Initiation after DB by Atlantic_Hitchhiker in DeadBedrooms

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Others will have more detailed responses. For me, I'll just say... Positive self-talk is key. I tell myself, "I want this woman and she wants me". I repeat that a few times to myself so that it turns into a positive feedback loop, and then start initiating before those positive feelings dissipate.

It sounds like you're in a good place, though, from your description. Good job, best friend VHL, and you're talking about things. Recipe for success. Don't feel pressured, and be open with how you're feeling. Also ask how she's feeling at times. There's nothing wrong with feeling unsure, but you have to be willing to take steps to overcome it. "Flat out ask"ing isn't the worst thing. You were probably negatively reinforced by your previous relationship, by rejection. If you do the same thing in your current one, I would hope and think you would be positively reinforced by enthusiastic approval.

which Horror movie gets your 10/10 rating? by Ruth_Fletcher in AskReddit

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Me too, every time. I saw it 3x in the theater and still watch it occasionally on Netflix.

Scoring 50% average on boson, how to improve? by squirrel_eatin_pizza in ccna

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I would not, it would just be frustrating. My process for icnd1 and 2 was to read through the ocg, then dive into boson. Even then it was frustrating but at least I had seen the material somewhere.

ICND2 passed by tje210 in ccna

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Oh yeah, don't worry... I was aiming for that 811. When I finished, that score could have gone either way... When it came up passing I just sat there decompressing, relaxing myself from getting ready to braindump myself post-fail.

Anyways seriously thanks. CCNA has been a goal of mine for 8 years, and your software has super helped me. I teared up a little after I saw the passing score.

ICND2 passed by tje210 in ccna

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Really the little details of everything. I felt like I knew nothing of the nitty gritty, but I suppose I was able to guess well enough.

I'm not even trying to be vague. From the beginning to the end, the questions seemed just one level deeper than my casual knowledge. Like ok yeah I know about X major concept, and how to configure it... Here's this question about the theory and its operation. And now here's major concept Y... And Z...

50+ questions of that. The sims were pretty much a breeze... Though wording as usual worried me. Same with wording in multiple choice! I kept telling myself "ok in the real world what would I do... That's got to be what they mean".

Fans of The Farseer Trilogy and The Realm of the Elderlings, you're invited to r/robinhobb. by FarFromYourLovingEye in books

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I lost track of the series after fool's fate. Thanks for bringing my attention to this!

2 forms of ID for CCENT exam? by joshgoldeneagle in ccna

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I actually did the same thing ;) didn't want to pay bad habits forward :P

2 forms of ID for CCENT exam? by joshgoldeneagle in ccna

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My best tip is that a credit card is valid (make sure you sign it before going into the testing site).

Copypasta from Pearson website -

A currently valid signed passport of any country A currently valid signed government issued photo driving licence (full or provisional) Employee ID / work badge Military ID School ID

*Primary ID without a signature: Some government issued ID such as a passport, driver’s licence, military ID or state/country card may be a biometric type and/or may not contain a signature. In these cases Primary ID will be accepted without a signature on condition that you also present a Secondary ID which does contain your signature (e.g. bank, credit or debit card).

ICND1 - Study Help by nerdrolls in ccna

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I get there by googling "icnd1 practice". Doing the same for 200-105... I go through a test or two each day just to warn up my brain. No sims though... In my opinion there's no substitute for Boson.

Last ditch effort - HLF and LLM - need advice by [deleted] in DeadBedrooms

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The post was just a snapshot, but given that information, something like staying out late could be a symptom of him avoiding you. I remember doing that when I was in an unhealthy relationship.

CCNA exams by werebear_wrecker in ccna

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It is normal to not be able to go back and review questions. I don't know anything about the cyber ops test or what resources are out there for it, so sorry I can't point you in a good direction for test prep. But if you can, write down what gave you trouble so you can plan for next time, and don't get discouraged! I'd buying the test guaranteed certification, we wouldn't need to test.

When is the best time to buy Boson ExamSim-Max? by dbrad81 in ccna

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Anytime! Personally, when I think I'm ready to start testing my knowledge and filling gaps is when I purchased them. They're a super great resource and I can't recommend them highly enough.

They update things continuously afaik, so you wouldn't get any marginal benefit from waiting. That being stood, if you jump into practice tests too soon, you might feel overwhelmed :P. Don't let it get you down, however you do it :)

CCNA without OCG(Odom)? by samhpai in ccna

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I passed icnd1 a month ago and went straight into ocg for 200-105, and it was a beast. I felt like I learned lots, but it was slow. I got the Boson practice tests, and immediately realized there were many areas I needed to go back and focus on. So I reread them and practiced on my home lab. Feeling much better now. Probably 2-4 weeks from testing.

Personally, it's important for me to remember that there's a whole lot of ground to cover, and I only need to make sure I'm making progress each day, no matter how small.

Jeffrey Tambor Officially Fired From 'Transparent' in Wake of Harassment Claims by NeilPoonHandler in television

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RHCP had a lawsuit against the show californication... Iirc, the show won because they cited some magazine article written 10+ years before the song ever happened.

[AMA Request] Person at NBC who decided to have people talking, preventing people from just enjoying the opening ceremonies of the Olympics by networkedquokka in IAmA

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They always do that. At this point it's whatever. The gaffe I enjoyed most was when Katie Couric said "those ubiquitous iPhones" when referring to the Samsung Note 8's that everyone had (each Olympian got one for free in a gift bag).

Beginner CCNA question about Trace route by ILIKETHEPENIS in ccna

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Think about what the results you get from traceroute represent. When would you expect 2 traceroutes to be the same?

Boson 18% off Promo Code for Reddit by BosonMichael in ccna

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Perfect timing, just finished the Odom 200-105 book and it's time for practice testing and labs! Just purchased. Thanks :D

quick question about BGP by tje210 in ccna

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Nice explanation. Thanks :D