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Gnats won’t have a chance to win a playoff series this year. The streak continues.

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That is a philthy fucking pitch to end on.

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4 points · 3 days ago

I'd never heard of Sobotka before but looked fantastic. What's his deal?

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He's got really good stuff, the control is just okay for now. He's mostly looked pretty good in his outings though.

At least he gave that to us too I suppose?

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What's the beer count?

Second time tonight I've been really eager to see a DP.

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He shouldn't have made it out of the locker room at half.

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Shoulda fucking left him in Philly last winter.

Feeling good about a strong showing from Robot Chicken.

He's not doing so well in the first round...

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Very true, but there's a lot of golf left.

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I only recently just quit my student job at the chippy I worked at for three years. You get a lot of asshole customers like that, especially over the phone (we delivered too). A lot of the times we try to be overly civil with them, but every once in a while my boss would give me permission to just rip the customer a new one, and it’s be great.

A lot of customers are rude and filled with a sense of entitlement, but they don’t realise how fucking stressful it is working in a takeaway.

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Serious/dumb question: I'm guessing a "chippy" is slang for a fish and chips joint?

4 points · 25 days ago

We are about due for a "What's in your bag - upvote edition"

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/u/heartman74 feel up to making one these again?

Next up, what's up with Will's neck?

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There's a good bit on the ole Reddit about that if you search for it, but IIRC it's scars from caustic acne. It's been like that since he started being on the scene regularly so it's nothing particularly exciting.


Barsby's teeth are the new Will's neck.

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Eh, wooosh me if you want for answering genuinely. There's no font for sarcasm and people ask all kinds of stupid ass questions on here.


My mom saw something about Dansby helping kids on Facebook the other day and said he must be the JJ Watt of the Braves. (We're from Texas) I said no, Tim Hudson is the JJ Watt of the Braves.

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JJ Watt is the Tim Hudson of the Texans.

I want to see the FPO play whatever course/tees that will provide a good balance of parity and skill within the field.

It is fun to watch Paige smash some ridiculous holes, but watching coverage where the leader is so far gone from the pack just isn't fun IMO.

"TigerPaige-proofing" a course isn't really the way to go about it. You need holes that have a good combination of distance and technicality for it to be a fair course - for both men and women.

Honestly complaining about a course that ate you alive compared to the rest of the field isn't really a good look. On top of that while I'm sure there was no intent to come off this way, remarks like that cheapen Weese's win.

Would love to here your thoughts Jamie.

Cmon Ozzie, at least hustle it out my man.

.203 nobody on / .293 men on base / .282 RISP

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What source can you use to find these.

Maybe if a few more of us tweeted to her. What's her twitter handle?

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Dude, I think I was on the teepad with you when you threw it the first time. I was the dude wearing the bandana. Someone called me a 'sand baggin' Nikko Locastro lookin mother fucker' lol.

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sand baggin' Nikko Locastro lookin mother fucker

That's a compliment if I've ever heard one.

Nothing soothes wounds better than watching a rival shit the bed so hard that it went through the rubber mattress pad.

83 points · 1 month ago


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Well I pretty much drunk Jan-Apr of 2017 away so I have no clue what you're talking about.

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A few people have asked about if it can be played. No, it's not notes. Those figures indicate how notes should be played.

The head is a fermata, which means to hold a note longer than normal. The beak is an accent, which means to play the note louder than it otherwise would. The body is a slur, meaning to play two or more notes smoothly, e. g. In one breath or one violin bow movement. The feet are a double flat, which lowers the note by a whole step (two piano keys). This is done for "spelling" , which is a large topic. The wing is a sixteenth note (the pitch is not specified). The "flags" at the top indicate the length of the note relative to the beat.

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The body is a slur

For some reason I just couldn't put this together. I was diving into all sorts of obscure musical notation, never crossed my mind to just rotate it a bit and boom it's a slur.

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

One can only hope.

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I used D2/D3s for a few years. Loved them. But upon replacing them/finding a new stamp I really liked ect. I found they varied too much for my liking.

Just my personal preference. Obviously Ricky and Jerm threw them to great success, Uli and Shoestrings still out perform 99.9% of reddit with them, so I still think they're a great company (I never leave home without a couple M4s and an F2)

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They make great discs, they just don't make consistent discs. They vary a good bit between runs - all companies do but Prodigy seems to be more guilty of that than others.

If you ask a Prodigy pro what they've got in the bag they're usually pretty specific about runs & colors because of this.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

You met the spiders?

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Or the fucking snakes man. I love Tripplet but will only ever make the trip from Atlanta in the cooler months. Between the snakes and the spiders and the heat/humidity it's not worth the 4 hours for a lot of the year. The course really is a fun one though and a 49 is a good round there.

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

sexy birds! amiright??

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How much did that one cost you just wondering? Or did you get it from the factory store?

30 points · 1 month ago

Yeah, and the steam generators will definitely boil dry if that POS is equipped with a 10k. Constant babysitting required. Then again, the shaft seals were so bad on my boat that without someone operating the drain pump every few hours, the boat would sink (like permanently) before anything anything else happened.

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Wait a minute...this isn't r/discgolf....

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