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I’m sorry, SIDS? Not familiar with that one

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Sudden infant death syndrome. Absolutely awful.

I am so so sorry for your loss mommy. xxx

In North America wouldn't that be something along the lines of mountain lion, bear, wolf, moose, bison? I'm pretty sure we don't have rhinos here..

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Sadly, we barely have any Rhinos left in Africa.

Spectacular. What a special place. I hope I can go back there soon. Where did you take this picture from?

I think you have a lovely face and I wouldn’t worry too much about losing weight. Take care of yourself because happy girls are the prettiest girls.

If you want to look and feel polished and pretty consider getting your eyebrows waxed professionally. It makes a big difference.

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That sounds like a great idea! I got my eyebrows threaded last year, but I feel that the stylist made my eyebrows a bit too thin. Is there a difference between threading and waxing?

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It’s really a preference thing. I prefer waxing but apparently threading is kinder to the soft skin around your eyes and won’t cause any damage that might show in your later years.

Do your research and take a picture of what you want with you.

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Bra... go bake a cake or something and post it.

This post couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s an incredible thing you have worked through and it’s really good to know what there is a nice path off of the depression journey if you put in the effort.

You are incredibly brave and you are courageous. There is no requirement to what you must feel. Squeeze that baby of yours and give him kisses. X

My oldest son and his now wife had a son when they were 16. Been together almost 25 years. I guess with them it was when they snuck off and got married a few months before they graduated from college so they could sit together.

Oldest daughter has an MBA and works as a regional director for a large hotel chain. She's always been a grease monkey so she married a mechanic. I knew when I saw them underneath an old car laughing as they changed a transmission when the fluid poured all over them.

Youngest daughter? There really was no exact moment, her husband just grew on me. He has always been a nice guy and terrific father. I guess if I had to choose a moment, it could have been when I found out he knew how to use a sextant.

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Three kids in functional, happy relationships. You my friend are a rockstar parent.

FIFA provides the visuals and the score bug comes from your local broadcaster.

Source: I’m a Sports Producer.

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It's actually the other way around. Information is provided above by an user.

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Where I work we receive clean visuals. Bug is added by in house graphic operators. If you check out some blunders on Reddit you will see that, for example, BBC and ITV use their own looks and not the FIFA look.

Gorgeous dress! My mum has the same brass birds, all the children in our family have played with them as if they were golden treasures, me included.

You look really super.

The “we should probably go grocery shopping”...


Flash back to four years ago. I was happy go lucky and positive kind of gal. I had my ups and downs and life had it’s set backs but I look back and I feel nothing but doom about my current life.

I fell hard for a gorgeous man, DH. Less than a year later I was pregnant and terrified. He still lived (oh gosh lives) with his parents. He was 32 at the time. Abortion wasn’t something I could consider so I decided to make the most of this and make it work.

Today I have an amazing little boy and I am still trying. I have no semblance of my former life. No independence. No future plans with DH. Despite spending a fortune to renovate my home to make it nice and cozy for our new little family he refused to come. “It’s better here” was what I was told. I had an emergency C-section and landed up at DH/MIL’s house after discharge. And here I am. Like an inmate with no walls.

I feel positively pathetic. The reason I am still here is because I work shifts and don’t have someone I trust enough to leave my child with at night. My mum isn’t an option and I don’t have much other family. I just want my freedom and my life back.

I don’t think his mother hates me I think she hates all women who come near her sons. She complains about me all the time. Everything I do is wrong. I don’t earn enough, I shouldn’t be working and at school. She has no boundaries, never knocks. Criticism is my daily life and I’m soft. I just cry. Some days I argue back but mostly I am depressed and lonely. Arguing just makes it worse and DH defends his mother tooth and nail. He just tells me she didn’t say that or I misunderstood. They are foreign and there is a language barrier but I assure him I understood just fine. I feel like I am losing it. He just doesn’t see how bad it makes me feel.

I don’t have horror stories like I have seen posted here, she is just a legitimately awful person. She undermines me, she told me DH doesn’t have to clean up after themselves because he earns more than me. I hate being here. So after another post I made I plucked up the courage to say fuck this shit. I’m going, I had no real plan but a lot of determination. DH begged me to give him time but dude you have had years! I have caught on to his pattern though, he tells me the right things to keep me here but I’m realizing there is no sincerity or commitment.

Today I came home from work and no one is talking to me because I argued back yesterday. He went to gym. I feel so trapped and alone. I have my baby boy though. I am too uncomfortable to even make myself some food.

