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GoodGameGregg 2 points

The council idea is pretty nice. I'd say to spice up the election system so it not just run of the mill voting unless you're going for absolute realism. If the government system is a big part of this portion of your campaign, I'd make it interesting. Maybe only half-orcs can run. Or maybe when the council members swear in, they're actually reading a binding spell that forces them to keep their word. Toss some fantasy aspects in there.

that_guy_you_know-26 2 points

I am very intrigued by the idea of a binding spell

Warlord_Zeta 1 point

Perhaps, as to avoid conflict in past generations and out of mistrust for fellow criminal, they decided to make something akin to Utopia out of Thomas More's utopia. Have there instead be 1001 descendants. Have 14 houses or districts comprised of 70 people each for a total of 980 people. From here you can have choice. You can opt for a system in which there are 20 positions with each leading position looking out for 49 people and their well being, so that there are 20 groups of 50 members, of which 49 are randomly allocated to each of the houses or districts of 70 (with each one having a different production or service) and every 14 months those members in each district are sorted so that no one becomes too specialized and as well no one gets to know anyone too well (time period may vary).

The second option is having 14 districts of 70 permanent residents and then there are 21 trained and appointed overseers. Districts could have minimal contact or little work based contact and the 21 overseers allocate themselves as necessary to over see different districts. For example, there is a minimum of 1 overseer per district and a maximum of 8 (the minimum 1 and all 7 extra from the pool of 21 go to one district if it is having larger degrees of problems or unruly behavior). How power is enforced could be a result of a magic item or magical ability if needs be, but that is besides the point.

Realize the outlined above government is undoubtedly dystopian to a degree and is instead a society built upon the fact your fellow neighbor is also a criminal who may plot against you and so order and a focus on law or a focus on minimizing more crime was the focus. This is by no means your usual society such as a basic democracy.

As a final note, if doing the 1001 there could of course also be the option of 20 groups of 49 with 1 leader and one final appointed head of the 20 leaders with the same basic laws or contact protocols directed above.

that_guy_you_know-26 1 point

Wow, that’s... a lot

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that_guy_you_know-26 2 points

Crossbow bolt rotator: spins the bolt as it leaves the shaft. Crit on 19-20

that_guy_you_know-26 7 points

Clockwork lockpick: automatically picks any lock with a DC of 15 or less. Can be made higher if made with more expensive parts

that_guy_you_know-26 commented on a post in r/d100
that_guy_you_know-26 1 point

Sword: You switch your grip so that your blade is facing away from your thumb. You punch your enemy in the jaw, then circle your hand to the other side of his head. You hook the neck and pull his head down. The last thing he sees is your feet as you pull your blade up and to the side, spilling a pool of crimson to the ground.

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PM_Me_Kindred_Booty 9 points

Hey, that's not true!

A monk can get proficiency in death saving throws, if they're a high enough level. Only a monk though. So they'd be worse than a high level monk at making saves.

that_guy_you_know-26 1 point

I didn’t know that Diamond Soul applies to death saving throws, but a warlock in a pact with the Raven Queen gains advantage on death saving throws

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