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Downtownloganbrown 1 point

If you have to kill your trip with xans, it isn't really worth it.

Acid hasn't really shown me much. I'm on probation so I've been usin it to get high, but it does and can help you figure your shit out.

I've tripped at work (NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL, I DONT REGRET IT BUT IT HAPPEND), I've tripped and drove, and I've partied with acid. I regret a lot of the dumb shit I've done on acid. My best trips were trips where I knew nothing would come in and interfer with my trip. A whole 18 hours of free time can really let you experience it in full. 8 hours really doesn't give you the full trip IMO.

The come down allows you to really reflect on your trip and that makes it have the introspective effects. I would say wait for another day. If you have it you have it, but if you eat it it's gone. Ya feel me?

I can tell you a lot about my experiences and stuff through pms if you want. I would wait because you seem young and there will be a better time to take them, I guarantee it

throwaway1264av 1 point

Yeah that's just if I have to but I'd rather not. But I get what ur saying, but I'm just really set on doing this. I love exploring my mind and trying different substances. After this it will be a while before I do acid again too, once I get my own place I will be able to have an entire day undisturbed to trip. Also it's just one day a week bc my dad leaves for work early, and they never go out of town or anything so really it's that day, or in a couple years, well unless I drove somewhere once I get a car which will be within a couple months.

Downtownloganbrown 1 point

You do you man. If ya trip have a good one

throwaway1264av 1 point

Thanks man :), also thanks for the advice

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