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I guess this is the best place for my shameless plug :) I made this comic strips a while back, and you people seemed to like it. So i reworked every frame, put them together and set it on Etsy, if anyone would be interested.

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Great work, reminds me a ton of Calvin & Hobbes and gives me some serious seasonal nostalgia. Any idea on how fast shipping generally is? I'd love to order a print but am going to be on the road for a while starting this Friday

Great work guys, made me simultaneously feel really excited to ride and also reminded me I'm getting old haha

I think a lot of it comes down to genetics and lifestyle. I have a younger sister who gains weight quickly and can even visibly bloat/swell if she eats a lot of bread or related carbs. I'm pretty active (lift 3-4 times a week, mountain bike as much as possible) and tend to be pretty lean by nature and I have issues keeping healthy weight on without a good amount of carbs. However, I do tend to stick to whole grains for the added protein and fiber.

I live in a town that's half distracted college kids and half drunk/cracked out locals and had to abandon bike commuting after a few close calls

Definitely overpriced but worth it if you can get a deal! I got a tumbler during a holiday sale at LL Bean that I use for coffee/whiskey while camping and its survived some pretty gnarly drops that would've done my other mugs in!

It's only the second day we haven't been under a heat advisory in New England in the last 10 days, I'm right there with you!

This is my experience with antidepressants to a t

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Same here, it's a tough time choosing between being anxious and depressed or feeling flat while dissociating and feeling like I have constant food poisoning.

I saw going to comment saying I live relatively close to Union and how weird it is to see it on Reddit, but then I realized my old coworker is the owners daughter so that's even weirder.

Hey I live in Manchester! Well Stockport but it's close enough so I'm counting it

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Windham from a little down 6 checking in!

I'll always upvote an Oso!

Drank a bottle of this (another brand but similar concentration) by accident before having to pick my girlfriend up at the airport. I was twitching and getting a lot of looks from security but didn't end up on the toilet!


Hey everybody, I've lifted for a few years (with varying levels of dedication) and followed SS and ICF. Recently I've been in a bit of a time crunch/not close to a gym so I've been doing a pretty simple split at home that's actually given me decent results.

However, I'm about to leave for a month or so of camping and living out of my car to mountain bike around the Eastern U.S. I have pretty limited space (probably room for a weight belt and plate, MAYBE an EZ bar). Besides diet, any suggestions on how to maintain (or even make progress) during this period? Would weighted exercises on a jungle gym (chin, dip, push-ups, etc) a few times a week be sufficient? Thanks for any help, I don't want to throw away all my hard work!


I took a road trip around the country for three months last year. I just ate enough to maintain my weight, and tried to get two workouts in per week. Between bodyweight workouts in parks (with weighted pistol squats for legs), and drop in visits to gyms doing mostly bench, weighted chins, and squats, I did enough to pretty much maintain strength. I did mostly the same thing every time I trained, or tried to make very small improvements.

My focus was not on training, so I didn't push the progress. I just lived with the fact that I wasn't getting better. It wasn't my goal at the time; it was to have an awesome experience traveling the country.

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Original Poster2 points · 18 days ago

Yeah maintenance would be great, I just don't want to drop weight after struggling to put any on! I'm going to be doing a lot of hiking and mountain biking so may have to up the calories even further.

What were you doing on your trip? We're still planning out our route so any tips on living out of a car are appreciated!

Depending on your current BMI and all that jazz, you can be quite sufficient with body weight exercises and using things you find for accessory lifts such as large rocks and conveniently placed bars. However this idea will make you look more lean and tone compared to big and swole

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Original Poster2 points · 19 days ago

I'm sitting around 22 (5'8 and 145, shooting for 155-160 then going to reevaluate). If I lean towards bringing a weight belt with some decently heavy plates and keep my calories up should I be able to continue putting on healthy mass?

Really digging all the dense guitar picks in this sub lately, Jazz III or die

That Kershaw OSO sweet is a really good knife.

