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When I'm depressed I tend to drink myself into a coma. Your idea seems better but not feasible for me glad it works for you

Original Poster2 points·5 days ago

I’ve done that in the past too, but I’ve started meditation in which I can’t drink 😕

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...same. Had a pretty bad break down so it didn't stop me, ended up in ER. Don't do it man.

705 points·5 days ago·edited 5 days ago

2008: Not many people are playing games online, the idea of playing a Fallout game where everyone is real people and we can build a community together sounds cool

2018: We've played LoL with real people, real people in LoL are cunts
We've played DotA with real people, real people in DotA are cunts
We've played WoW with real people, real people in WoW are cunts
We've played Eve with real people, real people in Eve are cunts
We've played ARK with real people, real people in ARK are sadistic cunts who love nothing more than destroying everything that other people have worked for
We've played DayZ with real people, real people in DayZ are sadistic cunts who love nothing more than kidnapping and torturing other characters
Hmm, maybe a Fallout game where all the people are real people will turn out to be filled to the brim with raging cunts who will do their best to make your game as miserable as possible. Turns out that ten years of experience can do a lot to change people's minds about what sounds like fun

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People were cunts in online games in 2008. And they have been since the dawn of online gaming bro. Cause I've been a cunt online since at least 2000

2008 was before people made that "pig-squealing" reeeeeeeeeeee sound on mics...

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Gonna stop ya. No it wasn't.


I can provide a very shitty drawing of what I want it to look like and it doesn't have to be super in depth either, just would like something nicer to be able to print out and give to my players.

Something similar to this, but honestly this is quite a bit more detail than I expect for 5$.

If you are interested let me know!

Thanks in advance.

Pretty often, u/icelandico posts about making maps on this subreddit. Maybe they can help you out!

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Original Poster1 point·8 days ago


5e is for people that like actually roleplaying. It's fast, streamlined, and provides simple tools to encourage risk-taking and getting into character.

3.5/Pathfinder is for people that like making complex and broken character builds. It offers a dizzying array of character classes, prestige classes, feats, combat maneuvers, magic items, types of bonuses to track and stack, hundreds of spells at every level, etc. so that people can enjoy proving they are very smart at system mastery.

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Then I am glad I got into 5e because the combat is what I care about the least when I am playing. It's all about being the characters for me.

Ahhh that sounds amazing. When are the positions needing filled by?

Original Poster1 point·12 days ago

Closing date for applications is June 12. We would probably want somebody to start early to mid-July.

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Little too early for me unfortunately or I would definitely be interested. Best of luck finishing someone!

What the hell do you want? A servant a Thai massager a bidet. Quality of life is different to every person. Air Force has a pretty quality life style. A base is as bad as you make it

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Fuck off

Is it really that slow?

I was going to suggest to my girlfriend that we watch this together, but she tends not to enjoy extremely slow movies, gets bored.

Some examples of movies she found boring: The Lost City of Z, Silence, You Were Never Really Here.

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She will hate it.

Reddit attracts people who actually are like that by design though, much like video games. People who have a certain level of intelligence and like problem solving or debate, but also want constant affirmation.

A solid majority of Reddit users most likely does have above average intelligence, it's just that "above average" isn't as meaningful as people make it out to be and a far cry from what people on Reddit would consider truly "intelligent".

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I'm calling bullshit on this. Reddit is one of the top used websites on the planet bruh we aren't special

Small school in WV

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Uh how long ago was this?

Around 6 years ago

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In one of the earlier episodes the main character threatened to rape another congressman. It was pretty scary at the time, and now it's a little worse.

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Uh I don't remember that part


My friend is currently away for work and can not attend EDC, however he wants to give me his wristband. If he gives me his E-ticket, can I take that to EDC and be good to go? We are attending in Tokyo this weekend so curious to if this would work or not because it's quite a distance away and don't want to go all that way to get turned away.


I do this every year and its kind of a mess. Be ready to provide a copy of the order/invoice, a copy of the ID that matches the sales order, and the last four digits of the card used to purchase the ticket. Your friend should e-mail Frontgate informing them that you'll be picking up the wristband. Include a copy of your ID in the email and make sure you're copied in. You should be ok if you have all that, but no promises.

A signed letter from him stating that you can pick up the wristband wouldn't hurt either.

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Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

Damn didn't think it would be that intense. Last year he just showed them the QR code for his wristband and they just gave it to him.

They're definitely going to ask for your ID and check if it matches the sales order. If it doesn't match, that's when they start asking for more information. Typically, they have to get a manager.

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Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

Gotcha just going to make a fake then. Appreciate it!

Not super sure but I think the idea is that it's exceptionally hard, but a life changing experience. It causes you to see life and nature in an entirely different way because of the struggles and sights you experience while climbing the mountain. Hence, "a wise man will climb Mt. Fuji."

But there's no purpose to doing it twice. You're not gonna change your life AGAIN or see much of anything that you didn't see the first time. It's struggling for the sake of struggling. Hence "a fool climbs it twice."

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I've done it, it's not that hard. Like at all. It isn't a climb it's a hike.

some people have never been to the Rockies or alps

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I haven't either it was just a long hike tho

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I love this game, replayed it last year. It is annoying how the quests are all grouped, and with no quest markers it can be a bit of a pain but I just read the quests then go to whatever area the quest is referring to. After that you should be able to just start knocking out quests in waves because many of them require you to go to the same location.

-9 is insane. I have -6 and I can barely see my hand a few inches of front of my face I can't even imagine -9. Anyway, 6/10

I have tried this, they wouldn't let me. Told me it had to be water. I have put alcohol in a glass though and it was fine cause how would they know?

Honestly I don't have a problem with this. Just as long as ESEA is consistent and defines what the boundaries are for what you can/can't say. Regardless this is still funny asf

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It's not consistent and this shit is stupid as fuck.

673 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Doesn’t have to be Superman

Lebron gets another playoff triple double

Pick one


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he didn't drop 40 tho /s

More of "us".

More sapient species living on 1 planet. That would be a dream.


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Is it sapient species? Not sentient? Either way, can I fuck this other species?

Sentient = able to feel/suffer

Sapient = able to reflect on itself, like us and so far nothing else (that we've been able to prove)

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Til! Thank you

I can't believe it's been two hours and be hasn't been crushed by the flood of "yeah, well, it's not a real phobia man." replies from the fact police.

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Why isn't it a real phobia that shit is terrifying

Toss up between anything on the Atari 2600 and Dungeons & Dragons.

Fuck I’m old.

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Started playing DND at 25. Fuckin love it

Apply for the higher education grant as well. Of course submit your FAFSA to see if you qualify for the Pell Grant, it covered around 5500 for me when I was in school and the Higher Education grant was another 3000 I believe. Best of luck, hope it doesn't get cut it did plenty for me and others as well.

Did anyone decipher what he was trying to say about blowing up coal mines in his ad? There are so many questions...

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"The politicians put me in prison cause of how I ran my mine, but there were more jobs and it wasn't that many people so pls vote 4 me"

That's how I interpreted it anyway.

Lmao what the fuck is this. This is the worst ad ever, how is this even real?

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