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Probably because most people taking it already have a R&S and feel much more comfortable after a couple exams.

My guess anyway.

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This. Most of us probably work in the industry and we are experienced with Cisco tests so we have developed somewhat decent study habits.

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Do you guys seriously think they issue bans individually? The kind of movement that occurs when you ride nades is getting picked up by the anti-cheat and bans you automatically.

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This! I don't know how this is not common knowledge. There is not actual people going through and banning everyone it all happens automatically.

Dang, I know they have not been playing well for little while now but it is still a little suprising. Hopefully this will work out the best for all of them.

I would love to know different team's standards for ammo and utility. How much ammo should a person carry in relation to grenades and smokes?

With a lvl 2 bag and 3 smokes and 3 grenades what is the balance left for meds and ammo?

I get what you are trying to say and I agree with you to a point however the reason I am hyped about it is because I already play this game. I spend around 3 hours every day playing this game in it's current state so of course I am going to be hyped about any improvements that are made because at the end of the day I will still be playing the game with the improvements or not.

If it turns out to be a pretty lame update with just a new lobby and intro music and maybe more customizable scopes/ reticles and squad colors then it is still an improvement on what it was and I will still end up playing it every day.

With how much they have been talking it up though I think it is reasonable to expect at least one of the 3 big QoL wants to be added. 1. Shooting range (not likely in my opinion) 2. Competitive mode/ season with tiered reward system (pretty possible based on the recent talks from the devs and the esport hype right now) 3. Changes to public game circle settings and gun spawns to closer align with esports mode.

Bonus: I also think they will fix the event pass and make the free items you earn permanent as well as make it last longer than a single month.

for what its worth, i think the TPP Tournement was more entertaining to watch. Much more intense firefights, breach situations and generally more tactical.

let the downvotes roll!

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I am going to try to be understanding and ask for an example. I watched all the games in both perspectives and remember multiple occasions where I was frustrated as a viewer in TPP because the defending team was just sitting at the top of a hill or in a house watching the attacker with no real threat to themselves. And of course there was that rediculous 1v1 in the field that Larson won after both of them just stared at the hay bails for a full minute.

In FPP we actually got to see teams be much more offensive and saw some great team tactics (OMG in the forest games).

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GLL is coming up in just a couple weeks! On average the teams there will all be higher level than the ones at PGI

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This! As great as PGI was, there was a big difference between the top half of the teams and the bottom. This is both because strong regions were limited to the number of teams they could send and weak regions were guaranteed a spot. Many rounds of the qualifiers were also only Bo8 which is debatebly too short. At GLL there will not be that much of a drop off because all the teams have proved themselves through a whole season of games rather than an 8 game qualifier.

Good to know, thanks!

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Is it just me or is the stage announcer a jackass. Like..the guy is so rude. "Congrats on your win now, leave the stage.." that....and the nade that didn't kill those two from Shroud...broken game is broken.

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The game is not broken it was just a weird perspective that made the grenade seem closer than it really was.

219 points · 24 days ago

Can't believe he got robbed of this. One of the nicest nade throws I've seen.

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When I saw it I thought the same thing but Riggles looked into it and posted some screenshots from the replay and it actually bounces past the players quite a bit. The camera angle when it was live though definitely made it look bugged.

keep an eye on the SA team, Savage, you have no idea how good they are in FPP

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We will see, hopefully they perform well but in a fair competition I think secret would have beat them and secret isn't so great when compared with the big FPP teams from EU, CIS, and NA.

The 3 QoL changes I want. If even one of the three things happen then I will be happy. 1. Real MRR matchmaking with ranks complete with badges/ icons. 2. Shooting range to practice recoil control. 3. Desync eliminated.

Me n friends would stand in a circle and shoot one directly up. Last person to move wins.

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Yep I used to do this all the time as a kid. To be fair though there was nothing else even close to us that we could damage or hurt. I guess we got bored growing up in the country.

I passed mine around the same time and I have not received it yet either. I am sure we will get them in the next week or so. I also received the 4011 last week.

Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

I received my certificate on Friday.

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Okay good to know, I should probably check my mail lol.

There is someone on my account that I don’t know. They haven’t done anything wrong and they just watch the office and parks and rec. I upgraded my Netflix so multiple people can watch at once so that they can watch their shows while my wife is on without anyone getting kicked off. They are fine to stay as long as they like as long as they don’t cause trouble

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Have you made them their own profile within your account? That might be cool for them to login one day and see a profile set aside for "friendly stranger" or something lol.

Lol that’s literally what I had it named, great minds think alike! XD

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Ha ha that is awesome. It would be a great story if somehow you guys end up becoming friends or they email you to say thank you or something.

I believe this is wrong according to the new schedule located in the UI of the in game lobby.

Such a great tournament and Faze sundays are an absolutely real thing.

Worked for us and we had around 15 people joining each game. Make sure you are searching in the correct category.

Is it self promotion if I say your twitch name lol? Testing was fun tonight, hopefully it works just as well if not better when they are moved to live.

Star Wars prequels. Those films fall apart in almost every single basic aspect of filmmaking, and that's such a shame because I've always liked the overall look of that era.

Sucks that Lucas couldn't get help from people like Spielberg or Darabont because of his beef with the Director's Guild. He could've done some magic with right people around him.

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Its treason then!

There are a ton of videos for squads out there if you go to one of the pubg league pages. Auzom and GLL's twitch pages will both have archives of all of those matches as well.

These were pretty fun to watch when the actual games were being played but the event as a whole was a mess. Also Viss did great for not having any pros on his team.

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