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People not getting their children vaccinated. I understand if they are allergic unfortunately most arent.

Through freight conductor here, I have only been doing this for 3 years and in that time I have unfortunately hit two people. One was at 55 miles an hour and basically evaporated the dude. The other we were going about 20 miles an hour and the poor girl had head phones in walking down the rail... I don't like thinking about her.

Live out in the China spring area and we have a blast every year!!


Just started my 3rd character and looking for others doing the same. Gt:I AM DEAGLE X


Are you still looking for a ride?

Hey man kind of a new player only at 400 trophies but really enjoying the game! Would love to join

GT: I AM DEAGLE X . I'm on most nights at 11pm central time

Hey man I am 24 years old father of two boys. I'm pretty good at the game and have a mic. I don't rage quit and really enjoy the game . GT: I AM DEAGLE X, I am on most nights at 11pm central time.


There was a stray running around the neighborhood and no one would take her in. She is a fairly big dog, I have two dogs and two small children. Waco pd was no help, and animal control is unavailable till tomorrow. Could some one watch her for the night?


So just to be clear you started to download something else and that fixed it?

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Yup. Batman was downloading insane slow. So while that was downloading I went to my Ready to install list and clicked on Idarb and choose to install it. It automatically paused the Batman download. I noticed that Idarb was downloading very fast. I then resume Batman again and the speed was fine again. I then canned the Idarb download.

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Gotcha OK thanks for the clarification I'll try it later today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey man couldn't find your GT. If You wanna squad up mine is I AM DEAGLE X

So here is my two cents. Moved into a dr Horton home in China springs in may. All in all the house is built fairly well and the property managers have been nice and helpful. However some neighbors have had some issues with them dragging their feet on repairs. Even the little stuff like paint touch up and simple fence repairs.

What system?


need 1 titan with bubble preferably with tom I AM DEAGLE X

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