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And maybe if more people sue because of the harm that happens behind close doors, they may change then.

Cops in Utah most likely wouldn't even take down a report, unless you had your lawyer with you, then they would try to protect the churches bottom line.

Fine as long as their not closely related and don't cause as many birth defects. And its all adults being consensual

It's not just me saying...check out the link. Gandhi went 21 days with only occasional sips of age 74 (when he was already at, like, 1% body fat). Assuming that Sam's still drinking water, he could reasonably make 3 weeks + with no food. Were he to add other 'clear' liquids like fruit juices or broths, it's reasonable to believe he could make it quite a bit longer than that.

Now, if he were to stop taking water, that would get life-endangering real within days. But food? Nah, the human body's more resilient than that.

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Mormon Sonia Johnson and two other women who fasted for 37 days in Springfield, Ill.

He has six girls, that he is trying to protect with his life.

I dislike tscc not wanting to protect the children themselves.

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Thanks I'll check them out, I don't have comprehensive but if they're reasonably priced I'll go with them.

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My insurance had a coupon to them for $ off, beings I didn't have comprehensive. It cost me $20 and 20 minutes.

Already happening, I have seen groups and family's weeding the garden grounds in all three Northern Utah temples and 2 in Idaho.

A group that looks like paid staff mow the lawns and another group replaces the front flowers every month.

Last winter I saw older men snow blow the sidewalks several times. And a paid company looking man plow the snow from the parking lots.

Most exmormons sub members come up with different actions and solutions and post them, others complain about content. You need to pick how your recovery goes. And take action yourself. If we think its a solution/action we support it.

That's the beauty of this whole shit show, YOU get to decide what is right for you, YOU get to decide what is right for your family. What ever YOU want. We all know what is right and what is wrong for ourselves. You get to chose who you want to be and what you want to leave as your LEGACY.

I call it my passion to scream the truth from the mountains.

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1 Record your interview

2 "What is Ch-as-tasy?"

3 Interview becomes penthouse letters

4 send to MormonLeaks

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Only if it is legal in your state.

If you care to see how LGBTQ community is really being affected in the US & the world in only 1 1/2 years please visit /r/LGBT news. Its really scary, I hope people like you that evolved and opened your mind, will continue to support the LGBT where ever they can.

I’m exmo and have an LGBT family. I had been inactive for years but it was Prop 8 that made me write my resignation letter. Any organization with polygamy in its history has no place in the marriage debate.

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And inappropriate questions from the bishops office is a type of grooming technic that is further used by a sexual abuser, that knows the mormons ask these types of questions.

I don't like haters of God's LGBTQ children, neither does he. I have seen to many people commit suicide because of them.

You are so brave, thanks for speaking up. If there is anything /r/exmormon can do please ask. Anything.

And in Dodgeball all kids can be included, even disabled kids.

We were all TRAINED not to question anything including Authority.

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I was also just thinking that it could be interesting someday to have an MOD AMA thing. I'd love to hear about the inner workings of the team.


*How were the mods chosen *How much time do each of the mods spend moderating *Do you have shifts? *Funnest part of being a mod *Worst part of being a mod *How much communication is done between mods

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It would have to be an AMAA, ask mods almost anything, because mods can not share the sacred/secret handshakes, symbols and never tokens. And can not even talk about the existence of a mod manual let alone the mod womanual.

Moderator of r/exmormon, speaking officially9 points · 1 month ago

Someone leaked our mod manual and posted it in the sidebar ;)

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Hmm an ExmormonLeak

Only on Emormon Reddit can you become your own God with your own sub if you ONLY follow the rules.

All in all you all do a great job in my book, you put up with me. Thats quite an acomplishment in itself. So THANK YOU MODS

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Thanks for sharing your touching life story, so glad you are here. So glad you are you!

Go buy some popcorn, we all need to be patient till Sunday's event. It is NOT going to be put on here for the whole world to see till it happens.

Popcorn indeed. 🍿 What cracks me up is this isn't even some doctrinal issue, it's just policy, just an organizational procedural change. Just change your awful policy LDS church, that's it. Nobody is asking for you to change your doctrine like with some other recent news events.

But no, so far it appears that they're set on letting this be a bigger deal than it needs to be. When people ask what's the best way to bring the church down just stick them in front of a microphone, they'll do it themselves.

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It all reminds me of a few years back, the BYUI president seen some bare ankles while walking around campus...

Its still a Corporation with employees. Its sexual harassment by a Corporation.

Even Corporations are responsible for their volenteers behavior, including sexual harassment.

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