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Hey all, I vote each election and try and stay aware of what's happening locally, but beyond that I will admit that I'm not the most politically savvy when it comes actually sending an issue I feel personally about up the pipes, so to speak. However, I am getting to the point where I feel like former Mayor Berry has crossed the line and fucked our city so badly that something needs to be done. Would someone with a little more knowledge of the legal system/political machine point me in the direction of someone I can contact to voice my opinion that he should face repercussions for his corruption? I can't believe he's getting away with this.


I would recommend writing to your city councilor. There probably won’t be any legal recourse for this, but just letting your representative know how you feel about what’s going on in this city is never a bad idea.

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Original Poster4 points · 3 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to point me in the right direction!

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Pay for play in New Mexico is still very real and alive. I would be highly surprised if he faced anything.

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Original Poster10 points · 3 months ago

I mean, I'd be astonished too, but I'd at least like to know the proper channels to voice my concerns over an issue like this.

Haha, how does this not have more upvotes? One of the most "Burque" things I've seen posted here.

Power Trip, Tuesday, June 5th, at The Launchpad. One of the best crossover bands to hit the scene in recent years, saw them last time they were in town at Sister, fucking amazing:

I use the soak water/water the pods were boiled in when I’m puréeing them because it keeps the heat and seasons it.

Seems like most people responding here soak them. What's the benefit? I don't usually soak mine.

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I do it because it makes it easier to remove the “skin” and leftover seeds.

If bartenders can get locked up because someone the server gets drunk and hurts someone can’t we do the same to judges? Oh wait, this is America.

Thank you. That place was a shit hole. The bartenders sucked, the bands were always late, and never had a large crowd.

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Also one of the doormen frequently wore shirts supporting the white power movement featuring bands like Skrewdriver, and even though he acted like a tough Skinhead (although he's tiny and kind of adorable in his big ass clown boots), he would threaten to call the cops whenever someone called him on it. Not really the best business policy to have your staff wearing openly racist shirts at your place of business in downtown Albuquerque. Anyway, that's my take on it, can't say how long I'd expect you to stay in business when your gatekeepers are racists and cop-callers.

Nob Hill:

Gecko's is the best all-round, good food.

The Cellar Bar is a little more upscale but nice, more of a cocktail lounge.

Two Fools is Irish pub-style, but not corny about it, good whiskey selection and amazing food (Boxty is my favorite, people love the fish n' chips too).

Tractor Brewing has some decent beer (chill brewery, no liquor)

Close to Nob Hill is Joe's, dive bar with some games like air hockey, pool, ping-pong.

Downtown you got Launchpad if there's a show tonight or something, Sister Bar has a large pinball collection and is also a good place to see live music. Above Sister Bar is Anodyne, which is a cool spot with a large pool hall. That's about all I like downtown, I prefer live music with bands, hanging out and bullshitting, and don't like electronic music or "clubs" if that helps your decision.

Burt's was cool, but it's in a new location and I think it sucks now.

I just drove down central. It’s scary. They turn lanes come out of nowhere forcing you to merge basically in an intersection. I predict a lot of accidents due to that.

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Yeah, got to agree it's been a rough adjustment. I drive the area all the time and almost wrecked on headed east on Central crossing Girard when I realized I was in a right turn only. Turning into the Mannie's parking lot (the wrong way) allowed me to get out unscathed, but still, it seems like it's going to lead to a lot of accidents.

Does anyone know if Ben needs some more friends?

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Or his dick sucked?

I wasn't there and I don't know what happened, but to anyone thinking the cop could have just been being a dick, there are a plethora of reasons why he or she might have wanted the scene cleared until on-duty professionals showed up. If it was an obvious death (brain matter showing, decapitation, etc) it could have been to preserve a crime scene. Did OP have his or her credentials on their person? If not, the police officer could get in trouble for letting some rando who claimed to be an EMT render care. Did OP have proper safety equipment to protect themselves from blood-borne pathogens and traffic? Incidents in traffic are one of the most dangerous for EMT's, unstable vehicles, combustible fluids, other drivers, etc. It's not going to make first-responders jobs any easier if there's now two patients to treat instead of just one. Again, I don't know the specifics, but just putting it out there because there's already some mis-information as first-responders have no duty to act when they are off duty.

