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2 points · 1 day ago

So I've got 3 days to get 2 more levels on my Mag'har and get my ilvl high enough to get it to 340... good thing I've got weekends off :P

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I kinda wanna boost you with mythic runs since I'm a healer and get in pretty easily... But I'm moving this weekend ;'( best of luck!

One of my friends says he has jump keybound to "mousewheel up" and I'm like WHY.

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Probably plays counter strike, it's used for bunny hopping. A lot of people do that in CS.

I outheal pretty much any disc on MOST Heroic bosses in Uldir.

Taking in to account disco damage preventation?

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But I do normally outheal by over 1 mil to a disc.

Yes but are you ignoring their damage prevention in saying that?

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I don't how else to say I LITERALLY DONT KNOW.

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They had a wipe with him at 639k health(1%)

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Who is "they"? I thought Method only got to 4%?

I was referring to Limit. I think they made the right call to extend. Just missed it

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Ah gotcha. Yeah damn close.

Don't worry, I have troubles getting into +10 as a 360+ dk dps

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I can't get into a 10 as a 360 Holy Priest bruh lol

I had over 1k meaty haunch just from leveling to 120. I'm pretty sure it's one of the easiest mats to get and people just have it. I recommend the JC ones because you can only get them from prospecting or scrapping, but with scrapping you get like 2 random gems at Max. I sold like 4x15 stacks of viridium at 15k each when warfronts opened.

8 points · 3 days ago

Was disenchanting en masse earlier, but I was so trigger happy I accidentally disenchanted a Fathoms Deck a few hours ago.

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Can actually do what that guy recommended in game under the help section. I accidentally scrapped a 350 BOE and it gave it back instantly.

What are the best ways to sustain a steady flow of income? I made about a million since the expac came out on "flavor of the week" type stuff. Now I'm just flipping warfront mats but this is my first expansion (or MMO for that matter) and even though I have way more money than my friends I wanna get in the Mils.

265 points · 3 days ago

I can already hear the mellow piano start menu music playing in my head.

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Saw the art and the music kicked in immediately. Damn good cover imo

Two seconds of Google says "You're fucking wrong"

-5 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

You know why they arent in prison? To keep valve's hands clean of gambling accusations. Valve is scapegoating them when it's their fault for not regulating skin betting and trade and making huge profits on it in the first place. In any other situation reddit would defend the little guy, but here you all want to sidle up with corporate shadiness

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I personally think a ban was deserved and so was jail time. But, I do not agree with a ban for life. Just like I wouldn't agree to absurd amounts of jail time. Few months, 2 year ban. I don't control any of this though so it doesn't really matter what I think lol I do agree Valve is scapegoating them.

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1 point · 4 days ago

Jesus another one of these threads? Just piss off OP

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How do you feel about the other fifty thousand threads that are the exact opposite of this one?

I remember New Vegas being heavily criticized when it first came out (scores were lower than FO3) but then at some point everyone came to their senses.

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I started the game up and did exactly what I did in Fallout 3. Left the starting zone and just explored for like four hours. Except this time, I fell through the ground and my character was stuck. I hated the way the desert looked and said "Fuck this" turned it off and never played it again.

Kraken has been unstable on my server, falling from 3k to a low of 1k and usually the uncut sells better than the cut versions. My best seller is Owlseye, cut or uncut. It’s gone in hours at around 800g each. I would advise if pick up JC though to stockpile your greens for Warfronts. Viridium was selling 1g each and cut to straddling viridium for 2g. The horde contribution phase required 15 straddling viridium for the JC mission. Those four or 5 days it shot from a gold or two to 200-250g each on my server. 220k gold made off some green gems in a few days. Not knowing what the next contribution phase is (alliance should start Sunday) I’ve been buying every green I can find and prospecting any cheap ore I can find. We might not see the same demand driving it to 200g but you’ll definitely see a huge profit if you have a stock of greens!

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Bought all the vidirium on my server when they came out, were like 5g each. Raised the price for straddling viridium to 1k each and actually sold 50 of them. It was insane.

Sell flasks. On my realm right now, a single flask is almost 6k gold due to the scarcity of Anchor Weed. Agility, Strength and Intellect are the big sellers

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I would kill to go to a server with 6k per flask... wtf that's insane

If your Echo of Light is low then you lack Mastery.

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I wouldn't consider it low it's at 26% I just thought theirs was absurdly high. Like insanely high, healing for more than anything else including Binding. Is yours that way as well?

Or maybe they are playing benediction (the before last talent)?

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Do you use prayer of healing at all or just run with Binding heal?

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Completely agree, worst fight in the game to heal right now. Getting bitched at over not dispelling or something sucks too like bruh I can't see you and when I can you are standing right beside someone. Fuckin rough.

Best one is when I can see you but the game tells me I can't.

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Ugh I know I had someone die right in front of me because "Not in line of sight"

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I got 4/5 on heroic last week. I felt guilty af.

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... I killed 5 and got 0. And used both rerolls. I hate you man lol

Original Poster5 points · 16 days ago

60-80 APM (which is really slow)

Haha, I average about 45 APM, so guess I'll keep playing.

C&C RA being free is news to me though. Nice one.

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Hey man, I got to diamond with an average of 50 APM don't let your dreams be dreams.

Ocarina of Time

At its release it was being hailed as the best game ever made.

Now I'd say it's the 4th best Zelda game, at most.

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The first game actually did get a PC port. It's pretty good, too.

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Wasn't the first released on PC at the same time as Xbox?

We had 40+ people at my house today for a dumpling party. Dear god, I've never minced so many vegetables or made so many dumplings...

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Bruh how big is your home

Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

I love starcraft 2! Idk if they would be willing to shell the money for it tho

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If you own it they can play everything you can play for free only need one copy. Arcade mode might just be straight up free anyway.


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120k GPH is 15 bucks an hour. If you can pump that out that's better than minimum wage by a long shot in most states.

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