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TLDR: It’s a terrible disappointment.

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I hate magic leaps marketing nonsense, lies and FUD as much as anyone, but this video is much more balanced than that.

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There's usually an area in every major city like this

ITT: indignant ppl who don't go out at night

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It doesn't have to be the case... I've visited Japan a lot and there is nowhere at all in that country remotely like this. I'm sure they're not the only country like that. We really shouldn't be accepting that this is just "the way things are" in major cities.

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I've heard a few stories about Kabukicho being sketchy...

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I've heard that too but having been there it's completely safe. How Safe is Kabukicho?

"Sketchy" in Japan and "sketchy" in Detroit are so far apart it's really eye-opening.

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I like it, the ending was creepy.

And there is a little bug, the last building says it costs 7500, but the real price is 10 240.

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Ah, that explains why it seemed to take multiple clicks to buy.

How stupid would you have to be to put child porn, unencrypted, into googles hands?

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I often see people posting scripts/tools here to scrape the content of entire subreddits/forums/accounts/etc. Those always seem dangerous to me because you don't know what you're scraping.

It's not super unexpected that someone posts something illegal to a forum and you scrape it before the forum mods delete it and then back up your files to google unencryped. Just 2 easy to make oversights and a bit of bad timing and you're in hot water without ever intending to break any laws.

From a different article

CEO Cliff Morgan has spoken out about the claims and reassured everyone that the lead volume falls well below the FDA's requirements, however, due to strict laws in California, a label looks to be required going forward.

FDA says the daily limit is 75ug, prop 65 demands a label on anything above 0.5ug.

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I guess it's good that some states consider the level of lead acceptable, but it's tough to cut them off the hook entirely given it's marketed at teenagers and failing the requirements in CA. Would have been nice if they solved the problem by removing the lead rather than adding a warning label.

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Lead is found naturally in the ground. Anything grown in the ground will have traces of lead in it. Below is just a fraction of a list from a FDA study. These items all also fail the CA requirement and would require labeling.

Fresh collard greens may contain up to 30 micrograms of lead (50x higher than prop 65 stipulates)

Dry roasted mix nuts may contain up to 20 mcg of lead

Brussels sprouts may contain up to 15 mcg of lead

Sweet potatoes may contain up to 16 mcg of lead

Spinach may contain up to 15 mcg of lead

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That's good for perspective on the amounts, but just because it exists in plants doesn't make it a good thing.

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Walking on Mars in Valve's Destinations app was a top one for me.

There's a system for everything in Japan.

I went to a free concert in Osaka once. First you lined up to get tickets. Once you had your ticket you went to this field converted to a staging area that was split into sections where you would find your group based on the letter of your ticket. At your group you'd get in line and try to order yourselves based on your ticket number. Groups were taken one by one to the venue area, but before getting to the stage would stop at another station where a guy with a bullhorn would call out individual ticket numbers. When your number was called you'd enter the venue.

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Not racism when it's statistics.

Assuming likely guilt to an individual based on the color of their skin is the very definition of racism.

Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

I like the idea of raid chests charging because opening raid chests is more regulated than wilds progression.

Yeah, that's true. So my thinking here, is that I want it to be something not totally trivial to!! Just had a good idea. Maybe there is no limit to the number of DRD that you do, but each one requires one more charge to open?! Yeah...then it really is up to you how much you want to do. That also gives me an easy monetization option, something like: the first 3 dungeons only take 1 charge (as opposed to just the first 1) - basically an easy extra 1 or 2 DP each week.

But yeah, raid vs wilds chests. It's true that zones early in the meditation run will be easier - but maybe that's ok? Might simply add another layer of consideration for meditating, or when you want to try-hard...for example, maybe you're on the cusp of meditating, and try to get it hard before the event comes. I don't know.

Raids are well regulated, it's true...but, the main thing required is just to check in every 30 min. Could work though, since people do raids anyways! How would this go then...number of Raids required to charge would be 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, and the total number of Raids to get 1-10 DP (for example) would then be the sequence 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55. Seems like a fairly good idea...

Also I hope "Dungeon Run Dungeon" is not set in stone because it doesn't sound or look very appealing. Just one opinion though

Yeah, no way that's the final name, hahaha! :-D

Everything else looks really good. Very excited to try this out.

Awesome! :-D

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for example, maybe you're on the cusp of meditating, and try to get it hard before the event comes.

