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There is no reason to willing use auto-summary in routing.

It is turned off in modern IOS as /u/chuckbales mentioned, though it might be left on by accident in IOS 12 or it be forced on in basic license levels.

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Cisco hosts a online APIC-EM that you can use for playing with Path Trace. Username: devnetuser Password: Cisco123!

It is also worth noting that exam topics aren't picked based on how easy they are for candidates to lab :)

Boot camps aren’t really meant to teach you things, they are meant to be the last part of your studying.

So you might get more value out of doing a INE course / bootcamp instead of a traditional one.

Way to secure!!!

It’s also worth noting that 1.6 is due sometime this month

Sadly I haven't been able to tell if it's good or not from people. For whatever reason it's a polarizing topic.

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Hooray for VIRL!

Everyone but me is wrong

You might want to start by reading the stickies here

There are no configuration tasks on the CCNA. Everything is using show commands to verify things. At most they would ask you to use show commands to verify NAT.

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That really isn’t good advice, there is absolutely nothing stopping Cisco from focusing more on configuration sims whenever they want to.

Even if they don’t, the exam can verify they know how to configure in other ways. Plus interviews etc will absolutely expect configuration knowledge.

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Exactly. Make education accessible!

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Juniper was on a good track for awhile with their fast track program but I believe they shut that down

IOS-XE is the successor to IOS, IOS is still being maintained but most platforms have shifted over to IOS-XE.

IOS-XE is more modulator and has more of a Linux base. It also gets all the active development effort, its on 16.9.1 these days while IOS is still on 15.7 and is mostly just in the Cisco 800 routers which are being replaced by the 1000s which are XE.

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I believe most people are using GNS3 with the Cisco VIRL roms.

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Or just VIRL :)

PT is barely good enough for CCNA, you should not be using it for more advanced study.

Cisco VIRL is the official solution, you also have the likes of GNS3 though you need to get your own images with that.

With a L2 switch you are basically missing out on L3 features. That is why it is best to get a Cisco 3560 for your lab since then you can lab pretty much anything in the exams.

Cisco VIRL is also an option for running virtual labs with mostly full switching.

I’m not a big fan of Packet Tracer but that is a free option that can be useful when your starting out.

You can be a (proper) network engineer with just a CCNA though it would be fairly rare since they tend to be more senior positions. Though there are junior net eng roles, really depends on the company.

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Thanks for the reply. I know they are for different levels of experience, but I feel like no matter which cert I got, I would end up with the same help desk job. Does me doing a netacad course with live equipment and the internship make me look a little better? I know its not that much experience

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The help desk would tend to value the CCENT / CCNA more than a CompTIA since Cisco is the more advanced certs. It is assumed that if you have a CCENT that you know how a computer works. A fair number support roles give you some sort of test anyway before or as part of the interview to test your basic knowledge.

If the help desk place does value A+ more then chances are you aren’t doing much for your resume and are just getting a pay check at that role.

CompTIA certs hold little to no value, though the US gov does like their security certs.

A+ is really just a entry level cert meant for PC repair people or possibly desktop support roles. A CCNA will hold much more value than a A+ / Net+ unless you are specifically going for those kinds of roles.

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Thank you, editing the existing list and adding the second subnet worked. I confirmed by using extended ping from R1 (to reference my loopback interface) and pinged R3 (acting as internet router) and enabled 'debug ip nat' on R2, which is handling PAT/overload duties. Everything worked as expected.

Follow up question, when editing the standard access-list, I didn't see any numbers. When I tried to add a second line, I used '10' and it said it was a duplicate, I changed it to '15' and it worked. Why aren't the sequence numbers appearing next to the lines in the access-list?

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Keep in mind that packet tracer is extremely limited, if you feel a feature is missing or not working right it is often a limitation. It is only really meant to be used if you have nothing better.

Saying that by default sequences will go up by 10 and start at 10, so your next entry would be 20 if you don’t specify a sequence number.

Boson is regarded as the best practice exam for CCENT/CCNA. It isn’t free but you get what you pay for.

There isn’t really any reason to talk about broadcast domains unless you are literally talking about a broadcast domain. You would commonly just say network or subnet when talking about them. If you are talking larger you will tend to call it a site, branch, or data center, or by the site name.

With BGP you need to explicitly tell it what to advertise so you will need some network statements for it to do anything for you.

The current SD-WAN thought process is this:

iWAN is the most flexible and nerd knobby of the Cisco solutions, however APIC-EM / DNA-Center's iWAN app is so intent on being an easy button that it locks you into a lot of config. So IWAN is good for a manual solution that requires plenty flexibility. It is also the DMVPN based solution, there is also no outside licensing since it is made up of IOS solutions. Though your licensing on your router does need to have Application and Security.

