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tobias_pham commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
ItsComingHomeLads 0 points

WTC quietly been surging the last few days. Mainly just recovering from dropping too low prior.

tobias_pham 10 points

Mainnet incoming next week.... 👌🏻

bluemoon_33 3 points

Do you have a for sure date on the release?

tobias_pham 5 points

Knights have confirmed on track for Q1... basicly next week :-)

tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
tobias_pham 23 points

WTC still undervalued. Price pr coin shoulda been atleast $320 (8 bill mcap).

_B4M 8 points

I mean, this is nice and all, but do you have any analytical basis for why it "should be" at least 8bil right now? Otherwise you just sound like a moon boy

tobias_pham -4 points

WTC will speak for itself after the grand event. Just wait and see :-))))

tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
tobias_pham 21 points

Coinmarketcap just updated VEN’s coinsupply. Marketcap is $3.5 bill!!!! Seriously? WTC are 10x more superior than VEN... Basicly I see no problem that WTC will be at same marketcap ($140 pr WTC) in short time. Peace!

tobias_pham 15 points

WTC still going strong... If you havent got in yet, you definitely should asap before the event 28th... $100 in February... thats only 2.5 bill marketcap.

tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
NightStalkar 3 points

Just did 30 mins ago. Got in an at 28USD. Happy to be onboard. And I agree. I see this rising steady and nearly immune to these btc dips. When btc soars, wtc will as well!

tobias_pham 2 points

Good choice! I can already see $100 In the horizon 🚀 . Just imagine when market is bull again.... #mooninglikenotomorrow

tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
_B4M 5 points

wait, weren't you one of the guys that was hyping up an announcement along with dodlief

tobias_pham 1 point

No hype, facts. Get ready.

_B4M 3 points

I mean, teasing an announcement that the general public doesn't know about is hype...and now instead of outright teasing about it, you're hinting instead lol

tobias_pham -2 points

I dunno. ESKEEETIT 🚀🚀🔥

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tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
OhioSneakerHead 6 points

Sorry if this has been asked ad nauseum, but will those who do not own a MN-level amount of tokens receive “rewards”/staking (I.e neo/gas and vet/Thor) when the main net goes live?

tobias_pham 7 points


tobias_pham 8 points

Big news incoming, be ready!

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tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
tobias_pham 15 points

WTC are still undervalued at todays price... Get in while you can. Mcap for WTC should be atleast 2 bill ($80 USD). New website? Bithumb? Focus on marketing? New partnership reveal in Feb? Mainnet launch soon? This will moon fast.. sell book is THIN.

vferr 7 points

what do you guys think end of week?

tobias_pham 13 points


tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
tobias_pham 9 points


tobias_pham 57 points

Thanks to u/thelatemercutio for the great summary about the partnership with fuyao glass + WTC all in one sticky thread. I am pretty sure that is the reason why WTC keeps holding strong in these though times with FUD and BTC-run. People dont know about these big partnerships that is currently going behind the curtains. Keep it up!!

tobias_pham 17 points

Big thanks to u/dlow_stacks altso. I am 100% sure that we will be rewarded soon... 2018 = WTC’s year. Doesnt even suprise me if it goes atleast 10x before summer.

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