourse allows Russia to re-assert itself

It's more than just policy w/ Russia, in which he's also not signed off on sanctions.

When the hammer finally comes down from the Mueller probe, either people will see, or they're going to keep their eyes shut.

Ntilikina Dotson Knox Kornet Robinson

Firstly, the reason for his decline is obvious. He suffered multiple knee injuries, one of which he played through to get another AS nomination, another which he didn't get surgery on. This has led to massive damage to the staple of Melo's game: his jumper. He no longer gets the same lift, leading to his shit shooting. He also doesn't get as many rebounds now, making him almost completely worthless.

Secondly, his decline wasn't sharp. People just didn't notice on the Knicks, because he took more games off, etc etc

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The first game of this SL Mitchell Robinson had like 8 fouls it was terrible.

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Eh, I kind of doubt it. RLM doesn't sell themselves to the typical broad youtube audience the way Nicole Arbour or Pewdiepie does. They're kind of known for their non-PC humor unlike those other two. Just look at the Plinkett reviews, their most popular and transcendent content. Those videos are rife with "objectionable" jokes that are even worse than what Rich said and I haven't heard any real backlash about them at all.

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The Plinkett videos are different from their BOTW or HIB videos bc they're playing a character. Some of the views Plinkett has aren't the same as the views Mike/Rich/Jay have. Same w/ the humor. Rich has easily been the worst with non-'PC' jokes. Really the only time I've had issues with the jokes they make is the 'firewater' comment and the times Rich has used autistic as a pejorative, to which the rest of the crew told him not to

He didn't really use it as a pejorative, I know that episode well.

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Eh? It's still off-base imo

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[Wojnarowski] Dirk Nowitzki has agreed to a 1yr, 2.1M deal with the Golden State Warriors.

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How much help does Jonas Jerebko need???

Wasn't the whole point of it to give Finn a reason to become a rebel, since in ep. 7 he only wants to leave the first order and start a new life. At least that's what I thought it was there for.

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Except Finn has no connection to these children or whatever. Plus we establish that the weapons dealers deal to the Rebels as well

༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ GIVE BAN ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ

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༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ GIVE BAN ༼ つ ◕_ ◕ ༽つ

Lmao, you think I’m gonna comment and get myself banned? I don’t think so buddy.

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LMAO same these dumbasses commenting and shit

I think the worst teams will be the Hawks, Magic, Kings, Knicks, Hornets, Nets

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Hornets could scrap something together. Nets are like a 35 win team now that they have their pick back. Kings have no reason to tank but they might anyway.

Tolliver is the best option imo

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