Why does Tommy Shelby walk like he’s always carrying a load of imaginary shopping bags? by Dazzatron221b in PeakyBlinders

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The lowering of the pitch isn't necessarily done locally. As an extreme example, think of Vin Diesel and the Rock in those Fast and Furious movies. They actually deliver their lines really softy/quietly.

So, during a take, they might be whispering, and with the magic of sound editing, we get a booming bassy imposing voice

James Franco cancels event amid accusations of sexual misconduct. by danbram1969 in movies

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It can be unclear at the time though. Script says "MONICA undresses and studies herself in the mirror". This can be shot an infinite number of ways. Vanilla shoulders up only/ shallow focus and a nude bra for implied nudity / or full frontal bam boobs right there.

Obviously this should have been clarified before shooting takes place, but guess what - things change on a shoot.

And if you're a not-so-well-known actor and a bigger name says "oi we changing things up, instead of that nude bra/cock sock we were talking about - well, I think it would be more powerful blah blah if we could just see you naked".

If this gets thrown at you on set now you have a choice. Bow to pressure and get it over with or, say no and hold up the shoot. If the actor and director aren't backing down, the shoot is stalled. The crew is standing around, losing time, losing money. Everyone's pissed, everyone wants to go home.

And it might not even be that the actor has a problem with taking off their clothes! In Australia - not 100% on US laws - you can get away with paying actors in an independent film peanuts, HOWEVER if that actor appears naked OR EVEN IF THERE IS IMPLIED NUDITY, they need a full days scale pay.

In this instance, actor may have been completely fine with nudity and could have been open to nudity for the film, but agreed to a lower salary. If you sign a contract and at the last minute someone says "oh btw, can you do extra work for no pay that you are legally entitled to?" you have the right to be annoyed.

Matthew Pavlich Has Some Pretty Incredible Career Ranks At Fremantle. by NitroXYZ in AFL

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Yeah, not to diminish the efforts or the talents of anyone at the club during it's first half dozen years, but Fremantle, for a number of reasons, did not really arrive until 2002. No one thing stands out - there was a little mismanagement and general unpreparedness, some unlucky coaches and staff, some "fuck you's" from the AFL - but stuff finally started falling in place in 2002 - particularly with the arrival of Rick Hart, Chris Connolly and Cameron Schwab. Ignoring the 13th place finish - Hart and Connolly were great businessmen and salesmen - and got butts on seats. More money meant better facilities, which meant more professionalism, which meant less passengers and people finally stopped asking to be traded to Freo just so they could slack off and go surfing.

But thank fuck we had Pav at that time. 2002 was another key year in that Pav was the first Docker to be named All-Australian. Just by that narrow minded criterion, he really is the first A grader we had.

Bell and Hasleby made the team with Pav in '03, Sandi from '08-'10 (and again since then). Johnson, McPharlin, Mundy and Ballantyne have rightfully been named in the side too.

Sticking with this narrow-minded view of what an A-grader is (just for simplicity sake), the mileage we've got out of these stars is dismal.

  • Bell was always a boss, but we got him at his peak/prime (25yo) and maybe had three years of awesomeness from him. The club crumbled as he aged and he simply couldn't be assed at the end.
  • Hasleby broke more knees than Joe Pesci in a Scorsese film and was lucky to reach 200 games.
  • McPharlin was always a rock, and no complaints there, but he did suffer from injury a lot and missed some crucial moments because of this - the 2012 and the 2015 finals series (still heartbreaking). Not that you can claim a flag in your imaginary injury-free retrospections, but Freo were knocked out of those series on the back of killer games by Tex Walker and Jarryd Roughead.
  • Johnson - just like McPharlin - an amazing rock who went missing at bad times. Had his worst injury runs as our Premiership window was slamming shut in 2014/2015.
  • Ballantyne - injuries, suspensions, poor form. He never got back to that insane 2014 season.

Mundy is a long-duration A-Grader, for sure, who might pinch a few of Pav's records and should reach the 300 game mark.

Sandilands is still probs #2 for us in terms of best-evers. He does have the most career hit-outs in the history of the world... ever. Won't reach 300, because of injuries and a late start, but its not like that milestone is a right.

