i'm kinda thinking of switching to emi. by -Winter_Storm in katawashoujo

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I like spacing out the routes so I don't have two in the same friend group in a row. Dunno about switching to another route partially through though.

To a hydration chart by firefromashes in therewasanattempt

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My dad insists that pee must be white and that yellow pee means you need to drink more water

From what I can tell it's a fairly common Asian parent thing

me_irl by I-am-very-bored in me_irl

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I don't vote in subreddits that I'm not active in or subscribed to (since that just seems the polite thing to do, also avoids any possible issues with vote manipulation). Otherwise, I'm quite liberal with my upvotes.

Fun Day by awsome2464 in katawashoujo

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Hmm, you're right, a lot of them have interesting possibilities for trigger events and powers.

shizune's good ending feels like same conclusion as lilly's neutral ending by andros310797 in katawashoujo

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Lilly Neutral is arguably more depressing than that, depending on your interpretation of it. The two have broken up, both believing that the other doesn't want them anymore, yet both arguably haven't gotten over each other yet. (Or you could argue that Lilly manipulated Hisao into a relationship she knew would not last any significant period of time.)

Today was a wild ride. Could use some help. by PsyXypher in katawashoujo

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Remember that reddit also has comments, and many people make it work well for web fiction series (/r/HFY is a good example).

You can always directly post here, or host your story elsewhere (such as Pastebin) and use reddit threads for your comments.

People Can't Find the Stars They Paid to Name—and They're Calling Astronomers for Tech Support by mvea in space

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A salad is shown. This is not the one a 12-year-old Halifax, Nova Scotia child refused to eat.

That image caption is great.

Parents of Reddit, what "secret" do you know about your kids that they don't know that you know? by TwoFerBawss in AskReddit

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I'm guessing that the shoes would be in a slightly different arrangement and/or would be dirtier when they came back from sneaking outside

What's up with the Peter Parker hate lately? by phree612 in OutOfTheLoop

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Oh, is the Disney-Fox merger actually going through?

Serious Suzu. (Art by Skrats.) by ATLASSHRUGGED89 in katawashoujo

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No, Suzu Suzuki is Hisao's classmate. She has narcolepsy, and is the one you can see sleeping when Hisao first enters his class.

I highly recommend A pseudo-pseudo Suzu route if you're interested in a good fanfic.

World Record Progression: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle [30:21] by carldude in mealtimevideos

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And now it's even shorter:

So, literally 2 hours after this video came out, Dage4 beat the world record- 22:36. You can watch it here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSvUpzRN1Dk

Guess I have to redo this whole thing now...

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Characters names and their pronunciations. by [deleted] in katawashoujo

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I am confused as to why OP is saying that the "na" sound should be pronounced that way. Since you're using "gnat" as an example, I'd think it should be more similar to a short/flat a sound.

Characters names and their pronunciations. by [deleted] in katawashoujo

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In American English, there is no trap-bath split, so the a sound ends up being flat/short most of the time. Furthermore, we have the father-bother merger and the cot-caught merger. The two are indistinguishable in many common dialects of American English. As a result, "not" becomes one of the better words to describe a similar sound (though it's not exact), but I'd say that "father" might be a better example, especially since it's pronounced more similarly across more accents/dialects.