I used to have one. Had it for years, ended up giving it to a girl i know. It was old and i needed a new knife, and she wanted a pocket knife. So, she and i both ended up happy from it.

I recently got a Ganzo G739. Very very nice. It's the only good knife I've had since the Kershaw.

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The OSO was one of the first "nicer" knives I bought that helped drag me down the EDC rabbit hole. Great knife, especially for the price

How's writing with the Pokka's? I've got a 3 pack in a cart on their website but haven't pulled the trigger quite yet. I usually carry Pilot G2's but looking for something a little more portable.

Original Poster2 points · 28 days ago

I approve of the Pokkas. They write well for what they are. I love how small and affordable they are. They also have the best customer service I have ever seen. I would suggest trying them out.

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Just ordered a 3-pack of the Earth ones, thanks!

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Been wearing Vans for a solid decade and still have my first pair of Authentics (albeit with a few holes in the canvas) and my Hi's are my go-to mountain bike shoes. Such a solid brand, especially for the price

No one in the history of anything has ever impressed a girl with a handsaw

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I just ordered a hand saw, yikes ):

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Dick helmet

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Gotta protect your head!

Sometimes it's other things too. Like for example, my doctor switched me from effexor to welbutrin, without a taper, saying that it's a similar drug and that no taper is required to switch from one to the other. Which as it turns out, was completely false. Without realizing that I was withdrawing from effexor I pretty much lost my mind and almost slit my throat open within a week and ended up in a psychward and being switched to paxil

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Gotta love doctors prescribing meds for depression while not understanding them. I had a doctor force me to cold turkey benzos (low dose, I was taking them as prescribed) so I feel your pain.

Mountain biking has been great for me. It requires a lot of focus so it can be somewhat meditative in a weird way, plus it's a great and fun way to exercise. I generally ride alone but I've met some pretty cool people on trails. Depending on where you live, a lot of local bike shops offer group rides as a way to get into it and meet/learn from people!

At least it's not the Your Mom's House podcast, if your buds ever get snagged with that thing on just kick the phone across the floor and run. Pop a smoke if you got it, just move.

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I accidentally hit play without headphones during the infamous clip of the guy getting pinned by a car and screaming while Tom laughs hysterically, pretty sure my coworkers think I'm a sociopath

That's a proper reaction for a dog.

Wrap it up like a python, and stay away from the teeth.

I spent four years boxing dogs, literally, as I delivered newspapers. The ones that attacked with a purpose can only be stopped with domination. Tackle, lock down, avoid teeth.

Short of seriously harming the animal, that's all you have. Even that requires an extreme amount of luck and skill.

Yes, someone stopped their paper because I punched their dog. It attacked me, and I punched it square in the snoot. When you're 12, that's your choice over being bitten.

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I got attacked last year by a pit my girlfriend and I were looking at adopting (shelter claimed it had never been violent and was great with other pets/kids). It took it about 2 seconds after walking into the room to latch on to my forearm to the point where the ER thought it had possibly broken the bone. The shelter manager basically had to choke it off of me. I grew up around big, dopey labs but I've been a little weird around bigger dogs since.

Sounds like you were lied to. That's really sad, because you were there to give it a shot at life, and it undoubtedly had to be put down after that.

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It actually turned out pretty strange. It turned out the pound (town run) had no documentation on the dog, so I ended up getting four rounds of rabies shots. The dog ended up not getting put down and got placed though!

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I'm in an area of New England with really limited big predators (some bobcats, very rare black bear sightings) so that's not a huge concern for me but I still carry a smallish fixed blade knife strapped to the webbing of my pack. It's more for basic camp chores/fishing than anything, but a few of my locals routes run through some relatively sketchy areas so it's nice to have it if it was ever life or death.

Definitely take advantage while you can! I was extremely close with my grandpa and only live 35 minutes from my grandparents house but was caught up with work, school, and general life stuff. He passed away about 3 weeks after being diagnosed with supposedly treatable throat cancer. I spent a lot more time with him at the end but still regret not making more time while I had it.

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