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This movie was a big part of my childhood. The music! I haven't heard it in 20 years but I still remember it and it gets me pumped up. The kid riding in the robot, the sunset shot... Siiiiiiiigh

Really hoped he was a production attorney and your answer would be "Compliance!"

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The hero we deserve

Canadian here. A few years ago, while I was in 2nd year of University, and depressed without many friends was struggling with extremely heavy groceries while walking. A guy with his son, offered to help me by dropping me off, I was a little surprised but said why not. He was extremely kind and talked to me the whole way, when we got to the front of my building I thanked him and he told me no problem but to pay it forward the next time I saw somebody struggling. And it always stuck with me years later, human kindness is definitely an underrated thing

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I did that yesterday. At the end of a hot 6 mile run at 6am, I saw this guy sitting in the back of a van with the rear doors open, with a gas grill right behind the van. With no prompting, I asked if he needed help lifting it in. I helped him.

Good for you.


Look. I am 7+ years celibate. I know where you are coming from. Trust this: you can easily fuck up. Dont fuck up. Things are never what they seem until you have done the above.

Good luck.

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So much this. OP came across as /r/iamverysmart for a critical line there...

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I had the same thoughts as an extremely slender 5’ 10” 125 pound male. Over the years I have worked out consistently as a way to vent and improve my self image. I am much healthier and a muscular 205 pounds now, but she only seemed to resent my improvements. I thought she would be more attracted to me or interested more frequently. Neither. There are benefits to your health and self confidence, but I doubt it would have made a difference to him. Exercising and living healthy made my libido even stronger, increasing my frustration further. Do it for yourself, but don’t think you are the problem, he is. Just my thoughts.

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I hate them normally, but that's one before/after I'd like to see. Doubling your mass! How long that take?

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Ate $20 worth of Popeyes and drank an entire bottle of Champagne on my couch, under a blanket, watching Alien and Aliens, on Valentine’s Day, alone.

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That sounds like something I would do. 1) alien is my favorite of all time 2) champagne is good for celebration 3) vday is my bday 4) popeyes is tasty

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I feel personally victimized by this relatable content.

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Has any else ever felt personally victimized by this relatable content?

Personally that's a lot for me to take in. Hopefully more knowledgeable people will have better responses, but I'd say... this sounds great for therapy; I think you just need to understand each other. From your perspective he needs to understand you and what you need even in your LL periods.

It's awesome that you're involved in this mentally and physically. Sounds like maybe he needs some education about what's going on? How predictable are your phases of HL? That could be a rock he can anchor himself on, if he can set expectations etc. But again ianaPhD and I'm tired right now. I wish my situation had been closer to yours though.

I think of the more recent shows I've kept up with, The Expanse is probably the one title sequence I never skip through. I love all the time lapses on Earth and then the various planets we colonize and watching the transport network stream to and from these colonies.

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The music is pretty awesome, I always blast it!

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Here are my top 5

You know the opening sequence its good when you don’t wanna skip it

  1. Game of Thrones
  2. Dexter
  3. The Crown (watch the video)
  4. True Blood
  5. Stranger Things
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Dexter always made me hungry for breakfast food. Sometimes I'd get ham and eggs for the episode.

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r/ccnaPosted by
Original Poster2 points·4 days ago

Thank you for your explanations. I noticed switch is being mentioned multiple times. Am I safe to then think wire speed is L2 terminology?

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Layer 1, it has to deal with the physical specifications and electrical signals.

Yeah I gave it up. DB recently was dissolved; I'm thinking it's time to get back into that scene.

So the point is... to love yourself!!!

What if it is genuine?

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That's the question you ask yourself the first 200 times. When it fails every time, that's when you lose hope.


I started to experience aversion to her touch, which was new and disturbing to me.

24 hours later, we talked a little, and I told her that this either needed to improve, or we needed to just be friends, or this was going to get bad.

She instantly said we should be friends.

So quickly? I was a little disappointed but she hasn't sufficed as a sexual (or sensual etc) partner for so long that I just said "ok" to make her feel good about her decision.

This life we have built, and that I thought we were building, gone just like that. I have gained so much from it and I thought I'd be able to let her benefit from those gains.

Thank you to this sub. I don't think my (former) relationship benefited from it, except for me being more articulate in what my relationship was lacking. all let me know that what I'm feeling and that what I want isn't wrong, inappropriate or shameful, and that is a life lesson I will keep with me forever.

I knew we were done when I started experiencing the aversion, complete loss of eye contact, and no longer interested in any kind of physical touch.

I think that comes when you've distanced yourself to a certain point. It is not a good feeling at all, to recoil from the thing you once wished so badly for. It's also a sign the resentment is probably deep set enough that there's no hope for the relationship, at least that was true for me.

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Original Poster2 points·6 days ago

You're correct. No qualifiers, full stop.

Sometimes, the end does come quickly. At least you know where you stand, and you can move forwards from there.

There is a reason for everything, you know more about life and love than you did before, use it to your advantage later.

My best wishes to you, hope you can find some positives from this.

