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-2 points · 2 hours ago
_.filter(["blue", "orange", "red", "green"], (color) => color.length > 4) // => ["orange", "green"]

That's actually surprisingly readable.

In ruby the following may be equivalent:

%w( blue orange red green ).select {|e| e.size > 4 } # => ["orange", "green"

(I only use the %w() above because I was too lazy to use "" around the elements but obviously "blue", "orange", "red" etc... works as well.)

What surprised me was the =>. The => there is actually not that bad.

Ruby still beats the above; and .filter is available in the next release too, but the net-difference is really not that big. Surprisingly, at the least to me.

It's still pretty weird to see:


Does that make sense, to operate both on _ but also to operate on it AGAIN in the middle of a method chain?

I guess it's better than python's requirement for explicit self, but still, it feels ... redundant. Weird.

As for the Go variant, sorry, but it looks like utter shit. It even makes JavaScript look better (!) and that is a sure sign that the Go creators misdesigned the language they claim will replace C and Java.

b := _int.Uniq([]int{1, 2, 1})

Nope, sorry, awful. It's also sad that python adopted the := which is such a bad operator that it caused guido to retire. Isn't that weird too?

The Io language has it as well, distinguishing between set slot and update slot. Awful. Terrible. I am not sure what people are thinking here.

= is a great operator. Don't put other tokens next too it. Let it stand supreme on its own.

a = 42

Nothing more, nothing less.

Granted, two = for comparison ... though it's not ideal since every now and then even great hackers use = when they meant ==.

_string.Chain([]string{"blue", "orange", "blue", "red", "green"})
       .Filter(func (s string, index int) bool {
           return len(s) > 4
  // => []string{"orange", "green"}

This ugly shit should be more than enough reason to never use it. It is like twice as verbose as the JavaScript variant!

Doesn't this tell people anything? When even JavaScript is better than Go at this?

switch slice.(type) {
case []string:
    return _string.Uniq(slice.([]string))

Wow. How awful. And what's with the [] in the middle of "case string" ...

Google simply is not a company that can design elegant programming languages.

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-1 points · 2 hours ago · edited 53 minutes ago

Read his other article where he explains why he uses it. Because the cost of failure is too high when working with blockchains.

EDIT: not sure why I've been downvoted. Just providing you with more information on why this programmer uses Go. Please know what the downvote button is for...

Well this was pointless. Nothing of substance.

And they didn't answer either of my business questions. I had asked if Waltonchain would have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and how, and I also asked if Waltonchain would be permissionless, or if we had to ask Waltonchain before being able to use their platform.

Hopefully my 4 other non-business questions get answered in the future releases.

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$116 thousand dollars? I imagine the competition is going to be pretty high. I doubt I'll get selected as one of the 25, but it's worth a shot.

Linked in the official telegram group. Normally they are good about it but this one slipped through.

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Could we please just have this reinstated. We've been removing posts as they show up in telegram but we couldn't catch all of them. The "brigading" didn't have much effect, as there are only about 100 upvotes for what is Kin's biggest news to date. It's been hours since whatever slipped through and we've only had an additional 30 upvotes in that time.

We actively tell people not to brigade and get telegram posts removed all the time.

Just downloaded the app. Super fluid UI/UX; looking forward to what else this team can deliver down the line

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Nice username. They have a sport question you'll like. :)

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I really don’t quite understand this coin and what it is seeking to do.

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Our friend Dillon made a nice comment:

First time looking into Kin?

Kin is the digital currency that will align the incentives of developers and their users for the first time. It will be the most used cryptocurrency by the end of 2018 (and the first to be widely adopted by ordinary, mainstream consumers). How do we know?

It's developed primarily by the makers of the Kik chat app. Kik has 15 million active users, and by the end of the year, all of them will have a built-in wallet and ways to earn and spend Kin. They're also partnered with IMVU, a virtual world/game with an additional 4 million active users, who will be using Kin pretty soon.

Kin's unique, defining feature that sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies is the KRE - the Kin Rewards Engine, a decentralized incentive protocol. It leverages 60% of the total supply to reward developers every day based on how much value their users bring to the economy as a whole. This is a fundamentally new way for app developers to monetize without necessarily running ads or selling products - just promoting user-to-user transactions. Instead of rewarding mining or staking, Kin rewards meaningful network activity.

They forked the Stellar blockchain to create their own Kin Blockchain, enabling true consumer scale for crypto in mainstream apps. The Kin tokens on the Stellar fork will share the total supply and be 1:1 atomic swappable with Kin tokens on the Ethereum network, which offers the option for better decentralization and liquidity.

Kin is providing SDKs for Android and iOS that can bring a Kin wallet and marketplace into your app in 5 minutes. They're also partnered with Unity to bring an SDK for easy mobile game integration. And they're running a $3 million developer incentives program for up to 25 developers that integrate Kin into their app.



Telegram: @kinfoundation

How would the user benefit from this?

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3 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Good question. The incentives of the developers and the users are finally aligned now. Before, developers would have to show ads to their users. They grab their attention with a sticky page, and keep their users there to show them ads.

