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do you have co-op stores in NI?

Yes. Though the Co op is crap. Very expensive and poor choice.

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Expensive over here too,they discount heavily at 9pm so you can pick up ready meals for 20p

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Helping a team who got eliminated on purpose in 3 competitions 

Very questionable. And even if that were the case, this is the first time we actually have a shot at winning the title after almost 40 years. Are you going to blame us for focusing on a competition more important to us?

coached by someone who more than once in his career was caught saying homophobic stuff

I have a feeling you deep down don't even care about this but you really needed to pick another random point to support your reply. And anyway, that may even be, but I don't see what that has to do with our club winning the title.

And again, Inter don't want to win to give us the Scudetto. They want to win so they can enter the Champions League. Defeating you just so happens to benefit us as well, that's all.

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Inter don't want to win to give us the Scudetto. They want to win so they can enter the Champions League.

They hate juve and the chance to fuck over juve at the last would be an entertaining end to a frustrating season

When men pee, they hold their penis to aim. If you don't hold it, will it flop around like a fire hose?

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I used to work with an Egyptian guy who would get it out then put his hands to his waist as if he was admiring a piece of fine art, it must have been a ginormous wanger, my pals and I used to call him the charmer he must have had some ridiculous muscle control, we couldn't sneak a look being at work and all.

Yeah, I’m very surprised this made it on this sub. There’s been a lot of shootings, a new group of hoods, punishment beatings etc recently that haven’t caught the eye of the media in any real way.

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I frequently hear about the paramilitary style punishment shootings and killings, the odd bomb here and there, it just goes to show how many arms and how much ordinance is about over there.

It's actually the same 3 guns, just doing the rounds.

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The keeper of the gun is a popular chap

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The dailymail did this too. They got caught photoshopping a burka onto a stock photo of a muslim lady. Absolutely disgusting that they got away with it.

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Pictures of Muslim females in those right wing rags frequently involve niqabs even when the article is about hijabs

Your point being?

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That they show pictures of niqabs when referring to hijabs, confusing the terms and presenting Muslim females as the scary face hiders

They actually changed this one a day later

Of course he did

The Tories are and have always been a horribly racist party

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I will never understand how some people think like "There is something about football games, that just makes me want to bash someones head in, preferably with a hammer"... What the fuck is wrong with people.

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It's a replacement for personality probably for those suffering from a lack of self esteem,this is how they get their manly reputation

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Luis Figo was a Ballon D'Or winner.

John O'Shea was a lad from Ireland with a dream.

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Waterford lad

Hup the deise

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Blaa bois

We will not pay them a penny. Who cares what some eu funded waste of space declares?

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Then there will be no trade deal

Ireland will be divided by a hard border

Trade will haemorrhage

Food may disappear from the shops as traffic backs up at the border

Riots and civil disorder is likely

Brexit will bring so much massive social chaos that Farage will have to go into hiding it may never be safe for him to return

Armed Troops are likely to be deployed to the street

The government will be forced to resign

The conservative party will be forced to disband

People will die, do you get it, people are going to die because of your stupid thoughtless desire to fuck Europe over

Saint Ursula should be our national saint IMHO

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I love how many zany facts you can dig up from the Sex Pistol's crazy 1-2 year career (particularly the time after Glen Matlock was booted from/left the band and was replaced by Sid Vicious). Apparently Sid finally could play some real bass lines later on, particularly during the 1978 shows.

Lydon's stage antics truly had a character of its own... Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) had meningitis as a child and nearly died from it, but he survived with a kind of permanent hunch in his spine that would also cause his head to bow forward and his eyes appear to pop out of his skull at you. Lydon utilized this menacing look onstage, and together with his wild hair and ripped-up clothing, created what is coined as the "Lydon stare".

Edit: God I love this crazy motherfucker. Definitely check out his post-Pistols band, Public Image, Ltd. (PiL)!

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He was directly influenced by Peter Hammill

He wasn’t in the band yet when they recorded the album - stabbing Nancy came after he left the band.

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They regularly had bottle fights, were renowned for it but yeah Nancy came later on

And won't a hard border lead to the return of the troubles? Oh greeeeat

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Maybe, maybe not

With the identity verification you can choose to do so manually and arrange go to a jobcentre

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Mate, you can't deny Islam promotes violence and spreading its power through all means. Obviously its true that there would have been less terrorist groups and more peace in the middle east if not for western intervention but at the same time its also pretty naive to deny that Islam has obviously something to do with it.

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Mate, you can't deny Islam promotes violence and spreading its power through all means.

Yeah I can

The fact is when living in non-Muslim lands Muslims aren't allowed to harm their hosts in any way. It's known as a covenant of security and it's something that is universally agreed by all the Sunni schools of thought (when all schools of thought agree on an ijma,a scholarly consensus, that becomes law for all those schools and all Muslims that adhere to those schools are obliged to adhere to it) as dawah man explains here, it's called a covenant of security

You seem to think that Islam licenses violence whereas to be more accurate it's militant islamist politics that creates the need for violence and militant islamists aka jihadis or mujahideen have reinterpreted Islam to suit their political objectives.

This is well described in Shiraz Maher's book on salafi Jihadism his launch talk is here

2 points · 3 months ago

Please don't use Dawahman , he's a complete moron.

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I quite like that video simply because he clearly expresses the standard salafi position on violence. I realise he's not everyone's cup of tea but he gets the point across pretty well.

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1.0k points · 2 months ago

It's also how stores have reacted. At Tesco, you need to light the beacons of gondor to get a bag.

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If they could hurry up and offer NI the option of remaining in the customs union it would hopefully drive investment to the region and resolve the problems within the Island.

Madonna - Crazy for you

First shag innit

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Happy Mondays - Pills Thrills and Bellyaches

Opening track

Kinky Afro

Opening line

Son I'm 30

I only went with your mother coz she's dirty

And I don't have a decent bone in me

What you get is just what you see yeah

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