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2 points · 2 days ago

AWS is one of the certs that is gaining popularity. You may also consider doing Comptia A+, or CCNA. Both are good places to start. Another less known cert is Juniper JNCIA (similar to CCNA but geared towards JUNOS, a Juniper networking OS).


GNS3 or CCNA Netsim?


I'm aware of the following Netsims for trying CCNA labs hands-on: 1. Packet Tracer 2. Boson Netsim 3. Netsim 4. GNS3 (requires ios image and setup) Are there any other netsims that you know about for CCNA prep?


The following study plan would be good: 1. Prepare with video training material for Step 1 (As far as I know, Kaplan have good video training material for Step 1) 2. Study books like First Aid 3. Take question banks like Uworld, Kaplan, etc. They usually contain 2000+ questions and time based subscriptions. 4. Start taking assessment tests about 3 months before the exam. NBME, UWorld, Kaplan, and few others offer Self Assessment Tests.

Good luck!

Kaplan provides video courses and counseling in Bangalore, India. They have a comprehensive training program for USMLE prep. You may check with Kaplan bangalore or Hyderabad.

Congrats! MCSA would be good step after CCNA. Go for it!! Which other resources did you try for your CCNA?

Nicely explained with relevant figures. Which software do you use for drawing figures? Also check out this, may find it useful:

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