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Insiders accumulating... they know whats’ the real deal. WTC - The Chinese Unicorn.

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Damnit, paycheck in 3 days.... I aint done accumulating. Everything under $100 = STEAL.

Masternode information for AMB just released.

● Apollo — 250’000 AMB ● Hermes — 150’000 AMB ● Atlas — Omega 75’000 AMB / Sigma 30’000 AMB/ Zeta 10’000 AMB

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Booo, glad i sold. ROI only 10%...

-16 points · 4 months ago

Vechain vs wtc?

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WTC $1000 EOY.

I PMd you, why no response?

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No PM yet, try again??

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Cryptic tweet by networktraveler... some huge announcement incoming?

Plot twist. This is actually Walton’s headquarter

He was just traveling to their offices.

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Found out that the skyscraper is KK100, also known as Kingkey finance center plaza or Kingkey finance tower in Shenzhen.

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OMG!😭Can't believe they are downvoting you ! Thank you Walton supporter ! ❤️ keep doing the great work. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🚀🚀🚀

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That was actually hilarious hahaha! :P

Waltonchain. Ok, you can downvote me now vengirls.

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Coins you should FOMO in today; Walton, EOS, ADA.

Someone needs to do something about the Telegram. I’m a longtime WTC investor, but the level of censorship on the Telegram is almost ridiculous. For example, one person wondered whether we’ll see a price dip after the conference ends, and they were told by an admin that this kind of comment was not welcome. There is no constructive discussion allowed, just shilling.

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Anybody else craving some informance? :)

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thelatemercutio coming with some juicy news/informance tonight or tomorrow!!

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Walton... you heard it here first before mooning.

Comment deleted4 months ago

VEN hype is over... you are better off with ICX only.

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I haven't been very active on reddit or even slack lately, but I have been active in the background. I have something for you guys soon.

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❤️❤️ ilu

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Booo... so tired of all these VEN threads...enough with the brigading and endless shilling please.

I already commented this on the other thread but i'll comment it here as well since you won't know about any of the red flags from Walton supporters and i think it's important. Walton supporters should also try explaining these red flags rather than only downvoting.

Be careful with Waltonchain, even some former knights called out some partnerships (Fuyao Glass, Septwolves and Joeone atleast) and they were deleted from the website, we still haven't heard of those months later.

They do partnerships with subsidiaries of big companies and then hype it as a major thing, China Mobile and Telecom for example. Still no word from China Mobile IoT Alliance after all these months.

Their new token isn't tradeable yet but some miners have figured out ways to get around Waltons restrictions and can mine a huge percentage of the hashrate so their tech doesn't seem to be much better than their marketing. They do have RFID chips but the RFID company (Silitec) existed before Waltonchain.

Many many red flags here, DYOR and be careful.

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😂😂 credz for trying to FUD tho... need to step up the game WTC duhh..

-11 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Someone call me a fucking genius for moving my entire VEN stack to ICX yesterday.

All these VEN fanboys salty as fuck. LMAO. HOLD DIS L.

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Well done mate. VEN is shit... hype is gone there. Filled my bag with WTC and ICX. Easiest gainZ og my life this week.


ICX second pump incoming.

ICX going on a epic bull run! Bittrex rumours this week.

lmao I cant get enough of the antshares/neo comment. So funny how everything is compared to that

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Walton can be compared to antshares/neo cuz its Chinese also.

What? Walton never changed its name plus projects are very different. Just because its chinese you can say oh antshares/neo?

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u mirin?

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Waltonchain one of the most undervalued cryptocurrency today!!

I hope not, because Nexon ruined Maplestory back in the days!

WTC with lower and lower volume for each day.... and still no listing on Bithumb. OMG and Kyber just got listed today. I’ve been hodling WTC since last year and I feel that the WTC hype is gone... most because of the marketing and tweet fiasco. What does it take to turn this downtrend around? Even a Microsoft partnership wouldnt fix it?

People in this sub focus to much on certain things to give false hope. The coins Bithumb is adding have large volume on multiple exchanges. WTC barely has A couple hundred BTC volume on 1 exchange. WTC is a long term hold and all of crypto is risky. Do your own research.

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Bithumb listing gets less and less special for each time. If it happens after token swap in May, I dont expect 50% pump like these days.

MMMMHM.... NONONO. 20K ❤️🎉🔥👏🏻

1 more hour till the Waltonchain speech.

This will be a interesting week for WTC!

Who's excited for today? Retweet! Twitter is way more powerful than reddit!

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There are several awards also given out during this event. Best innovative product, best application program, IoT Star awards, Outstanding people, Most investment value enterprise, and Internet of things ecology award. WTC will be killin` it. Expect something big this week. :-)

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