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curioustone 20 points

When my missus landed here originally a decade or so ago the geebag in passport control asked her if she was here for the money.. Other than that neither she or any other family have encountered a single instance of racism or any of that shite. They're all doing just fine for education, work and general living

thelordoftheweird [score hidden]

there's loads of hatred towards the poles here in the uk, I've never understood it tbh they're no bother

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thelordoftheweird [score hidden]

the Muslim birth rate in Europe is 2.1

European birth rates have declined

source: Pew Research

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strangebru 96 points

Hates Radical Muslims after 9/11, loves Saudi Arabia money (even though that's the country most of the 9/11 terrorists came from).

thelordoftheweird 1 point

hates radical Muslims

they fight the wests proxy wars, they serve a foreign policy purpose so why would the usa hate them?

most of the senior jihadi leadership were given safe harbour and political asylum in the UK in the 80s/90s by the conservative party governments of Thatcher and Major and they have continued to use jihadi militias in the wars in Libya and Syria. The friendly rebels were salafi-jihadis.

by the west I also include partners such as Qatar, Saudi, Pakistan, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Egypt and so on.

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PM_ME_CAT_TOES 14 points

Is there a city this isn't happening in? Sickening. There needs to be a much more robust support network for young people who are facing this kind of abuse, because far too many are slipping through the cracks and these cunts are getting away with it for too long.

thelordoftheweird 5 points

was happening, it's only now they are being followed up and prosecuted so how much of this was about opportunism and the fact they could get away with it? if that is the case then well publicized multi decade sentences should hopefully prevent this shit happening just as multi decade sentences being dished out for acid attacks seems to have calmed that phenomenon down.

[deleted] 11 points


thelordoftheweird 4 points


Even a former prime minister

when have you ever seen a headline saying white grooming gang or christian grooming gang

they are in fact all British grooming gangs

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DirectingWar 565 points

As an outsider observer from a former colony...Brexit is beyond baffling.

It's a like watching mom discover meth...i assume.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

its about this

its about transferring sphere of influence from the EU to the US

The heritage foundation are the think tank behind Trump, they are a cornerstone of Republican politics

if you've followed american foreign policy debates over the last few years you can't help but notice the focus on fixing the world order which has been deemed no longer fit for purpose titles like Kissinger's World Order and Richard Haas's - A world in disarray conferences such as CENSA's A world without order conference. Fixing the world order has been a big focus, and there is a belief among many that twentieth century institutions such as NATO and the EU are no longer fit for purpose.

richard haas - a world in disarray

If you look at who the US is supporting across Europe right now it is nationalist politicians and nationalist movements from the UK to Italy to France so in my opinion they are trying to break the EU from within.

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rlangmang 381 points

As an American, Bristol is a city that tends to fly under the radar as far as news and that sort of thing, but the musical output of this town is unreal.

Trip-hop and large portions of drum n bass owe their entire existence to Bristol. What is it about the city that makes it so fertile for this type of creativity and output?

thelordoftheweird 1 point

Bristol has a big West Indian community

And their in-house DJ was a white guy called DJ Derek who played reggae

In the mix

trigger888 0 points

C'mon, you are apparently not a woman or a gay guy living in a Muslim neighbourhood. This is not about "datasets" or "evidence". This is real life.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

The simple fact is you are more likely to suffer a homophobic hate crime in London where people go out drinking than anywhere near where Muslims live. That's a fact.

trigger888 1 point

I wouldn't know. I don't think that's right, although it could be. Are the gay bars of London in Muslim areas? I think the Muslims in Britain could be culturally different from the ones in Europe, but it would really surprise me if they were.

A few months ago I was walking down the street late night. Two Muslim kids were riding their scooter on the sidewalk coming towards me. They laughed and squirted an unknown liquid on me from a water pistol. I was totally freaked out.

There is a halal fast food place on the corner of my street. Every Friday and Saturday the streets are littered with the garbage of their customers who return to their cars parked on my street. They just dump their garbage on the street. A few times there are actually dirty diapers on the street. I've seen a car filled with four people (parents and two children) dump all their fast food garbage on the street right in front of my house. When I called them on it, the father immediately apologized and cleaned it up. The people who live here have to go out in the morning to clean the streets after the Muslims have finished wrecking the place. I'll post pictures if you don't believe me.

One Wednesday afternoon, a woman on my street parked her car, got out and laid a prayer mat down, and started praying on the street! There is a mosque literally around the corner, just 200 metres away! It would have taken her two minutes to walk there.

So I "believe" that Muslims are intimidating people on the streets and acting anti-socially. I see this with my own eyes. Are you going to tell me that these "beliefs" are false?

