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sbw2fan 2 points

The only weapons that lock on prestige are the ones that unlock due to rank.

So the DLC's and the ones you get for prestiging your divisions do not lock.

time_to_vape 1 point

wait so the Sten I'll get from this complete 50 matches order will not stay after prestige?

sbw2fan 2 points

What? That's not what I said. I said the Sten (being DLC) will not lock.

Meaning you keep it permanently, even after prestige.

time_to_vape 1 point

oh I didn't know it was classified as DLC lol, thanks for the responses!

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Neverendingend2 3 points

I was able to pull on Gohan's banner. New Gohan, Str Perfect Cell, New Phy Buu, Str Janemba, Str Vegeta, Ikkari Trunks, SSJ 2 Great Saiyaman Gohan are the featured SSRs.

time_to_vape 1 point

can confirm

wierdness201 2 points

Go to main screen and you'll be kicked out like the rest of us... Or if you try to load something.

time_to_vape 3 points

I've been able to buy off baba, enter missions, take screenshots of the new years stuff, etc. Its all working normally

time_to_vape commented on a post in r/discordapp
Aodhyn 22 points

The frequency of this happening is starting to get really annoying.

time_to_vape 7 points

Yeah no kidding, its become an almost daily thing I feel like.

time_to_vape 1 point

Yeah this is pretty much why I can't bring myself too buy Nitro. Discord seems to have daily issues preventing you from conversing with people so I can't in good conscience give me money towards it when its like that

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