Viptela has now been integrated into Cisco so you can now use it with Cisco routers etc, last I looked at the pricing there wasn't much more Cisco tax since the cost of Viptela was always the licensing, it is was always more about the licensing than the hardware. Anyway OMP based solution, works well and is being integrated into Cisco solutions nicely. Viptela is now the main SD-WAN option.

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All exams have the potential to be brain dumped since it is just a matter of a test taker remembering as many questions as possible and writing them down after the exam. That or in more cheat prone areas like India, the testing centre itself might leak the questions.

All that can be done on that front would be to increase the testing pool size, increase the exam update frequency, and adding more detail to questions to make it more difficult to memorize.

The other way that may help is regionalizing exams so that a dump from India would be useless in the US etc.

Cisco does do a lot to combat it, for example they review the exam results and can void the exam if they feel you are suspicious, like if you answer a question without looking at the question exhibit etc or get the same questions wrong as a known dump (they are frequently incorrect)

Cisco does have a periodic exam, the CCDE; however, the volume of people doing CCNA all over the world wouldn’t make doing the exam once per quarter etc very practical.

You also have to keep in mind just how many exams a company like Cisco has. All in all they have a couple hundred active exams. That is a lot of exams to deal with.

Boot camps are more legit than not, though sure shady ones can exist till they get reported. A good bootcamp pretty much just runs you through the topics as a final review and gives tips or lab time.

Anyway certs will always have value but it just mean that interviews are also important to vet the candidate

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I was wondering why Cisco doesn't include more sims in their tests? The questions that can be dumped are those requiring memorization which frankly people can look up easily in their work. Sims test your hands-on experience and can't be dumped easily.

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It largely has to do with striking a balance between theory and practical questions, it is just as important to see if you know how a protocol works when compared to knowing how to config it.

It’s also due to pearson’s testing engine, every sim is basically a flash animation that Cisco needs to create so you don’t tend to get overly complicated sims. Last I heard Cisco was considering using VIRL or such to run real IOS in tests, if they do that then you can expect sims to get much more involved since they can give you larger scenarios such as fully build a branch site etc.

Unproctored exams are only for partner and sales exams.

You have to do all cert exams at a testing center

You may want to read the stickies

Because EIGRP is Proprietary, and were sick of giving Cisco to much money.

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Actually it’s partially open, Cumulus/FRR runs it.

I'll answer your question with another one, whats the difference between OSPF and EIGRP?

Also, learn the difference between distance vector and link state routing protocols as you might get a question on this.

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I’d say the biggest difference is that EIGRP has an extra letter and therefore is superior.

Python is it’s own separate topic, even if you become the best python programmer of all time you still need to understand how OSPF works to be a good network resource.

That being said automation is becoming quite popular and is definitely a skill that is worth developing as you get more senior.

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Sooner is better than later. My circumstances might be unusual but for lots of military folks it’s common place. I’m sure other examples of why it’s a good idea could be made.

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It’s not a bad idea for non CCIE certs though since renewing a CCNP is a lot less effort than renewing a CCIE they would have to find the sweet spot for requirements.

For example going to Live one year gives a good chuck of the CCIE renewal but you still need to do additional things. So should going to live be enough to renew a CCNP outright? Or maybe they should just keep the number the same across the board.

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Having it require less CE’s would be fair. I’m not saying make it easy just let it be something you can do slowly over the course of the 3 years.

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Well it would be naturally easier than the CCIE renewal if they kept it the same number since you would have 3 years to earn it instead of 2.

But if Cisco wanted to improve the CCNP they could start with booting the CCNP R&S update out the door :)

In a perfect world...administrators admin the network, architects design the big picture network as well as set requirements from the business, and engineers are in the sweet spot between the two. Of course there is a ton of grey area, especially in smaller companies where you may need to wear all hats because they will only hire a single network resource.

Net Admin tends to be more of a generalist role.

As for tools and skills, it can vary greatly from company to company. For example one company might use Solarwinds for their SNMP monitoring and config management, and another might use Prime Infrastructure instead. Likewise one company may consider DHCP or DNS servers to be network's responsibility and another may consider it sysadmin.

For example?

Yeah, I figured that was coming.

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No love for /r/ccna?!?!?!? Ouch buddy

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Or as I call them, Sales Weasels.

(Edit to add: "Sweasels", if you prefer. Time is money, can't afford those extra syllables!)

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Never heard anyone call me that before!

You're not on the other end of the phone when they hit the mute button. :P

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Of course!

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