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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/waltonchain
holderORfolder 1 point

No sources / links. Just random people saying random things.

If you mean "3 months" well...we'll see as we're getting pretty close to 3 months.

I'd love to buy and get in on that 40%+ Bithumb pump.

thelatemercutio 2 points

We are in an agreement with Bithumb, but due to the recent Korean ban, all new coins can't be listed on Korean exchanges within 3 months. We are waiting for the news from Government.

Took me literally under a minute. Then again, I did write the All-in-One Thread.

holderORfolder 1 point

About time someone helped another user out.

With the recent additions of TRON, MITH, ICX, ELF, VEN, MCO that might mean WTC isn't far behind.

Holding and waiting for that 100% Bithumb pump so someone can buy my sell order and I can get out with massive profit.

thelatemercutio 2 points


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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
behdude-xander 17 points

A lot of us missed the BTC and ETH trains, don't miss on this one!

Kin may have not the best blockchain tech, but they have the clear vision and like it or not, they would be the first consumer ready blockchain project with millions of transactions outside exchanges.

thelatemercutio 8 points

Odd comment. Kin is an application on the blockchain! Eth and Stellar have the blockchain tech to support Kin's mass-consumer application. So I wouldn't say that Kin "doesn't have the best blockchain tech."

What Kin has that nobody else has is the KRE (Kin Rewards Engine), an incentive protocol that aligns developers with their users and creates a digital sharing economy in an ecosystem of apps where everyone has the equal opportunity to get paid for their contributions.

Kin also is developing 5 minute SDKs for swift integration of Kin within any app, so developers can begin monetizing their apps immediately.

behdude-xander 4 points

I'm completely with you with what you said here, still believe both ETH and Stellar blockchain have a long road.

thelatemercutio 7 points

Absolutely. In the end, neither ETH nor Stellar will be used, in my opinion. It will probably be Orbs.

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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
SlinkiesAreSpies 1 point

How much BTC do you have?

My wife got 0.01 BTC in 2011.

thelatemercutio 1 point

I lost a significant portion in mt.gox that would've been worth quite a bit today because I fucked up. A disgusting amount of regret. But I try to move past that and I'm doing well. I still have the few that I mined. Of course I've bought a lot more since then as I've gotten better jobs to allow that. I'm just about ready to retire but waiting for the next bull market.

SlinkiesAreSpies 1 point

Ah, you will be fine despite your interest in altcoins. Wish you will dude

thelatemercutio 1 point

By the way, I have no plan to invest in algorand. I just used it as an example.

The alts I hold are wtc and kin. I think you'd be really interested in kin.

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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
yoteech 4 points

But they are working with a subsidiary? Can someone explain then the difference here, since the last thread was deleted by mods for too many inaccuracies in the title (i.e. Claiming it was a Walton partnership instead of Walton subsidiary). Obviously there must be quite a difference if it was worth deleting a thread over.

Also, not to get into semantics too much, but it's a membership IN not a partnership WITH, correct? I thought they were one of hundreds of members. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

thelatemercutio 28 points

Yeah, so "Waltonchain" is a conglomerate of companies. There really is no one single company that you can point to and say "that's Waltonchain." Even their blockchain is built by a "subsidiary" company. And their RFIDs are developed by another subsidiary. Their smart cities company is another. The list goes on.

All of these companies are a part of The Waltonchain Foundation, which is the umbrella. This has certain legal advantages in China, considering the climate surrounding blockchain technology. They are able to announce partners with govts and large corporations without mentioning blockchain.

idunnopotato 0 points

Rewards for a MN depends on your mining farm. You'll need multiple ASIC's and a cool place to run them. Then continue to add or replace with better ones so you don't get overtaken by more powerful and bigger farms which reduces your mining income to hardly anything and then you're mining at a loss.

thelatemercutio 4 points

PoST system hasn't been revealed yet.

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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
CommonMisspellingBot 5 points

Hey, ooltje, just a quick heads-up:
alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'.
Have a nice day!

The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

thelatemercutio 2 points

good bot

neptunian 1 point

Not a partnership. Their subsidary is a member

It says they're one of 300 members of an Alliance and are the lowest of the 3 possible tiers of members. The tiers are 1. Directors (Qualcomm for example) 2. Managing (TCL's subsidiary for example) and 3. Members.

Nothing special at all.

thelatemercutio 4 points

Waltonchain is a group of subsidiaries. There is no "Waltonchain" company in the way you think. Even their blockchain company is a subsidiary. Their RFID company is a subsidiary. Their smart cities company is a subsidiary. Waltonchain is a conglomerate of many "subsidiaries" all under the waltonchain foundation. So when one of the subsidiaries partners with someone, that's waltonchain.

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teteret 2 points

Just a follow up. I’ve sent an email to and I can confirm that they will recognise the last sent address

thelatemercutio 1 point

This is good info. Thank you.

teteret 1 point

Quick question. Can I link my GMN to more than 1 mining address? I mistakenly sent the transaction to my own MEW address holding the GMN.

thelatemercutio 1 point

I don't think so. I would send an email to to explain what happened (in simple terms), and maybe they'll help you.

thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Haramburglar 1 point

Ah shit, thanks. there's nothing I can do, if I ban even all his accounts, he can make more. Admins can IP ban him if as many of us as possible report his usernames though

thelatemercutio 2 points
Haramburglar 1 point

who's Jamaldo? I really don't pay attention to names, but someone else mentioned that name earlier today. Is that his third account?

thelatemercutio 2 points

Baha. No Jamaldo is a good dude. But I mentioned him because he has called out Stockton/laowai many times. Laowai has many more accounts, tho. Devvie, Liam, and others.