BTW, the touch aversion? It happens towards the end also...

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Original Poster2 points·6 days ago

Re: aversion... Yeah that's how I knew it was going to get bad.

Thank you for your words. I see a lot of your posts around here and I respect your opinions.

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard

Kevin Durant

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But when talent works hard it kicks your ass -Ian miller

I don't know you. I don't know him. On the topic of who you both are I have nothing to offer. What I will say is that I have been in his position before. I understand the feeling of being "stuck" in a relationship and wanting an out. It doesn't even necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the relationship at a face value, but instead that this person is reaching a crisis point of "Can i do this forever, am i missing out on something more?"

In my own experience I wanted out so bad that I would turn make anything a justification for why I couldn't do it anymore, even to myself. I would tell myself that X Y and Z weren't what I wanted/signed up for even though she hadn't changed at all. The justifications and what I told her were small band-aids to fix the giant hole I had created in my own self. At the time I wasn't honest enough with myself or her to just say "I'm not satisfied. I don't know why, but I can't keep doing this." At the end of the day I had a lot of self hate and issues to work through but it ended up being better for both of us. She eventually found someone who valued her for what she had to offer and treated her better than I did towards the end of the relationship, and I ended up finding someone who completed me in many different ways.

I understand the giant what if. Leading up to that moment I'd hold her hand and wonder if this was the last time. When I broke up with her I cried my eyes out and didn't eat for days. I wanted to kiss her and hold her and really impress upon her that it wasn't her and that I was the broken one. I wanted to flip a magic switch and make it all better for her. I wanted her to scream at me. I wanted her to hate me. I wanted her to tell me that she's always wanted someone else all along. But in the end she loved me enough to let me go.

After all of that, and in retrospect, nothing would have fixed us. Many of our friends saw us as picturesque and couldn't believe the news at the time, but eventually came to see how we were better off apart. Unfortunately now she is a stranger in my life. We haven't spoken in years but I will always bear the mental weight of how I turned away my biggest fan and made her feel like she wasn't good enough for me, when in reality its because I was too broken and selfish to realize what I had with her. I don't regret it because emotionally I'm much happier now, but I still think of it.

TLDR; I believe that he loves you, but not in the way that will keep you together. You both deserve happiness, and the coming days/weeks/months are going to be the hardest you will both have. A breakup can feel like a death. Although nothing will fix it, try to rely on other people you are close with as avenues for help and keep the dialogue open with him if possible, but don't let yourself get trapped. People grow, and people grow apart.

They say grief is the cost of love. Feel better redditor, I wish you the best.

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Are you me?

Original Poster21 points·8 days ago

We use that too sometimes. :)

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What about Wendy? I hear that's the best one.

They say divorce is expensive....

... Because it's worth it!!!

Not that I would know, I've just been hanging around this sub for a while. But I think I serve as an information/knowledge aggregator in this case.

She doesn’t look like the second most beautiful women in the world that’s for damn sure

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Maybe she has great standing posture

I've been told this is weird. When shopping, I never grab the first one available.

Buying a movie? I don't want the one on display. I want any other one behind it.

That box of cereal up front looks fine? Then someone else can have it. I have to take the one behind it.

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Must take the 4th if possible. Others have had the idea... But also figured others had THAT idea and took the third. Or the formerly damaged first one is now the third. Nobody would go for the 4th.

So, my wonderful first BF was like this and we were not able to work through his reluctance to be forceful and assertive due to his ideological beliefs during our relationship. We had great communication, and he heard me when I said I wanted him to be more dominant sexually, but he very much simply didn't agree - it made him very, very uncomfortable. It seemed wrong to him. And I know that for many people it may be true that you are in fact either dominant or submissive, as u/permanent_staff suggests.

But for what it's worth about a year after I broke up with him (not just for that, although that was a big part of my loss of attraction for him) I came to see him at his new house and he apologized for letting his doubts and fears and beliefs get in his way, and he took me to his bedroom and showed me the eye bolts he'd screwed into the floor around his futon for restraints. sigh Too little, too late - but sometimes some people really do get hung up on some image of how an ideal word works and can't shake it until they get the whole rug pulled out from under them.

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Just curious...was he expecting to win you back, hook up, or just show you how he'd grown?

Arrested development and real Ninja Warrior... Also MXC!!!!

American Ninja warrior was a competition to be on Japanese Ninja Warrior... Nobody did well iirc.

These things take time, my man. I was heavily emotionally abused for 5 years... That ended about 4 years ago but I'm still working some things out. I have worked a lot out, but it's a long process, learning to trust again.

I think you're on the road though. Don't feel bad that it takes time. And don't mess up your great thing! Have you talked with your gf about your stuff, so she can understand if you do something unhealthy, and not blame you?

L1 techs are hired right out of HS in many cases. If you want this job then take it, you'll be just fine and if you are good at talking to your customers, you should be L2+ in no time.

I always wondered, what's keeping someone from doing something malicious to the computers like installing a keylogger and stealing people's accounts and junk?

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I like how the replies don't consider a hardware keylogger...

Edit: I read further...

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