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jfinner1 6 points

Forgive me if this is a silly question. Is the sun any more dangerous to look at/toward during an eclipse? I ask because I drive a lot for work, and I frequently drive into the sun. After seeing all of these "don't look at the sun!" posts, I'm beginning to worry that I shouldn't even be outside during the eclipse. I know you should never look directly at the sun, but other than the fact that the sun will look weird during the eclipse, is there a general increased risk of driving or working outside etc?

timemagazine 8 points

Surely you know there are no silly questions! But I have to say that on this one my knowledge is more limited than what a good eye doc could tell you. Part of the danger of looking at the sun during an eclipse is that it's simply easier to look at it--and exceedingly tempting too. But easier does not mean safer. It's certainly OK to look around at anything else without glasses. Basically: don't look at the sun before totality without proper protective glasses; do look without glasses during totality but put them back on the second even the tiniest part of the sun reappears.

toooopy 3 points

How does one get a job for time?

Can any one submit to Time if they wish? Would their submissions get noticed or unnoticed

timemagazine 5 points

I'm really unclear on how the process works, but I know has a great jobs-posting site to that's a good place to start.

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nerdyfanboy1 61 points

Anyone know why you can't look at a solar eclipse?

oarsof6 185 points

It will burn your retina unless you are viewing during totality. Even viewing an almost total eclipse will damage your vision, unless you have adequate protection. Wear your eclipse glasses!

timemagazine 53 points

Yes, and make sure they are legitimate eclipse glasses. There are a lot of counterfeits out there right now.

timemagazine 31 points

Hi there, TIME is actually hosting an AMA in r/space with Jeff Kluger, a space guru, tomorrow at 12 P.M. EST, so feel free to ask him all of your awesome solar eclipse questions!

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