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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/waltonchain
chubs66 -8 points

I respectfully disagree. There will be continued sell pressure for weeks in the wake of GMN holders receiving their giant piles of free WTC. I like the idea of incentivising people who have held a lot of WTC for a long time, but dumping all at the same time like this was bound to create sell pressure.

In my opinion, any MN holder should be given payouts after consecutavely holding 1,000k WTC for a year (which would incent long term holding benefits for MNs) and those payouts should be dropped monthly, rather than all at once (both to further incent holding and to not create the kind of WTC dump/sell off that we're getting now).

thelatemercutio 12 points

What dump/sell off? Things are pretty calm.

bitcoinhodler89 6 points
  1. People get the coins rewarded to them for the blocks they mined as WTCT
  2. Guess: Regular bonuses paid out as part of mining as the token swap will presumably taken place by then
thelatemercutio 3 points

Sounds about right.

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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
grumpyfrench 4 points

from what I know, other IOT like the china ones, are based on blockchain or blockchain and RFID , i'm not convinced this can have the necessary trhoughput. From hat I understand IOTA Theorically scales when you have network activity due to Tangle / DAG tech

thelatemercutio 1 point

Walton has sub chains that solve the throughput problem, as there can be infinite sub chains.

thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/KinFoundation
SillyPhucker -1 points

I just went to CMC. Go to View All to see all coins. Sort by the Supply column.

KIN has the 2nd highest supply, only trailing Sprouts. Now scroll down that same list sorted by highest supply, and follow the price column. The first coin that even breaks $0.01 value is TRON, and TRON only has a circulating supply of 253 million.

So TRON is the highest circulating supply coin to break the $0.01 per coin value. KIN @ 756 billion circulating, and TRON @ 253 million, KIN has 3,000 times more coins in circulation. And that circulating number will soon be in the trillions. Just put that into perspective for a second, if you really believe KIN could hit a penny per coin.

Oh and MIOTA doesn't have quadrillions of coins according to CMC.

thelatemercutio 3 points

IOTA does have quadrillions. Look again. MIOTA is millions of IOTA.

So everything you've just said means nothing. Also, there aren't many coins with over a trillion circulating supply, so naturally fewer of those coins will be high on the market cap list just due to probability alone.

Also, I never said anything about what price kin will get to.

SillyPhucker -1 points

Right over your head! Lol. I was showing how difficult it is, for a coin with a high circulating supply, to even break $0.01 value. And KIN has 3,000 times as many coins circulating, as the example I used. And KIN will soon have over 12,000 times as many coins circulating, once the KRE kicks in.

But it's okay, don't worry about the price, because it will never even break $0.01 per KIN.

thelatemercutio 3 points

And I was explaining how price doesn't matter at all. All that matters is the percent increase of your investment. Arbitrary supply and price are totally irrelevant. Lol you talk about how kin will never even break 0.01, yet that would be a massive increase. It will eventually surpass a cent in the long run, but the market cap would be over 7 billion at current supply. It doesn't need to be the arbitrary value of 1 cent. I'm not sure why you don't get that.

It doesn't matter whether there are 1000 coins or a quintillion. It's literally exactly the same.

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thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Zelzaan 83 points

Supply chain is about solving pretty standard problems (though unique for every company) that those corporations had for many decades now. They know how to address them and can hire people to solve them internally.

With over 500 in house IT-developers and the budget of a world leading corporation, I don't see them trusting an outside start-up with the Ins&Outs of their supply chain.

Apart from that, the article itself is mentioning that the blockchain department of Samsung SDS themselves is developing the system. The speculation about wether Ven or WTC in this thread doesn't make much sense.

thelatemercutio 22 points

Incredible that you are getting downvoted for a well-thought out response. People don't know what the downvote button is for.

thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/KinFoundation
poenannie -12 points

Stop your childish dreams. What a joke 10 trillion

thelatemercutio 7 points

To pay with Bitcoin for anything, it could cost something like 0.00156 Bitcoin. What a joke.

High supply allows for whole number spending of the currency. It just makes sense.

thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/KinFoundation
pangtsr 15 points

Insights from the event:

1) Ted is actually a super likable guy. He is very straightforward, speaking to us like we’ve known each other for a long time, and trusting us with his sincere emotions, expectations and concerns regarding Kin. Thanks man.

2) The people behind the scenes have a vision, and are characterised by a specific ethos, giving the group unity (pun intended), and creating a solid team. If they can’t make it happen, i am not sure who will.

3) From a technical perspective? People, we are in good hands. That’s all you need to know...

4) Getting to meet fellow crypto/kin enthusiasts, and seeing that they are real people with interesting careers, academic background and/or talents, was the best part. Everybody had something important to say, and I think that in all honesty the team got from us as much as we got from them.

5) Finding out that most views of the ambassadors where aligned means that we are on all the same page. We are here to help the initiative as much as our resources allow us.

6) Kin is going places. I don’t know when. But it is. If it achieves even 10% of what the team is shooting for, it will still be the widest used crypto, by far. HODL people.

7) The partnerships domain has opened up so much, that anything is possible. By that I mean that, seeing the KRE vision described as a incentivisation protocol backed by token as a service as the enabling technology, can have literary infinite applications. I’m telling you that anything can happen with Kin. We are all so stoked...

All in all, a great experience, and more than we could have ever hoped for. Thank you team Kin

thelatemercutio 4 points

Miss you already Panos. Haven't had this level of fun and good conversation in a long time.

thelatemercutio commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Stryker7200 8 points

Walton has a partnership with alicloud (alibaba subsidiary) to build a smart city.

thelatemercutio 8 points

Smart cities*

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