I can tell you that gay men all over Western Europe are afraid of Muslim youths on the street. Women are too, I bet. So I don't think "beliefs" about Muslims are false at all (whatever "beliefs" is supposed to mean). When I hear of problems in Germany or France or Italy or Spain, I just think, yup, they're like that here too.

I like Muslims. I have absolutely no problem with them. But it is not helping anyone to pretend that, as a group, they are not causing social problems all over Europe. They are. As a community, they need to get their shit together, manage their youths and integrate. Or if they don't want to integrate, they should learn how to live in Europe without creating all this friction.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

My gay friend tells me he was jacking off two guys in Hampstead Heath once, he asked them where they were from one said "Oman" and the other said "Yemen". There are a lot of gay Arabs at least in London, go to gay clubs in Cologne and there are plenty of Turks.

Look Muslims obviously know there are gay people in our societies and they are obliged to accept it, they are actually taught to hate the sin and not the sinner so while they reject gay sex they aren't supposed to hate you. Does it happen, yes of course it does because they come from conservative cultures that are openly outwardly negative towards homosexuals and they are expected to reject it but dive a little into their cultural history and they have a long and very complex history with homosexuality, the Lebanese and Moroccans seem to have the most European of attitudes, Turkey decriminalised homosexuality in 1858 of course none of this helps you deal with little wankers that want to threaten or scare you but honestly I think you should see that for what it is, bravado and ego and ignore it. They aren't going to lay a finger on you, it's just kids being gobby.

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sektabox -1 points

Fully face cover isn't even mentioned in Koran so it has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with ancient l, pre-islamic tradition of marking a woman as sold and under an ownership.

thelordoftheweird 2 points

Yes it does

It really does

And it may not be your interpretation but it is there's because they emulate the salaf who were known to have worn face veils.

If you are going to quote methodological islamic practice at least have a clue

Ale_Hodjason 1 point

Here are excerpts from Quran: "O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them (when they go abroad). That will be better, so that they may be recognised and not annoyed."

"And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what must ordinarily appear therof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except to their husbands,...or small children who have no sense of the shame of sex, and that they should not strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden ornaments. "

thelordoftheweird 2 points

Who do the salafis intend to emulate in practice and attitudes and why?

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kurt_his_shotgun 1 point

How nice of you to point out one of those exceptions! Those were actually supporters of my team so I know a lot about this incident. We (the Netherlands) paid for the damages and sincerely apologized. It's also completely not an action that is in line with the actions of regular Dutch tourists. Both of those thing can not be said about the Brits in Amsterdam last week. Besides, if you call the Netherlands a narco-state then you're so genuinly stupid that I'm really unsure what to do with you. Should I like sent help for you or find just tell you it's gonna be alright?

thelordoftheweird 1 point
kurt_his_shotgun 2 points

“However, the justice minister stresses that the Dutch police, together with the public prosecutor, are achieving effective results in the prosecution of drugs-related crime. Therefore the term ‘narco-state’ is not a qualification I would use.”

Read more than just the title.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

The paper from the Dutch police union, based on interviews with 400 detectives, adds: “The Netherlands fulfils many characteristics of a narco-state. Detectives see a parallel economy emerge.”

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joethepro36 0 points

We can discuss abrogation and Muhammad saying this or saying that, the historical alternative copies of the Quran being destroyed etc. etc. but it doesn't matter, people will claim religion supports pretty much any view they have. Look to justifications for war, for jihad alongside appeals of peace and civility to foreigners.

Just be glad of the min term of 34 years, it's the best we can get without the hangman's noose.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

usually abrogation is related to hadiths abrogating the quran very few ayats are abrogated by other ayats

also remember the koran isn't written in chronological order of revelation

iseetheway 7 points

To tell an ISIS supporter to go and read the Koran presupposes surely that the ISIS views are a completely false reading of the Koran. Some do say they are... but equally there are powerful voices on the other side. Would a judge say to, for example, a Christian fundamentalist accused of bigotry for refusing homosexuals their legal rights.. to go read the Bible when that is exactly what has caused the issue in the first place? So its just maybe the " wrong" bits of the Bible or Koran that have to be corrected with the " right" bits ....and who exactly is going to be the judge of that?

thelordoftheweird 3 points

militant islamist groups are primarily ideologically driven by politics

the link between religiosity and jihadism has been disproved time and time again

the kind of person that joins these groups has typically lived a criminal life and isn't educated in islam

paths to radicalisation are unique but its typically socially alienated, societally disenfranchised people who feel mainstream politics isn't serving them and look outside the mainstream political spectrum for political solutions religious beliefs play a far lesser role than many imagine

