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time_to_vape commented on a post in r/WWII
Sighberpunk 3 points

I can't hear footsteps at all unless it's mine or my teammates. The only game mode I can hear enemy footsteps is FFA and from quite a distance too. I don't understand why I can't hear enemy footsteps in other modes even if there running up behind me

time_to_vape 2 points

When enemies are moon walking they obviously won't be making noise

time_to_vape 11 points

I want to remove footsteps completely so I can hear my wife's footsteps as she comes to ask me why I spent all our savings at the casino again

time_to_vape commented on a post in r/WWII
time_to_vape 258 points

And I'm sure you can have intercourse in the time an smg is reloading

Combative_idiot 538 points

Me having intercourse? Haha good one

time_to_vape 93 points

You tend not to remember when your unconscious

Froabl_ 5 points

Wait why won't you prestige mountain?

time_to_vape 2 points

Its not a division I enjoy using and want to do the exp grind for

Dustineg6 5 points

Yes you still have to prestige mountain.

time_to_vape 1 point

Ah that sucks, thanks.

time_to_vape commented on a post in r/AskReddit
lustihead 5 points

“Do you know who I am!?” (all about the angry tone)

time_to_vape 2 points

That gets on my nerves. Was sitting at a table with my friend, and some douche a table over was throwing stuff at us. "Fuck you!" left my friend's mouth. It was greeted with that response.

time_to_vape commented on a post in r/AskReddit
TheBayouKid 4 points

How do servers get paid in other countries?

time_to_vape 2 points

Basically in the US, they're paid extremely low hourly wages (2/3 bucks and hour, even lower in some establishments) and rely on getting a majority their income from tips. In other countries, they get paid actual wages, and tips aren't really given.

CaffeineZero 3 points

Honestly though, tips work out to much more than a wage at most places.

time_to_vape 2 points

If a night isn't busy, waiter doesn't get a lot of tables, someone decides they just don't wanna tip, etc. are all things you should consider when saying that.

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iamyour_father 2 points

You can't strafe at normal speed with lmg while firing.Which means you will put yourself at disadvantage when facing players whom know how to strafe.

So imo X4 acog is cruth attachment for lmgs if you don't want to headglitch all day because it's so much easier to trace moving target with the x4 acog and you have decent chance against those kind of players.

I remember previous COD beside blops 3 didn't have this slowing down mechanic and in those game i could consistenly beat Ars, SMGs at lmg's point blank range but right know i feel like i just a shooting target without cover spot.

time_to_vape 2 points

Something I've heard that helps is using an LMG with infantry so that you can strafe better

Jahomanom 2 points

I searched YT for it to try to find it and link it but I can't find it anywhere, I'm sure it was him who uploaded it cause he compared it to Rainbow Six Siege.. If i can find it, I'll link it, other than that, ignore my original comment for now!

time_to_vape 1 point

Yeah I just tried looking, apparently hes Jordie Jordan or some crap now.

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