Reading on why first-responders are not legally obligated to render care when they are off duty.

Yeah, man, stand up for someone who was more likely on a power trip because #notallcops. Shills like you will make sure needed police reform never happens. Keep fightin' that fight breh

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Shilling for the cops? Nah, shilling for the rescue workers. Nothing's more annoying than a bunch of bystanders making a clusterfuck of a scene, especially green EMT's who are trying to help but getting in the fucking way. This is a big city in EMS terms, fire and ambulance services have killer response times. The risk vs. benefit of having someone in the street without any PPE or safety vests is not worth the few minutes of CPR. Cops absolutely did the right thing for the victim and OP by keeping her out of the scene while on duty professionals were in route, in my opinion.

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Saw someone giving you flak, I'm on the same page, I like dark bars and don't go to O'neil's often because it's too bright for me. Someone also mentioned The Cellar under Zinc, also in Nob Hill I like Gecko's, Scalo, and Two Fools. Not the darkest of the dark, but good for the area. Gecko's is my favorite:

Edit: RIP Charlie's Back Door and Paul's Monterey Inn

People already mentioned Gold House. I don't know if all these house-venues are still operating, there's also:

Iron House Wagon Wheel Ft. Bicycle

Smaller Venues the cater to punk/rock crowds: Launchpad The Jam Spot Burt's Tiki Lounge Sister

Also sending a pm with some people who might be able to help.

Genuinely curious on the thought process.

Condom while fucking.

Sucks unprotected cock.

Swallows cum.

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I mean really? I've fucked lots of women I just met and we used condoms for pnv or pna sex but never a barrier for any type of oral. Aside from avoiding pregnancy the rates of std transmission from oral sex are lower than vaginal and a lot lower than anal ( The risk of contracting HIV from oral sex is very low ( and the other diseases you can contract from oral sex are usually curable. The only thing you could realistically get that isn't curable but is only treatable is herpes (HSV1 or HSV2), and, it's not only my understanding that the likely hood of contracting HSV through oral sex is very low. Also, herpes is spread via skin-to-skin contact, so condoms can lessen the risk, but aren't as effective at preventing herpes than they are at other diseases, such as HIV ( since you can get them on your thighs and butt, basically any area that boxer shorts cover, so if you're really concerned about herpes you shouldn't be playing around, even with a condom.

Anyway, if you're worried about picking something up from sucking a penis or swallowing semen, aside from not sucking cock with open sores in your mouth or a cock with open sores on it, you probably shouldn't be involved in a non-monogamous lifestyle. Sure, using a condom would be marginally safer, but then not fucking anybody but your partner would be even safer than that, and I think it's safe to say that if you like oral sex and cum then you should use good judgment when it comes to not sucking diseased looking cocks and odds are you'll be in good shape and enjoy yourself if you just use condoms for vaginal and anal.

Cheapest I think you'll find that isn't a planet fitness or community center is Liberty Gym. 25 bucks a month, great equipment, great staff, and, from my experience as a male, respectful clientele. I've heard a few friends who are hesitant to check it out because it has a reputation of being a hardcore bodybuilder gym, and, while those guys and gals are in there, I've only ever seen them act welcoming or indifferent to beginners. There are plenty of different ages, genders, and body types there at any given time. Like I said, I'm male, so I'm sure there's things I'm not aware of, but I have not personally heard or witnessed any females being harassed or being the recipients of unwanted attention, from what I've seen the staff/members wouldn't stand for that. Located near Washington and Menaul, not NE Heights, but not too out of the way.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it is just a gym, no amenities like a sauna or jacuzzi, but I wouldn't expect there to be with that price.


