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First of all, Jesus was born around Easter, second of all, he was born about 6 a.d.

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If he existed at all. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there’s any historical record of a Jesus of the house of David outside of the written history of the Bible written 260 years after the fact.

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Things like the Dead Sea Scrolls and other letters written by certain apostles are maintained and are actual original documents or 1 step copies of originals Written around 70-80AD.

Some things we teach to our kids in school however about even more recent figures like Genghis Khan or Roman Empire figures come from several time removed copies or even just hearsay from word of mouth passed down over time which were recorded hundreds of years after their occurrences. There are some extremely smart people out there who are even more skeptical than yourself (maybe) who spent their life's work to uncover truth to historical evidence of the bible and many of them find really sound evidence that what is in the bible have many reputable sources. Just my two cents!

EDIT: And I am willing to be downvoted for what I said above, and its just opinion again I am not tryign to convert people here.

Here is a publication by an Atheist turned Christian and why he turned that way based on decades of research

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Just to rebut a few of your points. The Dead Sea scrolls do not mention Jesus. Which makes sense because it was written by the Hebrews and they wouldn’t have recognized him. The letters of the apostates could very well be part of the source material if Jesus was a myth.
Most of the information about historical figures have been well documented and aren’t as removed from the life line as evidence of Jesus’ life also we can track blood records and DNA going back to specifically Genghis Khan because he raped so much of the population.
There are also many people who are just as educated who have come to the conclusion that there is nothing conclusive. It’s a really difficult subject if he was real how come there were so many stories about him deemed incorrect by the ecumenical council during the construction of the New Testament what makes the rejected stories less viable than the accepted ones. If he never existed then to what end was he created because his existence and teachings didn’t take hold and truly effect the world for hundreds of years.

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They're also getting the writers of Casino Royale back after Boyle's departure, so that's good news.

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They also wrote Die Another Day by themselves so I’m not too jazzed.

I blame the Broccoli's obsession with the 40th anniversary for that. Plus a theory has emerged that Die Another Day is James Bond's dying dream(it makes sense)

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Jacob’s Ladder scenario?

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142 points · 1 day ago

Always important in stories like these to put things in context. You are gonna have two sides: one attributing the great economy to Trump, the other saying that this is still Obama's economy. Neither position is correct.

The last legislative decision that had a major impact on the sustained growth of the US economy was the bailout/TARP programs passed initially by Bush and a Democratic Congress and then continued by Obama and the Republican congress of 2010. The bailout was instrumental in propping up the domestic economy in the US while the markets stabilized, and with out them we likely would have been in for an even more severe recession and years of stagnant growth. However, this was all years ago, and is not the reason for our current economic growth spurt.

So if not government policy, what is driving growth? Mostly the fact the US has experienced 8 years of continued expansion, so banks are now more comfortable lending and businesses are more comfortable taking risks. Additionally, nearly every major economy has expanded over the past two years which has driven demand for US products abroad (remember the Eurozone GDP grew at a faster rate than the US did in 2017).

So what impact has Trump had, if any, on this economy? Some. His focus on deregulation has increased investment in certain industries and the 1.5 trillion Trump has added to the national debt with his tax cut has also spurred some economic activity. The problem is, the activity is not sustainable. Economists are worried that either the government will have to cut spending to reduce the deficit or that inflationary pressure on the dollar will cause a slowdown in net growth starting in 2020. Additionally, our trade deficit levels remain at near record highs. This is despite Trump's claim that our trade deficit weakens the economy. Once the 200 billion in new tariffs Trump has announced take effect in January, we will see the real impact of "onshoring" on the US economy.

So I guess the bigger point is is that under a Democrat the economy would likely be doing around 85%-90% as well, and sure GDP growth would be slightly less and unemployment slightly higher, but overall things would be more stable, and we wouldn't be in an expanding trade war with China. Finally, the increased deficit will make it more difficult for the US to fund a bailout if there is another economic downturn, further reducing stability).

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I’m worried Trump traded stability for growth and that is going to hit us bad when it does. We will see what impact tariffs will have in January or if he will continue to make individual deals on a country by country basis making small advancements despite initially outrageous demands. These may not ever take effect but I’m not sure the housing market will sustain itself as no significant changes were made regarding lending and that Republicans are in power there won’t be any time soon.

I’ve heard this from friends who had family in the military. If you see two military representatives at your front door it’s bad news, if they’re wearing fatigues your relative is injured, if they are in formal military dress your relative has died.

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Any film that ends with “and it was all in their head!” annoys me. Like where we follow the story from their view, then realise we shouldn’t have trusted their view because they were insane the whole time. I can think of one exception which I won’t name, but I just feel it’s overused now.

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Mostly agree but Shutter Island has got to be an exception to this rule.

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I’m gonna argue that Shutter Island is more of the events that happened don’t actually mean what you thought they meant because of Unreliable Narrator. That’s not the same as it never happened/it was all a dream.

It’s all a Jacob’s Ladder

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base runners cannot advance while the ball is in the air. if there is a long and high pop-ball, and if this rule werent in place, they could just run around the bases before it's caught.

so, the base runner must touch the base they're on before advancing if the ball is hit in the air., even for a line drive like in this video. if the ball is caught, and theyre not touching the bag, or if theyre "caught out" like in this scenario, the ball can be thrown to that bag and called an out.

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I’m a little confused by you’re answer. You can advance while the ball is in the air but have to return to your original base if the ball is caught. And since you have to return to that base if the ball is sent to that base before the runner you are out without having to be tagged. If you weren’t allowed to advance with the ball is in the air leading off running and multiple scores on base hits would not be possible.

5 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Simplified: When the ball is hit, if you catch it before it touches the ground the batter is out. If the runner on base has reason to believe the ball will be caught in such a way, they will wait on the base until it is caught before making an attempt to advance.

