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Adapt or die! Pick heroes that work well with 10 minute delay and right clicks. Axe is good!

0 points · 1 month ago

LS jungle was awesome. Farm vlads and Midas then hop in an ancient and go to town

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I don't think I've jungled on LS since choke-point jungling was a thing in DotA 1.

5 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Cousins is a good guy after he supplied the junk that killed Chris Mainwaring

Got a source on this one?

Edit: seriously who upvotes this rubbish above. This sub used to be better than vile bigfooty style comments.

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The comment is a little editorialized, but Cousins did spend several hours with Mainwaring the night he overdosed on cocaine sourcey source and was asked by Rami Mainwaring to do a welfare check on Chris.

If I were the parent of a young West Coast player, I'd sleep safe knowing he was being mentored by the ex-con, VRO-breaching ice-addict who let his best friend die.

There is nothing here to suggest that Cousins supplied anything as stated above.

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Nor did I claim otherwise.

Finals don't count because then the belt would almost always finish with the Premiers each year

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Freo could have happily taken the belt into the off-season in 2016 (if the Bulldogs had been holding it).

Once a Docker, always a Docker. Thanks for giving Pav his 700th and final goal.

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Should be enough to secure his entry into the virtual reality montage for the clubs centenary celebrations.

He was encouraged to retire by the club if I remember correctly, but anyway. I’m sure Freo gave him a few chances. Tragic news and super sad

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At the time it felt like a "look, you're going to get found guilty of that crime - it'd be nice if we didn't have to delist you, and then you get the terrible headline 'Dockers drop troubled Player', so... retire?"

As shocking as that one is, I still feel like today's one was worse.

In the video you posted, the umpires call was touched and they decided there wasn't enough evidence on the video to overrule that (though I disagree with that because it very much looks like his foot touched it).

In today's one, they actually OVERRULED the umpires call to make it a behind when the footage was at BEST, inconclusive and if anything actually shows the foot follow through after the hand.

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I hate West Coast. More than anything on the planet. I love when 50-50 calls (or fuck it, even 90-10s) go against them.

But you're 100% right. Umpire called a goal. Reviewed it. Still clearly a goal. And then called touched? I still laughed, but it was fucking ridiculous.

20 points · 2 months ago

I’m just glad Freo had a hard fought game and won on the road, any team can win at home.

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Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Especially Gold Coast at home on a lazy Saturday arvo.

9 points · 2 months ago

Grand finals are considered neutral

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-19 points · 2 months ago

Venables and Ryan were better.

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"Well our player had more dream team points in our 50 point win than your player did in your 16 point win"

Is this why Eagles fans think Kennedy is better than Buddy? Because their oranges are bigger than someone elses' apples?

Hey, we got McPharlin out of that deal as well, so it wasn’t all bad. I can handle that one.

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Eh, it's not anywhere near as bad as is made out to be. Freo don't do that deal - they pick Polak with #1, Hodge/Ball go pick #2, Judd pick #3. Wouldn't be surprised if Dockers grabbed Sampi with #4.

Then we just end up with no McPharlin.

22 points · 2 months ago

Thank you continuing to subscribe to hawk facts.

Did you know: According to champion data, the 2013 grand final is considered the only grand final where the "poorer" team on the day won. Had Fremantle converted a fraction of their wasted opportunities they would have beaten hawthorn.

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Fuuuuuck you. I know we won most the "stats that matter" (as if there are any that matter other than the score) but is this actually true?

Were those all real location shots or was some "green screen" technology used?

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The early ones with Christopher Plummer standing in front of some mountains definitely had a lot of work done - either straight green screen or maybe some bonus mountains thrown into a flat-as desert.

rofl who thought this was a good idea. who tried it out, and STILL thought it was a good idea.

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Well it was the most one-sided AFL finals series I can think of (average winning margin was 47+ points) and aside from one game everything was 6 goals +.

So, they tried it - won by heaps. Stuck with it - won by heaps. Decided not to change a winning formula - and lost by heaps.

Idk fam. The ol correlation /= causation thing is a bit of a thorn.

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It's the football world, though. If Buddy Franklin said he wiped Deep-Heat on his ballsack before the West Coast game you'd get every forward giving it a go this week in the hopes of bagging 8.

Omg BT “Goals are back in vogue”?!!?! What do you mean man, that makes zero sense

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Maybe if he'd said it in 2007 after the Swans 'ugly' footy got them to two Grand Finals? Or 2014 after Freo's hopes of 1-0 victories stopped working?