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thelordoftheweird 1 point

arr brev bois

502cunt 165 points

I live near Amsterdam so I'm there quite a bit and it's only ever groups of English I have seen that act like this. I've seen German tourists getting a bit rowdy but it's always been completely non-threatening in comparison to behavior like this.

thelordoftheweird 5 points

You've never seen Ajax and Feyenoord have it off, nail bombs, burning down clubhouses with people inside they are seriously, dangerously idiotic. England supporters are just pricks

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the_con 723 points

The Dutch are the nicest people and Amsterdam is such a fun city. The fact this is their entertainment depresses me.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

Yes really soccerologists say that Ajax Feyenoord is the friendliest friendly of all the friendly friendlies. No way have they used nailbombs to attack each other and burnt down each others supporters clubs numerous times while also trying to set humans on fire as well as murdering each other,

In contrast the England supporters are just a bunch of delinquent drunken pricks who deserve a good kicking from the police.

This is my favourite video of England supporters from yesterday

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HippyHunter7 1,667 points

I believe there's something in British law that requires such a long delay before the warrant is granted. Obviously CA is abusing that.

Edit: not 100% sure on this though. Would love clarification.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

Well we don't know what are in those boxes, the title implies that the boxes may be related to the warrant when it could be documents being shifted to storage, someone is moving office or any other reason.

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thelordoftheweird 0 points

Biased mediawank that presents only the loons in the Arab world and ignores the contained, progressive, moderate commentators in the Arab world.

Literally propaganda.

particlegun 1 point

Those two videos represented british muslims and their views. Considering all the grooming scandals, you have to admit that there are issues going on with muslims and their views of the kafir.

There are plenty of other videos of muslims condemning themselves with their own words (I'm deliberately using english speaking ones so there can be no accusations of bias or mistranslation).

I'm agnostic and dislike religions, but shit like islam are the worst of the lot. Go tell them in /r/exmuslim that they are wrong.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

The undercover mosque videos you posted are 11 years old and aren't representative of British Muslims

Yes we did have jihadis in our country quite a lot of them, they took over the mosques and streets, while the UK conservative party was in office between 1979 and 1997 it gave political asylum to the crème de la crème of international jihadi terrorism

Abu Qatada (al-qaeda/gia/sgpc)

Bin Laden's Ambassador in London

Hani Al-Sibai (EIJ/Al-Qaeda)

One of the four leading scholars of Al-Qaeda, said to have influenced the Tunisia attack a few years ago

Abu Anas Al Libi(LIFG/Al-Qaeda)

The planner behind the US Embassy bombings

linked to the Manchester arena attacker

Abu Musab Al Suri(GIA,Al Qaeda)

known as the architect of Global Jihad

military strategist responsible for influencing the changing of jihadi movements from hierarchical organization structures to leadeless cell based structures

Abdullah Anas (GIA)

Senior commander in the GIA, former mujahideen, helped run the MAK with Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam, son in law of Abdullah Azzam - USSR/Afghan mujahideen leader and the figurehead who developed the modern concept of global jihad and founder of al-qaeda

Muhammad Surur (Sahwa Movement, takfiri)

very important figure who directly influenced ISIS, turned takfir (declaration of unbelief) into a weapon to Target political opponents

Omar Bakri Mohamed (Hizb-Ut-Tahrir, Al-Qaeda)

Described as Bin Laden's man in London, Anjem Choudhary's mentor probably along with Abu Qatada responsible for radicalising a generation of Muslims

Abu Hamza Al-Masri (Al-Qaeda)

Came in 1979 fought in jihads in Afghanistan and Bosnia in the 1980s and early 90s, hate preacher, recruited British Muslims to fight in Bosnia and Chechnya.

Abu Basir Al Tartusi

Jihadi theoretician

Who condemned the Muslim Brotherhood leader Al-Qaradawi for opposing violent jihad

He went off to lead a gang of jihadis in Syria

Yassir al-Sirri

Linked to Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Jemma Islamiyyah in Asia

Wanted in Egypt for the assassination of the Egyptian Prime Minister in which a twelve year old girl was murdered

Linked to Abu Qatada and was granted permanent residence under the Tories

Mohammad Al-Massari

Saudi dissident linked to both Bin Laden and some Nairobi suicide bombers

Saad Al-Faqih

Another Saudi dissident allegedly linked to Bin Laden

Bin Laden is said to have come to London numerous times between 1986 and 1996

He is even said to have stayed in London for a couple of months in 1994 even after his group was implicated in the twin tower bombings.

Finally there was the deobandis cleric that visited during the 1990s, Mahmood Azhar

Look them up, see who was in government when they lived in London, oh I'll save you the trouble, it was the conservative party, under Thatcher and Major

Now you might say one or two was a mistake but over a dozen of the most senior jihadi and radical Islamist figureheads in modern history using the UK as a base now thats a strategy.

the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaeda, the GIA, At Tibyan publications, Azzam publications were all publishing their magazines out of London in the early 90s

In fact to add to the above it seems the entire hierarchy of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group were given safe harbour in the UK.