I may be just missing something, but I find it really hard to tell how close I am to meditating. Often times I end up blowing/wasting all my saved items too early in the doom realm because I think I'm probably about to make it when I'm definitely not. Other times I work to get stronger for a while and then end up overshooting a ton and just blowing through the doom realm like it's nothing.

I like the idea of being able to strategically push for things though with the weekend schedule, just don't see how to do it as a player.

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Nice. Slimmer, cheaper, and better FOV than Hololens. Still outside my price range though; maybe once they drop below 1k I'll consider it.

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It's not really slimmer if you count the tethered belt pack...

All this talk, and all they've got is an Hololens-equivalent, two years later.

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Yeah, and even then Hololens-equivalent is being generous. They couldn't fit everything into the headset like the Hololens so they're tethered to that belt pack. It's pretty much twice the size counting that.

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36 points · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

Imagine someone promised a flying Tesla motorcycle. Electric, 0 to 60 in 1.3 seconds, full autonomous driving, flight capable to 30,000 feet.

And then they gave you a Vespa.

I am new to 3d printing. What might cause this? Bad printer? Bad filament?

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Since OP was printing at such a small layer height, chances are the nozzle clogged momentarily because the flow rate was so slow, and then unclogged.

Since the printer doesn't know it wasn't printing for some time while clogged, it basically skipped printing a layer and then when the nozzle unclogged it was up in the air above the print surface, so the layers don't have anything to attach to and end up just spitting out spaghetti everywhere.

Thank you for taking the time to explain.

Follow up: wouldn't printing a thicker layer or at faster speed only make such problem worse?

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In my experience a thicker layer with more plastic flowing is less likely to clog. Not sure if going at a faster speed would be a workaround, I find it's hard to keep prints from coming loose from the print bed if the speed is 2x~3x faster than normal.

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Original Poster6 points · 11 days ago

I expected the spark plug to shoot out like a Bullet.

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The pressure levels between a lawn mower engine and a gun are pretty different. I looked it up out of curiosity and a gun is 15,000~55,000 PSI where as this guy was reading ~90 PSI in the engine.

Yeah I've had a MK3 for about a month and it's such a joy to use.

Even the little things are great, like being able to detect filament has run out and give you a chance to reload and resume the print, finally I could use up that last couple meters left on a half dozen spools.

1 point · 11 days ago

How do you use them by the way? Do you usually buy the same color, or do you make a franken-print with multiple colors?

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I've resumed prints with the same color and that's nice and seamless, but for using up the last bit of spools I wait until I have a test/prototype/throwaway print to do where it doesn't matter that the colors are all random.

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I wonder how much of the fitment issues are caused by the resolution of 3d printing and how much is caused by the way these models are coarsely faceted. Real brick pegs are nearly perfectly smooth aren't they?

years ago a pdf detailing how valve works internally was released on the net. in short, if any of the staff think a project is a good idea he needs to convince others to join him in working on that project. the office space was designed so if one thinks the other worker idea is good he can move his desk near the other guy desk to work together. quite an interesting read and work concept.

we can deduce that no one at valve thinks hl3 is a good idea or who thinks is a good idea failed to convince the others

the document I'm talking about

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8 points · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

There's a guy on Twitter who tweets stories from time he was working at what he dubbed SelfOrganizingCo. which as we know is totally not Valve. It's not as rosy as one might think. The internal politics are mind-bogglingly brutal.

Oh, and he even wrote about intentionally "leaking" such handbooks.

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Here are all the tweets pulled out for easier reading.

Those "leaked" employee guides are just a recruitment tool.

0 points · 15 days ago

I don't disagree with this, but it's at least better than just working directly off the work computer if you can't sneak your own in. I have employees and have a work diary showing screenshots of my employees. As long as they do their work I don't have the capacity to look at everyone's screenshots. Now if on the other hand, if OP was slacking then YES for sure you can bet they'll start looking for reasons to terminate.

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For sure slacking off is a good way to get scoped out, but I've seen atypical encrypted connections/traffic alone be enough to catch the eye of someone in IT and trigger a check of what's being run on the system.

I learn skills on the job that relate to my work. For instance, I have a good chunk of my routine tasks done via R scripts. One day if I ever get into a side hustle, I can use these skills. Beats dread at work as well.

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This is the only sane suggestion in this thread.

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12.1k points · 16 days ago

When visiting Japan people definitely had an easier time understanding US cities and names if said with a bit of Japanese accent.


"... ...Austen?"


"Ahh, Bosueton!"

When AR becomes a thing, this will become a thing.

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