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How did you punt it so far lol? Like 25mph wind on your side or something?

This post is underrated. I want a challenge flag to carry around with me on a daily basis so I can contest anything that anyone does that I disagree with.

Go to merge on the highway

Asshole in the Mustang won’t let you over

Throw the challenge flag at him

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Go to a restaurant and they bring out the wrong order. Throw the challenge flag on the food.

He had possession via ocular patdown of the ball.

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He assessed that it was not a threat

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Happened to me in PC. I restarted my computer and then it was back. I was panicked lol.

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I had something similar happen after the update yesterday. The game acted like it was the first time I had launched it and my offline franchise saves all disappeared. Started a cloud franchise, game crashed, rebooted my PC and then my offline franchise was back lol

Keep waving it. Its fucked up that YouTube is censoring political thought that they deem unsavory, even if it's a goober like Alex Jones.

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Upvoted for calling Alex a goober

This is such an important point. Everyone screaming MUH FREEDOM OF SPEECH forget that they're using privately owned services.

No one will censor you if you stand on the sidewalk and speak your mind. You might get punched in the face, but that's not censorship, that's just someone lesser disagreeing with you.

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Literal assault goes beyond a simple disagreement lol Edit: downvoted for implying you shouldn't assault people. Nice philosophy there

I remember a post about pot and several cops came out in support of Legalization. They know pot itself isn't the problem and how much it would free up resources to go after real criminals

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There is even an organization called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). I was pretty surprised when I found out about them but they make some excellent points based on first hand experience.

I've lurked this sub for a couple years and I still don't know

Hold control and scroll up the way you would to zoom. The video does not get bigger but the font does. Of course this is if you are watching on a computer. If you are on a TV, I cant help.

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You are my hero.

Perfect for slicing the pie when you clear your house.

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This comment is criminally underrated. It's obviously an assault comment.

Wide spread Equality, chance and treatment within our legal, social and economic systems?

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You mean like diversity quotas that are being implemented all over the place that are just a thinly veiled way of discriminating against white men?

I wonder if all of these symptoms would constitute having PTSD since it's obviously related to trauma.

Just bought the r5 1600 for $135 two days ago 🤦🏻‍♂️

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You got a really good deal still. You're missing like 10%-15% more performance at the most I think and you can probably make up part of that difference with a modest overclock.

He's a white male, it's only a matter of time before he did do something to deserve it. There's plenty more and we'll be fine without em.

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"He's a jew, it's only a matter of time before he did do something to deserve it. There's plenty more and we'll be fine without em."

See how stupid this sounds now?

As far as I am aware, the reason it's still bound to those resolutions is that its game logic is based and coded onto those resolutions, e.g. AI "activity radius" goes by pixels, and if you blow up your resolution this means the AI breaks down in that you see more of the screen, see mobs earlier, but they only activate once you are X pixels close to them.

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I think you're right because when 800x600 came out with the LoD expansion, the vertical and horizontal FOV got expanded when you switched to that resolution. I also remember hearing about people being banned for using the higher res mod and using it to teleport farther distances than the game intended.

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My wallet already hurts enough...don't tempt me to open up a new tab and browse 3000+mhz ram

opens new tab and browses for 3000+mhz ram


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Go for the faster ram. You know you want it. 2933 feels so good and it could be even better.

Call or email your doctor and ask them to clarify. Otherwise it should say something on the prescription bottles. Personally I don't really like the way ativan makes me feel but that's just me. It's probably gonna be dependent on what your dosages are too. One might be better for daytime and the other for night/sleep but it's hard to say without more information. I hope they work for you!

They’re beach chairs I think

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I had no idea what I was looking at and I thought they were cigarette butts lol

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So when can we buy OTC? An estimate please.

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looks like 90 days to get a license if I'm understanding correctly.

Same problem here, +1. Had it for about a month now.

You can "save" the offer to your Paypal, where it will be valid for use until June 30. So you don't have to use it today, just be 1 of the 1st 40,000 to save it.

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Thank you so much for this comment. I love you

I feel kind of bad for laughing but this is hilarious. The dance moves were 10/10

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