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SpartanJack17 [M] 1 point

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tkocur 1 point

I actually looked in the sub before posting about the 2nd funded launch platform for SLS. I knew about the budget and have seen posts but never saw anything dealing with the 2nd launch platform.

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tkocur 1 point

What is being displayed on the monitor at about 4:28? Almost looks like a big splash in water but I'm not sure.

FunGuy_NSFW 0 points

Believe that's just the debris falling into the ocean. Not sure which piece, but there was a lot that came raining down.

tkocur 1 point

That's what I was thinking but how could they have gotten eyes on-site so quickly? The time from the "explosion" to surface impact was less than 3 minutes.

tkocur commented on a post in r/space
tkocur 4 points

Curious if anybody else had issues watching the flight. It buffered so badly that it was not a live stream. The last 30 seconds of the countdown took over 2 minutes. Trying to determine if the bottleneck is on my side (gigabit ethernet) or if the servers were bogged down.

tkocur 2 points

Must be on the AT&T side. Maybe Elon Musk will provide me with an alternative to it one day.

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