If the runner doesn't believe the ball will be caught, they will take off running immediately. Sometimes however, they guess wrong and then have to try getting back to the base they started at. If an opposing player holds the ball and touches the base before that runner can get back, they are out.

If you have any interest in trying to watch some games, Yahoo usually has a free game of the day streaming. It can be a bit more obtuse to follow at first, because a lot of the game comes down to managing and planning: They will shift the position of players to the most likely areas a specific batter hits to, for example. Which is a calculated gamble over leaving the players in the default position with the best overall coverage.

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Oh I know baseball and as a long suffering Mets fan was shocked they showed up on the good end of a highlight reel. The way the guy worded it was strange and made it sound like you couldn’t run while the ball was in the air.

My concern with this is what do we do with the cows? Do we just release them? They will continue to breed as we have designed them to. Will we treat them as we treat the mustangs? We currently have whole economies based around the breeding of cows. If there is suddenly a decreased need for them those economies will collapse. I get the lab meat thing and I'd totally give it a shot but it seems to me all the conversations are about "will you, won't you" rather than "then what?"

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It’s not going to switch overnight but the cow population will reduce at a controlled rate as I don’t believe this will replace Beef industry entirely but will probably supplement our beef use. We still drink cow milk at the same rate so despite alternatives milk cows will still be in demand. The market will shift, jobs will change, and the world will go on.

It's pretty sad that commentaries will die out with physical media. It's a real shame services like Netflix don't offer it because it was a really cool feature.

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The commentary on the Alien Quadrilogy pack is fantastic.

We’ll have to get together sometime.

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Was expecting him to have the Jules Winnfield afro jheri curl

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Jerry curls

6 points · 4 days ago

the owner died with the flooding lol

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Looks like that was a different set of dogs. The owners of the Beagles were evacuated at the same time.

16 points · 4 days ago

What if zodiac stopped killing because he died? I'm imagining a Jigsaw situation here. Man with terminal disease killing those that don't appreciate their lives. Just minus all the games.

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Or arrested for unrelated charges. There’s a lot of speculation that the same happened to Jack the Ripper.

I myself do not wear a ring while doing any sport or lifting because of various reasons. To add to what everyone is saying if you injure your finger, not even devolving, and it swells up they will have to cut the ring off of you. Also gold is a soft metal that scratches easily and diamonds though they are hard will cleave if you hit them wrong.

Selective enforcement of rules is textbook discrimination. Nadal was not penalized for umpire abuse a few days earlier, and Delpo wasn't penalized for destroying his racket literally the day before. These things happen all the time, and for the enforcement to get extremely strict in such a key moment (btw, the "coaching" in question was a thumbs up) is a perfect example of selective enforcement.

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There’s video of the coach actively coaching which he then admitted to though didn’t know if Serena saw him doing it; there was more than a thumbs up. Nadal argues once not three times. I cannot find anything on Del Potro breaking his racquet though there is an article about him receiving a warning for throwing a towel and then hitting himself with the racquet until it broke which you don’t get penalized for because it’s connected to the original punishment.

12 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Interesting. I read an argument from the other isle pointing out that same judge gave warnings to men who did the same. You can check it out here and this is another argument here.

Edit: Wrong initial link. Fixed and included original. Regarding down votes - it's for your own curiousity if you care to hear the other side. Don't shoot the messenger.

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It’s difficult to compare what is said and why she was given a game penalty. The reports said what they said was worse but it might be because she was accusing him of purposefully targeting her which might have been what crossed the line. It’s different to say “You don’t know what you’re fucking talking about.” And “You’re trying to get me to lose this match, and I want you to apologize for it.” Another point to be made is that it was the third time she stopped the game to make the same argument and called other officials to try to have him removed. They guy has a history of being a stickler for the rules but you can’t get angry at a cop for pulling you over when you were driving 8 miles over the speed limit, no one usually gets pulled over for it usually but your argument won’t win over traffic court. She had a bad day and imploded it’s happened to a lot of people before.

Nope you're on the Truman Show buddy

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Wow this is how we’re telling him?

30 points · 11 days ago

Why is it not GOTE ?

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That’s just someone that we used to know.

45 points · 12 days ago

The best Paul F. Yes and was whem he was making an acronym for something and there was an N and Scott said the, "Is it the N word?" Then Scott says "yes and..." and Paul says, "It is the N word but not the one you're thinking of."

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Him as Gary Marshal what his actual alien name is. It’s one of my favorite breaking the reality moment followed closely with him and Jason Mantzoukas confronting Andy Daily about how all his characters are suicidal. Also PFT as Richard Harrow saying that the Tooth Fairy resides in Jewish heaven and Scott responds “oh I see the money thing” and PFT is momentarily shocked and walks it back.

2 points · 11 days ago

Which episode is the Zooks / Daly bit?

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Episode 148

The behind the scenes of this episode is that Jason pre planned pimping(when you force an improviser into saying something using the yes and rule) Andy into saying he’s going to commit suicide and then “drop” character to address Andy directly. You can hear Andy’s surprise when it happens.

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When a character gives an exposition dump in the third act. See the architect scene in The Matrix Reloaded where he literally sat there and told Neo what’s what.

Because I never know where it’s going to take me, and neither do they.

Arch Nemisis of Brendon Smalls

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4 points · 15 days ago

Now what did it say before you edited a minute ago?

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I added the second part about the Casio watch guy.

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21 points · 15 days ago

I've decided not to look. I feel like it's too intrusive.

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Maybe a little but it’s a celebration of the memory of life. Of what people who have passed meant to the people who remain. It is a grief we all share and one day will be subject of, and the fact that remembering in a way is honoring. The people in those posts are strangers but we are the same in this; and even though I’ve never met them, I know them.

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