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RIP is still out there!

You mostly see it in small biz / SMB networks where the IT either doesn’t have the knowledge/ confidence to run OSPF/EIGRP or the gear they are using only supports RIP.

You also see it in ISPs in some areas, CMTS sometimes runs it for the simplicity and it can be a popular MPLS CE protocol since it doesn’t require neighbours etc.

That’s why I always pick the waterproof router

Books are always important

Degrees are largely irrelevant in networking / systems jobs when compared to certs. They are considered if you have nothing else but if your a CCNA or higher I really don’t care about your degree.

If your building a lab you should get 3 or ideally 4 Cisco 3560 switches since they can do the bulk of all the Cisco tracks up to the CCIEs.

Routers don’t tend to matter all that much as long as they run IOS 15 (or above), if you have to run 12 then it will work for the most part but you’ll have potentially keep differences and missing features in mind plus your lab won’t do you a lot of good past CCNA.

Saying that, the 2500 is ancient even as a console server. The 2600s are also really old but you can do the basics with them. The 2900 is a layer 2 switch which isn’t nearly as useful as a 3560. The phone is an old phone, if the switch does PoE you can power the phone but I doubt you’ll get much out of it.

It’s supports active/passive failover but it doesn’t do contexts (doesn’t make sense in a virtual firewall) so you can’t do active/active.

The only relevant equipment in that is the 3560, the rest ranges from ancient to meh

Boot camps generally are meant for the end of your study. You should have already done the bulk of your studying before them.

Its also worth noting that work experience can be a great accelerator, if your already working with a number of the CCNA exam topics frequently then the exam shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

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Not since I put her in a home for repeatedly answering the wrong question :)

You can also say “Alexa shut up”

It is often appropriate.

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Ideally you should always study with IOS(-XE) 15 (or above) especially you are building a physical lab.

Using 12 isn’t the end of the world for the CCNA but you will hit a wall either the differences sooner or later. Plus the test can choose to focus on IOS 15 differences if Cisco wants to.

Plus Cisco will absolutely focus on new features for the next CCNP updates so your lab will have limited use in the future.

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You absolutely still need the solid networking fundamentals that a CCNA (and beyond) gives you.

Even if you want to focus purely on the cloud, there is plenty of networking such as: subnetting, static and BGP routing, nat, firewalls, VPNs including DMVPNs, and even network appliances like Cisco routers or firewalls.

Not to mention that the CCNA covers cloud fundamentals though briefly.

Long story short, a CCNA can get a chance at any junior networking role, but someone with say just a junior AWS cert is only gonna be considered by companies who use AWS and need a junior.

No the ASA 5506 doesn't run in GNS3

You should bring this to netacad support / your instructor.

Saying that try Internet Explorer or Edge etc, or another computer.

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You said Cisco or Juniper which implies no enterprise gear. People are free to use SMB grade gear but you get what you pay for :)

Remember friends don’t let friends use Sonicwall.

Then your company is wrong :)

Saying that it’s far more useful to do a vendor centric cert since you learn practical network stuff and you can more easily adapt the knowledge over to other vendors since OSPF is OSPF since you are just doing syntax changes.

Net+ is only really useful for mgmt where they just want to understand the idea of OSPF more than how to use it. It can also be useful as a stepping stone to CCENT.

CompTIA is already regarded as worthless in the IT industry, them making the exam easier would not help their reputation.

I do probably about 80% of labs in VIRL these days, there are some topics that either work better on or require physical but your not gonna lab with say VACLs every single day.

Well it seems you have a good foundation, good luck

Do you work heavily with Cisco Security solutions and have strong R&S?

To be a CCNP Security you’ll need to work a lot with / lab things like ISE, Firepower, ESA, WSA, FireAMP, as well as have several routers and ASAs.

Personally I would highly recommend spending a year or so getting your CCNP R&S first before working on the far harder Security one.


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