This is a terrible experience. Nobody likes ads. And the developers aren't incentivized to make a great quality app, because that doesn't make them money. They're incentivized to show ads.

So with Kin, developers are going to make more inspiring ways for users to earn and spend kin. They create an app with great experiences, allow content creators to get paid for their work, and create an ecosystem of quality apps that serve the users. They are incentivized to create user to user interactions.

As an even simpler example (and this is really simple), you could offer a discount to users to buy gems in their game with kin instead of usd. User benefits because they save money on their in game gems, and the developer increases transaction volume and earns more from the KRE. So in this example, savings are passed onto the user.

Oh, also you have spend opportunities, like being able to spend your kin on gift cards in the app.

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15 points · 3 days ago

Take a deep breath doc - it's going to be ok!

First, Yoel already made a comment that the beta will be Android first. iOS is in the works.

iOS development always takes longer, and there are additional policy complexities.

If you are on iOS you can probably use an Android emulator like Bluestacks.

Also, the next update we get on the Kinit app will likely be the announcement that it is live on the Google Play store. There is nothing left to announce beyond that.

They said "The Week of the 16th" and not "The 16th" this suggests there are a few last things to iron out and it probably won't be today, but later/mid-week.

I'd expect Wednesday since the dev team is in Israel and the weekend there is Friday/Saturday. You never release the day before a weekend as you want to have at least one day of monitoring to catch any hiccups/glitches.

I know its hard to wait, but, we're days away. I wouldn't expect any more info, just keep checking back for the launch!

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5 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Yeah he wasn't too concerned with the android release. He really just wanted clarification on the iOS release.

Benji explained that he does not know if there is another plan with regard to how the iOS version will roll out, considering that the App Store doesn't approve Beta apps. So it's just a wait and see.

As it stands, nobody should be expecting an iOS release until Public Beta is complete, which unfortunately could be a few months. Nobody really knows.

iOS development always takes longer.

Actually Android development typically takes 2-3 times as long as iOS development.

and there are additional policy complexities.

This is the trouble. They're still in conversations with Apple. And Kinit is a Beta app, so Apple won't publish it until it's finished.

2-3 times as long

That site is kind of light on the details.

While I agree that fragmentation within the Android ecosystem (both in terms of OS version and device) is a real issue, there are plenty of standard frameworks for dealing with that these days.

I think it depends on the type of app you are going after, if you want something really simple then yeah iOS development will win in terms of time to local deployment because it's got some great interfacing tools and the high-level nature of Swift makes it pretty flexible.

But, if we want something more polished then there is an advantage in the granular control and more low level API access on Android.

Finally, you can publish on the Google Play store instantly, where as Apple has a long review cycle.

I can certainly see your point though, that for most simple apps fragmentation will by far be your biggest enemy!

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Since kinit got released on android and is not listed as beta, i am now expecting an iOS release in the coming weeks.

1 point · 3 days ago

Remindme! 3 months

"Is Kin the most used crypto?"

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Lol damn, give me more leeway than that. I said a few months, not 3. I can't guarantee 3, but I will stand by the end of the year. 100%. Anywhere from mid October to the end of December, Kin will be the most used cryptocurrency in the world.

2 points · 3 days ago


Remindme! 5 months

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I look forward to speaking to you in December. xD

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It will unlock... A tsunami... of demand.

4 points · 3 days ago

Shill me kin. I don't know kik and all I know about kin is that they are using a fork of xlm. No idea what they are about.

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3 points · 3 days ago

I'd be interested in knowing why if anyone cares to share

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Speed edition:

Fundamentally new way to monetize. Ecosystem token for developers and users. The more user to user interaction, the more the developer makes from the daily payout from the KRE (Kin Rewards Engine). Maximize transaction volume any way possible, and you maximize how much you earn. So the incentives of developers and users are aligned because developer make a great app for users without ads, and they get paid for creating inspiring ways for users to earn and spend kin in an ecosystem of apps.

Now, for the first time, developers of apps can work together to compete against the monopolies (Facebook and Google).

Kin is live in Kik right now, and when they are fully scaled to their whole user base (15 million active users), they will be the most used cryptocurrency in the world by mainstream consumers. They also are launching Kinit next week, which is a sort of hub for Kin. In October they will have 25 (yes really) apps all using Kin. Then when the KRE is complete (perhaps by end of the year, maybe q1 next year, don't really know), the sky is the limit.

I left out a shit load of nuance here to make this quick. Ask me anything else you'd like to know.

Someday buddy you'll have to switch accounts to u/TheFuckwizzard69

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Wizard only has 1 z.

Eh. Bitcoin goin up would be nice. But really it needs token usage. Right now it's not used for it's intended purpose. It's just there for speculation. Needs token swap and active child chains. Then price will raise based on fundamentals of supply and demand.

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Hey this guy gets it.

I always have huge concerns with the security of using RFID in any application, especially supply chain. If they were worried in any sense about the security of their products they would use something like NFC.

RFID is used because it's cheap, not because it's good. You are combining an immutable blockchain with a mutable physical device that is at best insecure. That is a trustless system and defies the point of using blockchain in the first place.