And that's about the entire crop of A-Graders to make it past 200 games. No offence to the workhorses McManus, Parker and co., but we have one definite Hall of Famer and two guys still duking it out for the title of 2nd Best Docker.

PS. Left Fyfe out of consideration til he wins 2 more Brownlows.

Matthew Pavlich Has Some Pretty Incredible Career Ranks At Fremantle. by NitroXYZ in AFL

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I remember someone suggesting a scenario - I wish could find the thread where I saw it - that I occasionally ponder, embellish and smile about (my go to escapism fantasy after I've married Natalie Portman and won my Academy Award);

Pav - after his 353rd game, after beating the Bulldogs, after doing his lap of honour - walks up to the microphone to say his farewell.

Everyone is choking up (everyone was choking up) and he says "Thank you all for coming out. You don't know how much this club means to me. It really is a family to me and...-"

He trails off. You can hear a pin drop in the cement hole that is Subiaco Oval.

"You know what. I'm not fucking leaving."

A solitary woo from the old toothless guy in block 151.


The crowd erupt and start partying like jungle animals.

Matthew Pavlich Has Some Pretty Incredible Career Ranks At Fremantle. by NitroXYZ in AFL

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More finals won in Geelong than Polly Farmer, Cameron Ling, Ablett Jr and Ablett Sr combined!

Official Discussion: I, Tonya [SPOILERS] by mi-16evil in movies

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Regarding the direction, I found really tasteless Gillespie's attempt to give a comical tone in the NUMEROUS domestic violence scenes of the movie.

I think you can totally come away from the movie saying it gave the wrong message, but I don't think there is an inherent problem in attempting to portray heavy material in darkly comic ways. It's all about the execution. If, as you say, it "romanticizes abuse and underestimates its impact on a woman's life", then yep, big failure.

I found it to be well balanced. Yes, there were times when someone was hit and I laughed, but then it's followed up and all of a sudden I found myself saying "Yo... that's fucked".

The message can be lost if it's a dreary slugfest. Peaks help highlight troughs, and chuckles underscore things that just aren't right.

The players your club can't afford to lose by AussieReport in AFL

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One kicks all your goals and one sells all your merch. You'd be scoreless and broke without them.

Luke Shuey vs Lachie Neale? by azza65 in AFL

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Neale is not that great a kick

I got into a stupid FB slapfight over this. Some guy was adamant Neale was a bad kick. His season disposal efficiency was 77.9%. The year before, when he had the most Home and Away disposals in the entire AFL, it was still 73% (third best in the top 10 possession getters of the year). His handballs make up a larger portion of his disposals than other players, but he still averaged (in 2016) more kicks per game than other players in the top ten, like JPK, Luke Parker, Tom Mitchell and Treloar.

This guys only retort seemed to be "watch the game on the weekend". I mean, when he's kicking the ball more than most other players, in the midfield, in heavy congestion, he's bound to get more ineffective kicks.

Shuey's averages in the same years were 74 and 71. His highlights reel shows some silky ball use, but he's no Shannon Hurn by a long way.

Delayed TV games revealed for SA, WA clubs. by Darththorn in AFL

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In the past a lot of WCE and Freo home games were delayed on TV. It's to try and encourage people to go to the matches. It's kinda-almost-maybe understandable if there are cheap and available seats - but there aren't.

And what the hell do you do if you live in the country? People in Broome can't be jetting down to Perth every fortnight. It's just rude.

Delayed TV games revealed for SA, WA clubs. by Darththorn in AFL

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I know this is really whiny first-world-problems, but I still can't believe the AFL allow this to happen. Fans should be able to see their local team playing all their away matches live, without having to fork out for it.

It's 2017/2018 - if you follow your club on facebook, instagram, twitter, etc., like a good supporter should they're going to be spamming updates as the game goes on.

If you can't afford foxtel and want to watch your team - that's it, phones off, no communication with the outside world. You can say "big deal, small price to pay" but watching the footy is a shared experience. Look at the match day threads on here. No participating in that, no following stats live, no tweeting garbage to Brian Taylor, no messages from that annoying person you went to highschool with who drunkenly texts you 'lol' when he's teams beating yours for the first time in a decade.

