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bheylen 10 points

Just wanted to reiterate the importance of power. With these numbers you will likely need to start looking into getting some generators to add to whatever the venue is capable of handling. Take about 300Watt per pc when gaming + infrastructure (network/servers) + lighting etc + consider you'll probably be cooking some food (oven/microwaves etc). Which adds up to a lot. I remember one of our first LANs where we ended up taping some breakers fixed...

throwaway0000001090 1 point

It worries me at the lack of comments about how much focus needs to be placed on power. We run a 100-200 person event and we're lucky due to great wiring. You really need to look first at power, everything else comes second. Don't underestimate how much power you will require for 100 computers.

Also don't underestimate the costs and repercussions of a failed event. At the very least you will need to provide refunds, at the worst you could be liable for damages to machines or the center. Make sure you audit the facility and the power available.

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loylryan 21 points

Bent a girl over the hood of my car next to a fairly busy shipping canal. Midway through, a rather large ship came past and spotlighted us. I kept going. Cause fuck it.

throwaway0000001090 15 points

Beast mode... Did you stare right into the eyes of the captain while you unloaded your semen in her vessel?

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PixelBrush6584 53 points

Maybe how we went from giant, room sized computers to multi-gigaherz mobile devices that fit in the palm of our hand.

throwaway0000001090 7 points

That's assuming they would even had cared. I think people neglect the subtle things. Improved roads, certain medicines, cars. I think the most impacting things would be the things they saw everyday in their previous life.

Networksguy 1 point

Currently an Intern, but my current place has adopted all of the open office trends. So what they did is get rid of cubicles and make the enviorment more open, like Google does. Also if you complain you can get a standing/sitting desk. Those are really nice and you can decide if u want to sit or stand

throwaway0000001090 1 point

As someone who worked at Google this is not actually true. Sales offices yes, but technical offices where the SRE's work. Somewhat still a cubicle farm or at least very quiet and people avoiding making noise.

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CardboardCoffin 92 points

I never liked pewdiepie for the however so many years he existed but I think his new meme/edgier content and less fake personality is MUCH nicer than him previously.

Of course I generally avoid his videos because he just produces so much damn content, and like, if i ever feel like watching it I can. Plus, whatever he'll always be there.

He can be a little cringey at times but overall I do enjoy him, now at least.

throwaway0000001090 3 points

I despised him for the longest time, he's actually my age. But I think this newer pdp2.0 is actually much more appealing to where his original audience would be in life right now (age and interest wise).

I found his over the top reaction videos to be painful to watch, but the more authentic and chilled version just making jokes at h is expensive and at memes and having fun seems to be exactly what I need right now on YouTube. I'm in!

Also 4-10 million views a video is much more maintainable then trying to create ultra effort inducing clickbait everyday with over the top reactions or flexing. He's settled into something you could say now is a 9-5 job kinda deal, I think what we're seeing right now is definitely the real pdp with a little bit of showmanship on the side.

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yugoslaviabestslavia 10 points

It’s because boobytraps indiscriminately hurt and kill people. The theory with 2A and castle is that you have only shoot the person actively committing the crime and no one else gets hurt.

In this case, something could have happened like someone without malicious intent could have needed to do something like move OPs bike or whatever and then they grab the bike in the wrong place and bam, they’re all cut up.

throwaway0000001090 1 point

It’s because boobytraps indiscriminately hurt and kill people.

It wasn't a boobytrap though. That's like saying my disc brakes on my bike are a boobytrapped, if you spin the tyre with your finger in it, you'll lose a finger. So you can sue me...

The question is why the fuck are you operating someone else' property? OP could easily have said, I go riding in the scrub, this blade is to cut through any vines that get wrapped around my axle.

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ImSpartacus811 646 points

Ray tracing really just means "not faking it in lighting". There are a lot of thing that get compromised in video games due to not using a proper ray traced methodology.

It just turns out that video game makers have gotten very good at working around these limitations so you never notice them.

throwaway0000001090 5 points

From my understanding ray tracing was the opposite to how most developers do lighting in games. Where most games have lighting which is "here's something I prepared earlier", ray tracing was more like "from your point of view, let's calculate the light" which is computationally expensive and slow.

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throwaway0000001090 20 points

A fun read, but unfortunately unorganized pop-sci at it's best. Most points are backed up with little to no evidence. I didn't really take anything useful away from this book either, it talks as if most people suffer from life long curse of society holding them back. Most people hold themselves back (fear of failure, fear of the unknown and so on). If you're suffering the same limitations this book works well, otherwise just read the cliff-notes.

I think with self-help books you have to understand something. Any book that has the magical answer would not be for sale for $12.99 on Amazon. I feel most of these books are trying to solve the "effects" of most peoples issues, not the "cause".

e.g. Are you late to work because you lack time management? Or do you just hate your job and cannot find the motivation to get up at the time you need to leave?

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