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Not that I really care, but first off, NFC is RFID. It is a subset, and yes, they use both types.

Secondly, their RFID chips use an asymmetric encryption algorithm, so they are secure. They're also tamper proof. Anyway, dyor.

TLM isn't blind. He has seen as other have and left.

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I'm still here.

Hi. Do you just download KiK app and do these surveys? How to go about it

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When it's released next week.

The stellar-fork is only in apps. The ERC20 Kin is for exchanges because of decentralization and liquidity.

Original Poster-4 points · 5 days ago

So, this could be a possibility. Nice.

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I think you misunderstood me.

A Kin Coinbase listing is definitely a possibility, but it has nothing to do with being a fork of stellar (especially since the stellar fork isn't for exchanges). It's a possibility because it's a utility token that will have millions of users, and Kin has the Fred Wilson connection, who is on the board of directors for Kik and Coinbase.

10 points · 6 days ago

Is there a fee for sending Kin to other people?

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No. Transactions on the Kin blockchain are fee-less.

I was pointing out that Kik is known as a problem app and the demographics of Kik aren't of a group I would consider technological innovators.

But I'll wait and see. I'm just tired of hearing about partnerships and these projects so early in advance. I have no evidence to back me up, but Crypto seems to be the one space that's full of more "news about future news" than actually progress.

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Kin is launched in Kik... And next week they launch Kinit. It's not just news about future news. They are delivering. Literally right now.

And Kik doesn't have to be an app of technological innovators. It's big enough to show that Kin works. Kin is an ecosystem token, not a Kik token.

And next week they launch Kinit

Why would they name it after a Kerberos tool?

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Lmao. I don't know. The community voted on "Kinetic," which I find rather suitable. But it is what it is.

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Also, I refuse to make memes until someone unbans me from telegram.

Why were you banned from TG?

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Somebody gave a ridiculous list of "10 facts" about Walton, describing things that nobody else has. I think 5 or 6 of them were straight up lies. I corrected his list, giving examples for each, explaining why they weren't true. Others joined in the conversation and will attest to the civil conversation we were having. Then suddenly the admin deleted every message I wrote, removed my admin status, and banned me without warning or explanation.

I then got DMs from several different people saying that banning me was uncalled for.

Walton admins are nazis who don't like anything "negative" said about their project. Mind you, I had been answering questions and helping people for a few weeks prior to this event. They'd rather straight up lies be propagated than for me to criticize anything. It's totally ridiculous.

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Might be Marc Zuckerberg, would that not be a twist? No one had seen that one coming.

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It is 100% not zuck lol

Original Poster9 points · 9 days ago

Yup - best way i've heard it put is: In the old internet era, the competition was first based on through-put. (Make the internet fast enough)

After that, the competition turned around from facing the protocols, to facing the humans.

Right now, no one cares what TCP/IP, SSL, etc are. However, everyone knows who Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are.

Top 10 coins right now are mostly blockchains, but the forward thinkers are looking for social networks that will disrupt crypto. Soon, the top 10 coins will not be mostly blockchains - but probably social tokens.

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I await the day that this light bulb goes on in the heads of all these crypto investors.

27 points · 10 days ago

What's the expected date when we have the first retailer using RFID chips to optimize supply chain logistics? That's the one date I care about.

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Blockchain + IoT RFID chips won't be in mass production until Q1 2019, so I can't imagine any sooner than that. My guess would be mid to late 2019 to account for any unexpected hold ups along the way. WTC is a long term investment. It will take a long time to bear fruit.

I don't believe this question is important because the price of Kin in the economy is not a function of a number displayed for "circulating supply".

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I agree. This question wastes time for better questions.

No KRE. The developers still monetize with advertising. The incentives of the developers are still misaligned with their users.

No competition.

Comment deleted11 days ago

No one ever said he was born a hero. You're twisting words. Nobody meant that he was a hero since age 2. Just that dying to save these kids wasn't his only heroic moment. Just because someone isn't perfectly articulate doesn't mean you can't parse the meaning from their words. Or maybe it does, since you and the other guy are splitting so many hairs and making a big deal out of it.

Seriously. Dude was just trying to say that he wasn't only a hero in this moment. That he was a hero throughout his life, and just wanted to honor him. And you're picking at what he said. The spirit of what he wanted to say was evident for anyone with reading comprehension. Not everyone is as articulate as you. Give him a break and stop being such an asshole. You'll be happier.

Comment deleted11 days ago

He didn't die a hero

He did die a hero. But I knew what he meant.

He was always a hero

Again. Obviously not always a hero. But I knew what he meant.

He wasn't splitting hairs. He wasn't correcting anybody. He was just saying something nice. He was moved by his story and compelled to say something nice. I don't see a problem with this, and your inability to look past his imperfect wording is bizarre, but I've learned not to be surprised by people like you.

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ICO's absolutely perform better in a bull market, because the market has more buyers, personally I don't like to invest in ICO's though because most of them are actually really are just money grabs that won't really get listed on exchanges and develop really anything. I think in general it would be more profitable to invest in the platform of the token, like Ethereum or Skycoin.

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The data disagrees with you.


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