Hey guys, from Albuquerque, not looking for karma her so I made a text post. Anyway, the article speaks for itself, I'm trying to raise awareness about this woman's situation so I figured I'd try here. There's a gofundme linked in the article, so if this cause speaks to you and you can pass it around, please do:

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This story says she quit after being suspended:

But there’s just one problem: the gas station suspended Wertz for two weeks because she shot the robber.

It was a violation of company policy, Wertz said, so she quit her job and is looking for employment elsewhere.

So which is it? Was she fired or did she quit?

Also it's not clear whether she had a permit to carry. NM OC isn't legal where alcohol is sold unless you have a permit IIRC.

Hope everything works out for her but there is just so much that's off-kilter with this story.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

That is interesting, I'm not sure which it is. I don't believe she had a permit, but I just imagine they're letting her off the hook because she clearly made the right choice.

25 points · 1 year ago

hopefully convince corporate to change their policies and give her her job back

They won't. They don't care. I used to work at a similar corporate conveniece store, and they absolutely do not care about the employees, and they don't care about the franchisees money. Their preferred reaction is to comply and bet that the robber just wants the money. They'd rather have the occasional clerk eat a bullet than have to deal with the "complication" of an employee shooting someone, then having to determine if the shooting was justified. Easier to just fire anyone who shoots someone at work and hire another minimum wage drone in their place.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

I mean realistically you're absolutely right and I know that the chances of her getting her job back are slim to none. I just am really try to raise awareness about this for two reasons. One is to hopefully draw enough attention to her plight that she is able to collect enough donations to get by until she finds a new job. The other is that Albuquerque is a war zone right now and large companies are treating their employees like they're expendable. I'm sick of turning on the news and hearing about another person being gunned down at work. I think she made the right choice, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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I'd wager the two big reasons are:

•An armed robber will likely see and take out an armed guard before they see it coming (the main reason banks do not use guards).

•Cost:Benefit ratio.

Back on topic: Hopefully the scumbag thief fails to recover and is a cheap funeral with minimal taxpayer expense. The clerk should be given a medal.

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Eh, I'd disagree and say that most robbers don't want to risk a murder rap or, if they do, they're looking for easy prey and don't want to get in a gunfight, so the armed guard is more of a deterrent than anything else and they'll look elsewhere. I agree with your second point though, crime is out of control here and I'm glad to hear about a clerk shooting the thief for once.

Edit: Kind of one of those things where once you get the armed guards I bet robberies start going down so then corporate is like "we don't need the armed guards anymore" and can't figure out why the places without guards get robbed more often and the robberies go down when they have guards. This is all speculation though, I have no statistics and have done no research to back up any of my thoughts.

FIT NHB is great for MMA. They have boxing, Muay Thai, submission grappling (Jiu-Jitsu/Wrestling), gi Jiu-Jitsu, etc. You pay a monthly fee and can access all the classes at your leisure. A lot of people just go for one style of martial art. Also, Luttrell/Yee is amazing. Great coaching, great staff.

Man, this title sucks. Ok, I get peoples' problem with what happened, the body-cam, etc. but it's also alleged that she pointed a gun at him, and his fiance worked there. Makes it sound like he killed a teenage girl for fun then went to Hooters to get his rocks off. While the killing is and should be reviewed, this title is clearly biased.

But that's the thing. I'm not an addict. I just was poor, and although there was a good reason for me becoming homeless, there was no reason for me to remain so.

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Totally misunderstood. Congrats on getting your shit together then and thank you for sharing from your perspective :)

Thanks. In getting there; made some progress today in fact.

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Awesome, keep it up.

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How about this for nostalgia:

Took place at the beach, although you can't see anything about it.

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That's how you knew it was bedtime.

Local shows are almost entirely metal, so if you're looking for something a little more user friendly your gonna be out of luck unfortunately.

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I would have to disagree. Plenty of venues that don't charge a cover, or a minimal cover, have lots of music from local artists that isn't metal: Marble downtown, Rio Bravo Brewing, Scalo, The Cellar Bar, Sister, Low Spirits, etc.

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