But was 2017 even a low scoring year?

10 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

What ship has docked in Freo port once twice?
The WAFL Premiership.
It was bad in my head, it's worse written down, but I stand by it.
EDIT: Apparently twice. You can tell I don't keep up with the WAFL. How my Claremont Tigers going?

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Er, the Fremantle clubs have won a combined 42 WAFL Premierships, but if you're referring to Peelmantle, we went back to back in 2016/2017.

Was referring to Peelmantle.
I did not realise they'd gone back-to-back though, congrats (I guess).

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Thank you. It was special. Dawson kicked a goal.

Danyle Pearce wtf

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I thought we'd been left out for a minute and got super angry. Then i realised...

He was a whipping boy in my old section. Rightly too, he kicked like a mule

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He is a whipping boy... everywhere. Kicked right off again in the pre-season.

I mean this is pretty obvious from watching the film, right?

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I quite enjoy the reading that the three leads each represent the Id, the Ego, and the Super-Ego.

(I mean, some of the world-building details are based on L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, who himself borrowed freely from Freud in his fake-science ramblings).

You have the unfiltered animalistic nature of Freddie, the Id. Master, the Ego, who strays between both Freddie and Peggy - who represents the Super-Ego, whose goal it literally to moderate the urges of the Id and persuade the Ego onto a moralistic path.

So yes, superficially, she controls Master (he even says in the final monologue himself - no man serves no Master. And who was just lurking in the corner?) but looking at potential subtext, the label of Super-Ego puppet master fits nicely with Peggie.

You have the unfiltered animalistic nature of Freddie, the Id. Master, the Ego, who strays between both Freddie and Peggy - who represents the Super-Ego, whose goal it literally to moderate the urges of the Id and persuade the Ego onto a moralistic path.

So, it's certainly neither here nor there scientifically, but in Freudian theory, the superego does not really "moderate the urges of the id." Moderation is the ego's job. The superego is a firm and uncompromising moralist, there to whip you with the internalized laws, norms, and beliefs of your society and upbringing. It isn't interested in compromise or moderation; it screeches like a fire-and-brimstone preacher, just as loudly as the id screeches like a chimp.

Source: clinical psychologist who, to be clear, isn't a Freudian

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Yeah, gotcha. Thank you for the correction. I typed that late and night and stuffed up. You have Freddie in one ear giving telling him about the awesome booze he's going to make him and Peggy in the other telling him to behave.

Everyone thinks of Schwarzenegger as a movie star, but everyone knows he got his start in body building and was 7(?) times Mr. Olympia.

Who knows, there may be a few docos about the Rock and his early wrestling days to keep us reminded.

If he had it, then he's currently lost it. I'm expecting some retcons.

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Nah, I think they covered their asses through technicalities. He was defeated without being disarmed via wand. Newt uses Swooping Evil to tie his hands.

if I vote that his ranking is too low, am I saying he's better or worse than the list suggests?

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1 is the top, highest ranked player.

100 is lower than him.

Does that help?

He should’ve won for the master

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PSH more robbed.

Comment deleted3 months ago


I think this is the best I've ever seen Taberner play.

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He had a killer game against Brisbane but... it was against Brisbane.

Ballas still calls Pav skip, that's cute.

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Thought he was Admiral now.

After Sunday’s game I’ll bet they fucking are

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WE NEED A DISTRACTING HEADLINE. Is it time to announce Ben Cousins found Jesus? Or do we save that for the season proper?

but exaggerated a bit.

It's pretty extreme for an accent. Apparently it's an incredibly rural Kiwi accent. It's based off the huge Polynesian bouncers at clubs in Auckland.

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Yeh, what was his story? They are huge and scary looking from afar, but when you meet them they are just soft and gentle. Even when people are being drunken assholes they'll walk up and politely say "Excuse me, I think it's time we got you out of here, hey"

Yeh, at the game last year where he passed Connolly he got a big round of applause as he walked to the coaches box, and then they made the official announcement over the speakers at half time.

Maybe you should focus on your own captain mate, who was it again? Yeah I can't remember either

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Ok, there was Paul Kelly, I know that. Then... Barry Hall somewhere... Brett Kirk, I think coz of those Captain Kirk Headlines... Adam Goodes, for sure got a run... But now, uhh, does the bald one still play?... McVeigh?

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