I live in a household that can afford foxtel, but am not giving a cent to that cunt Murdoch. I'll going to repeat my same misguided protest from last year; wait for a stream of these games to appear online and turn my Nielsen box off (all 30 000 viewers my household represents) for all AFL games. It's a drop in the ocean, but screw you AFL, and screw you Foxtel (and to a lesser extent, screw you Channel 7).

In a Rolling Stone interview in 1977, George Lucas said he wanted other directors to do their own interpretations of Star Wars, play with the genre, and try to outdo each other - even outdo him. by tealfan in movies

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Made the Room look Oscar worthy in what regard?

Lucas wasn't some goon who wandered onto set and fluked the shoot. Though in the early stages of his career, he had a degree studying cinema and had already made American Graffiti and THX 1138 by 1977. These aren't "student level" films - American Graffiti was nominated for Best Picture for fucks sake.

You can't hand an editor GARBAGE and get magic in return. Yes, he wasn't happy with the original cut and, by all accounts, it was awful. But he saw that and the film was re-cut into something decent.

Even if you have seen this original edit, which you haven't, you are speaking with hyperbole.

If not then I'd suggest you have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

Collingwood premiership captain Tony Shaw says club should have traded Jamie Elliott or Alex Fasolo by Pragmatic_Shill in AFL

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If every article just referred to him as 'Wooden Spoon Winning Coach' then he might stop talking.

Collingwood premiership captain Tony Shaw says club should have traded Jamie Elliott or Alex Fasolo by Pragmatic_Shill in AFL

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He had a fairly decent season, but he's definitely faded from up-and-coming potential super talent with huge trade value, to serviceable Collingwood player that's going to stay at Collingwood until jettisoned. And he hasn't really even done anything wrong, it's just a combination of form, general media hyping and new players that get McAveney hard.

At the end of 2015, he's only 23 years old, 70+ games under his belt, he's kicked over 100 goals and people still remember his mark of the year and his smashing of Carlton.

He's out of the game a year and people forget easily. But now he's 25, been battling injury and hasn't added a lot to his resume.

He would have fetched overs if traded in 2014 and 2015. I'm not really sure why they'd bother trading him now. He's averaging more goals per game than any other season in his career, and he certainly wouldn't be getting the price he would have before his season off.

Scott reveals plan for Ablett in 2018 by AussieReport in AFL

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Sounds like the special at the local tavern.

"Gimme a bottle of that viney"

Can we just take a moment to... by mikedualer in StarWars

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but the first order doesn't?

Who's going to wear it? Super advanced armour and tech exists in reality, but the US army isn't going to fork out for each individual grunt. Storm Troopers are expendable, and money trouble is real galaxy wide. This isn't commie Star Trek.

Can we just take a moment to... by mikedualer in StarWars

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While I know it's established that Plagueis was real and his master, at the time I really liked the idea that he was just making shit up. The smile is all "lol this dude's got super force abilities but I can just make shit up to get him to do what I want. What even the hell is a plague-is... I'm obviously adlibbing names up here".

Can we just take a moment to... by mikedualer in StarWars

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I'm not sure dual sabers makes much sense (I mean, in actual fighting, obviously whatever looks good flies in Star Wars). A smaller dagger sized offhand would be more useful than a full sized weapon - which would just get in the way, really.

Can we just take a moment to... by mikedualer in StarWars

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Kylo: Good thing I brought some friends.

The incorporeal form of middle-aged Obi-Wan fades in next to Kylo Ren with his laser sword fired up

Rey: But Ben-

Kylo & Obi-Wan: Yes?

Rey: Ugh... but Kylo, you were meant to let the past die (and kill it if you have to), not join it!

Kylo: From my point of view you are the past!

Rey: Well that doesn't make any sense... And neither does you being all young, Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan: Don't you know how force ghosts work? You come back as your sexiest form.

I feel like there's an Anchorman news team fight on the cards here. Samuel L. Jackson gets his wish to return.

What are your predictions on your team in 2018? by ozarksaus in AFL

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You win the Qualifying final but ask the AFL special permission to just go to the Semi coz you're bored as fuck?

What are your predictions on your team in 2018? by ozarksaus in AFL

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Even if he was totally cooked;


Scott reveals plan for Ablett in 2018 by AussieReport in AFL

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Petracca vs Ablett

Viney vs Dangerfield

Oliver vs Selwood

I know who Ablett, Dangerfield and Selwood are. Do the other three play AFL too?