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the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
the0mega0ne 1 point

I would say no to the boot camp, ask for a sub to CBT nuggets or something like that.

1 you can start faster.

2 you can control the pace and if you miss something you can just rewatch the video.

3 you will have access to WAYYY more infomation about lots of different topic that have nothing to do with the CCNA and its way cheaper than sending two guys to a 4000 dollar boot camp.

I think boot camps are really only good for people that already know most of the infomation thats on the test.

heathbar2421 3 points

Enjoy the adventures! Do you have a certain playstyle in mind?

the0mega0ne 1 point

I'm thinking a ranged toon with fire, but I don't really know yet.

JakeT83 4 points

Woah... So lucky! Enjoy every minute of it!

Out of curiosity, what took you so long to try it??

the0mega0ne 7 points

When it was released, I was hardcord into wow raising, so I didn't have time for any other games. Later on I had a gf that was not really into games, so we were busy doing other things.

We broke up a few months ago, soooo lots of free time now! Lol

the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
the0mega0ne 1 point

You should be able to do most of the labs with packet tracer (free from cisco) The only thing hardware I bought was a old 5505 for ASDM. Got it off ebay for like 85 dollors. I didn't have any labs that worked on IPS/IDS so no need to buy the hardware. The boson tests will give you all you need for IPS/IDS parts of the test. Search youtube for demo videos of those products if you need more.

UsernameNotPresent 3 points

1) Not sure how your resume looks but make sure it’s updated and highlights any network related tasks you’ve done.

2) Keep applying. Maybe try applying to Network Administrator roles as some of the job duties may overlap with your current position but the title could help land an engineer role.

3) Another good option is to reach out to recruiters/job posters on LinkedIn.

Edit: also you may have to wait longer before recruiters decide they have enough applicants and to move forward with interviews. Don’t stress, you may be overthinking it.

the0mega0ne 1 point

Yea I am hopefully overthinking this. I have thought about number 2, but I am going to wait at least a month before I consider that.

the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
the0mega0ne 3 points

I think both packages are pretty much the same,mostly the same videos. I got the "Security" a few months back. He covers a large amount of the content, but no all of it, just as an FYI. With out going over both class's video by video, i would guess that 8 hours is 200-215 content, but i would be guessing.

SwoleyKodo 1 point

Congrats! Did you lab with an ASA?

the0mega0ne 2 points

I used an ASA for ASDM practice, everything else I did in packet tracer. I did not mess with gns3 at all, because I didn't want to learn something else at the same time. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID is my mantra.

I plan to work on CCNP r+s next, so I think now is the time for me to tackle gns3 before I start that.

the0mega0ne 4 points

So I failed the test 2 weeks ago and that was the first time I have ever failed a cert test. I did not give this test the respect it demands.

First thing I did was to review the test topics, break them down make sure that you have at least studied every single one.

So afterword’s I went back to the "31 days before" book and hammered that book pretty hard. I redid all my notes from it, the one I took before where lazy. I would do 3 or 4 days at a time.

Then I focused on the Boson test, I was lazy with that also before the first test. There is a skill to using the boson tests, make sure you don't just mesmerize the questions and answers, when they write their questions they are trying to point you in the right direction of stuff you need to know.

the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
the0mega0ne 1 point

I think the only hardware you would need is an asa 5505 (unless you want to mess with GNS. Everything else can be done on packet tracer. I have a few routers and switches in my office, but I just used packet tracer because it was easy and worked. Save that money.

the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
the0mega0ne 1 point

Can you post your percentages??? I want to compair to mine from my failed test 2 weeks ago.

the0mega0ne 1 point

Yea I can't seem to get ahold of this parka doc...

the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
JustAnotherITGuy- 1 point

ASDM has some major bugs with windows 10 and or Java. it will not load the firepower tabs. Works on server 2008r2

the0mega0ne 1 point

It runs fine for me, just need to install the right version of java. Just google the version of asdm and find the java version it can work on. I know there is a table out there.

JustAnotherITGuy- 1 point

man if you are right on that, ill owe you a big one.

the0mega0ne 2 points
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the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
the0mega0ne 2 points

I finished ccna r&s a few months ago and will take ccna security in the next month. There is some overlap between the 2 test, so doing icnd2 first will make security easier I believe. The security test is more broad compared to the icnd2.

I have found that a lot of trainers say, you will be a more knowledge security expert if you take CCNA R&S, some even say to get CCNP in R&S. I guess the CCNP for security content is old.

the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
the0mega0ne 1 point

I'm a system admin for 15+ years, but never really did any networking stuff till last year when I got my CCNA. So I asked myself the same question then and decided that I would go for the CCNA Security. I should be taking the test in the next 45 days, I have learned that I enjoy the routing and switch more than security, so afterwards I plan to got back to routing and switching for CCNP. I am glad that I chose security, because now at least I have more complete perspective of how a network is designed.

the0mega0ne commented on a post in r/ccna
werebear_wrecker 1 point

I'm in the scholarship and the learning partner they used stated many times all of the information in their resources are enough. When I got home, I decided to take a look at their format and compared it to the Cisco press SECFND book and, at least to me, it appears the Cisco press book seems to cover the materials better than the learning partner. I didn't read the book but purchased the ebook merely for the practice exams, but as I skimmed through the topics at the beginning, it appears they have everything labeled almost identical to how it would be labeled in the exam objectives. I know we all learn in different ways but it seems the book approach may have benefited me more than say watching the videos/reading the text after the videos that the learning partner provided.

the0mega0ne 2 points

One thing to point out. The Cisco Press books are not written by the people that create the test. It's confusing I know.

Check out the BOSON tests if you want a true feel for the tests. It's not the exact same as the test, but it is close. They are a tad harder than the real thing, but the are an awesome tool.

nellennel 3 points

With brackish water it tends to be hard keeping any plants alive. You shouldn't put java fern in the substrate, just tie it to some rocks or driftwood. Generally you can have a nice planted tank with sand (here is a quick potato quality photo of my sand only planted tank), but brackish is a bigger problem. You should try some hardy plants like anubias and java fern, just remember both are epiphytes, they can't have their rhizomes in the substrate!

the0mega0ne 1 point

Yea I have the java fern above the sand. I even moved the plants to a smaller tank and they are doing good now.

At first I was using RO water than I switch to tap. I have tried a couple different Flourish bottles and they don't really seem to help.

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