French intelligence once dubbed London, Londonistan because we harboured so many terrorists.

None of these people were British they were given visas and citizenship under the UK conservative party which are not a left wing party by any stretch of the imagination.

So yes our governments allowed terrorist criminals of the worst kind to live in our country, to walk our streets and radicalise young British people.

Do you know why?

Let me help you,this happened under the last prime minister

MI5 enabled jihadis from the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

It was it MI6

Anyway it seems the UK was working with the Al-Qaeda franchise in Syria under the current and previous governments

It seems they are so close they can't even prosecute jihadis any more

This happened under the Tories again

Were you blaming 'the left' for this? this has absolutely nothing to to do with 'the left'

This is why jihadis exist

It hasn't stopped because the future of war is here

So while you blame Islam for extremism (and it's an incredibly diverse belief system) I suggest you are looking in entirely the wrong place and pointing at the wrong people, because even if you pray five times a day, go to Jinnah prayers spend your life avoiding sin and doing good deeds an ak47 doesn't just drop in your lap pal, no you need training

And arms

And of course they need to be paidöfer-interview-with-al-nusra-commander-the-americans-stand-on-our-side.html

If you're still blaming Islam for extremism then you don't know what you're talking about pal

As for the mosques, they have now got taken over by quietist salafis who reject violence and despise islamists they are ideologically the complete opposite of jihadis.

You can spot an Islamist from a mile off because of how they focus on politics and their obsession with societal oppression towards Muslims

of course not all Muslims who hold political views are islamists but islamists shit talk the west, shit talk our society and culture in a way that actually sets them apart from ordinary Muslims who hold perfectly legitimate concerns with western foreign policy, islamists packetise world affairs and relate them to local issues if you read Ed husain's book the islamist he explains in detail how this works

salafi quietists are apolitical and focus on self purification they despise the jihadis and islamists with a passion for all the misinformed bullshit on salafis they follow the law and arent shit talking our society and don't support islamism and violence. This guy is typical of views among quietist salafis towards terrorism

There is huge amounts of research on salafism, this is a three-year study of salafis in the Netherlands

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hella_radical_dude 90 points


thelordoftheweird 1 point

well this will be an mmm saga

MONKEH1142 161 points

6600 tow missiles, gee I wonder where the ones they had have gone. (/s since they've been shipping tow missiles to Syrian rebels for years now) This is of course in addition to the nearly 15,000 missiles they ordered just 5 years ago (plus an additional order of 750): Or the nearly 3000 missiles in 2009

thelordoftheweird 1 point

the friendly rebels are mostly salafi-jihadis it was jabhat al-nusra running the show in Syria. The reason jihadis exist is to fight the wests proxy wars.

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teeming_grievance 890 points

This is the scariest news I've read in a month. John Bolton is a man who believes we should eliminate the UN, invade North Korea, blow up Iran, and says anything that pops into his tiny little head.

God help us all.

thelordoftheweird 1 point

trump seems to have done a reverse reagan, Reagan's early years were dominated by neocons and an aggressive military strategy while his latter years were heavily focused on detente, Trump seems to be doing the the reverse.

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Bajungaa 38 points

Please don’t remind us of what the frog-faced, nicotine-stained drunken racist old cunt has said.

He blames everything wrong in his pathetic existence on immigration, including traffic on the M4.

thelordoftheweird 1 point
thelordoftheweird -1 points

The security services facilitated the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group to travel to Libya to fight Gadaffi, one of whom attacked the concert in Manchester and one of the London bridge attackers was trained by Qatari special forces when he fought for Liwa Al-Ummah, we have to start at the top and ask the question why the conservatives have continually supported the use of jihadis to fight the west's proxy wars? They allowed the crème de la crème of jihadi terrorism into our country in the 1980s, they allowed them to radicalise British Muslims, they used them to fight in Libya and Syria and they were funding Al-Nusra in Syria

If you vote Tory you support jihadis radicalising British Muslims in order to use them to fight proxy wars.

thelordoftheweird commented on a post in r/worldnews
QuinineGlow 5 points

Or Japan. Always remember those 'filthy' Japanese, eh?

And didn't you just have to raise the extremely lenient penalty for acid attacks to counter that epidemic now gripping your country?

thelordoftheweird 2 points

They've mostly calmed down

Reahreic -13 points

Why waste tax payer money to feed, house and clothe someone for life if they're imprisoned? Just apply the death penalty and be done with them.

thelordoftheweird 0 points

You go first and tell us what it's like

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