She went at me yesterday saying that she doesn’t want me using her washing machine I must buy my own. (I have my own, in my own house). These kind of things make me feel so unwanted and so rotten. Let me add she does all his washing. I do baby’s and my own. Occasionally she does mine. I don’t know why she does sometimes TBH. It’s bizarre. Then she continued how I am useless around the house and - she says this but I am not allowed to do anything. I literally come home and sit in the bedroom. She doesn’t want me using the bath to bath my baby because it makes mess. I have never left it dirty.

This is incoherent and nonsense. I just want my life to be different and I don’t know how to do it.

I am stuck. I will never go without my child and I suspect they would love if I did. I’m feeling really useless and sorry for myself.


Wait, if you still have your house, why are you not in it? Was the C-Section very recent? I don’t understand. I’m so sorry you are going through this.

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Original Poster3 points · 25 days ago

I am a shift worker. I don’t have anyone I can leave my child with and I’m not prepared to leave him with them officially. Now at least it is only a matter of hours.

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Oh honey I'm so, so sorry. This IS a horror story, and you have every right to feel this way. You've got to get out. Is there any government assistance where you are? Could you potentially move into your own home with government assistance so that you can stay home with your child? If not, look at government housing. Even if you have to give up your home it would be better than this. There has to be some kind of program that would help you.

Edit: be strong for your child. You sound like an amazing mother. But if they're the ones watching your child, as time passes, he will pick up on this. I'm worried that they will try to turn him against you.

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Original Poster8 points · 25 days ago

That is a frightening point that you have made. My heart would absolutely shatter if that ever happened. Government assistance is reserved for the severely destitute here but I will do my research because there has to be more than this.

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One time my sister made a comment about my best friend “having her own little personality.” And I said “well she is a person...” and my sister was like “haha...yeah.” And ever since then I’ve had this fear that my best friend is a hallucination that everyone plays along with.

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Post a pic and we can tell you if she is real or not.

I like this idea.

I’ve just started researching how to mosaic. My understanding is to put them on a flat surface and hit them with a hammer. Is this what you would do?

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u/ssdgmok posted this, in case you missed it.

  • You'd want to put them in a shallow box first, wear safety googles and a mask ( people really underestimate silicosis). You can Use a hammer for more of a crude piece or a nipper for more defined pieces. A great resource for beginning mosaic work is a Facebook group called " Mosaic mentoring". Tons of artists and helpful hints on there. Have fun!*

The feeling of reconnecting with your ex. Those sweet and happy memories.. but s/he is not worth of your time anymore. All those damage and pain s/he brought to you in the past outweight the rest.

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It’s called a break up because it’s broken.

Gave my little sister a 5 year old mid range but nowhere near crappy car when she finished high school. Only thing she had to do was pay the insurance premium. It got stolen in less than a month of her having it and I got no thank yous.

Do you think it's possible if you only do it in, like 5 second intervals?

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Yes it is. If you cook it like a scrambled egg. I do it all the time in a bowl and it lands up pretty okay. You have to stop and mix it up every 15 or so seconds.

I add chopped tomato and feta when it’s done and feel like a master chef.

When your friends and family consistently tell you for two years that the person you're seeing is really not a good one, probably don't marry said person. Abuse, cheating, getting talked into an abortion...but I didn't see anything but love the whole time.

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I’m sorry you went through that. Big hug because your awesome for getting to the other side.

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You are an incredible and brave human being! Gee whizz I can’t imagine how hard this is on you. Thinking of you.

Seen some in Kruger National Park a few time (seriously add it to your bucket list people).

They stink to high heaven. You can smell them before you see them.

Do it every day. Sit at your desk for one to three hours every single day and do what you need to do. It's way less stressful, you'll produce better quality work, and you'll learn a lot more than if you're always trying to cram/write at the last minute. Slow and steady absolutely wins this race.

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Yes. Consistency.

It is worth every bit of effort and it takes some mental toughness to fight off the urge to be lazy.

10 points · 1 month ago

That worked really well for me in college. Also taking copious notes.

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It really helps. You don’t zone out and get distracted by other people’s funny hair or the girl who is texting. It’s just eyes on the prize.

I fill and boil the kettle each morning after I’ve used it so who ever is next doesn’t have to wait long. Not the nicest thing possible but it’s my contribution.

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Probably can’t afford to go the to the manicurist I bet.

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It’s the ombré of nails look.

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