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No one else in concerned about the noose the cat made...?

Some guy at my office likes to completely clog the toilet up with paper first... then proceeds to shit on top of the mountain of toilet paper. Every day. Something must be seriously wrong with people who do this. What do they do in their own homes?

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It’s so there isn’t splash back on your bum after the poop drops and so it doesn’t make a noise so you make a nice soft bed for it with toilet paper. I do this at home, if you don’t do it what kind of animal are you because you’re not human

Those mutilated ears are so disturbing. Humans are pathetic.

Cause Japanese men have statistically the smallest penises in the world as if they want to get into porn and have the world see their small wieners and as if the world wants to see them

“But if we don’t match its because I won’t love you unconditionally because I think you’re ugly”

...I’m a female. And wait, if he would get plenty of women with that money why he have to get fake hair huh?!

He still butt ugly tho

Well he changed from being mildly cute to butt ugly

You’ll find most cats do this

Using autism as an insult is hardly wholesome. Terrible

I thought “some idiot is trying to pass this off as a vagina I think I’ll wait and watch the whole thing to find out which body part he chose for this wonderfully amusing and original trick”

I tried to make grilled cheese like this after seeing it be done on the internet, half my kitchen caught fire. True story

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the father costume is black

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Yeah. Your spot on.. my bad.

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Are you sure it’s not You’re

There are too many things wrong with this... the fact his name is Jesus... the way that man pushed a child’s face so hard into a cake... the fact a child is freely using the rude finger... MY GOD. Or should I say “my Jesus”. Smdh

How was life growing up in a racist household?

He is a cat. You could tell that he wasn’t a fan before you subjected him to this

Do only hookers have vaginas or something

Let me tell you, there’s a lot more blood and mucus.

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