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tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
tobias_pham 16 points

WTC are still undervalued at todays price... Get in while you can. Mcap for WTC should be atleast 2 bill ($80 USD). New website? Bithumb? Focus on marketing? New partnership reveal in Feb? Mainnet launch soon? This will moon fast.. sell book is THIN.

vferr 7 points

what do you guys think end of week?

tobias_pham 12 points


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tobias_pham 8 points


tobias_pham 57 points

Thanks to u/thelatemercutio for the great summary about the partnership with fuyao glass + WTC all in one sticky thread. I am pretty sure that is the reason why WTC keeps holding strong in these though times with FUD and BTC-run. People dont know about these big partnerships that is currently going behind the curtains. Keep it up!!

tobias_pham 18 points

Big thanks to u/dlow_stacks altso. I am 100% sure that we will be rewarded soon... 2018 = WTC’s year. Doesnt even suprise me if it goes atleast 10x before summer.

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tobias_pham 3 points


WhaleNotJustYet 3 points

And how much would it cost to buy one? Guess a lot more then the costs of a GMN

tobias_pham 1 point

You need 1000 XZC for a masternode. With todays price, $120,000 for a node. Reward $3900 pr month.

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tobias_pham 11 points

Great post! I have been through the days when NEO was Antshares.... that was FUD-deluxe. I see similarities with what WTC is going through right now, but you know what? I aint fxking selling. WTC project is so promising, what they want to acheive, their goals, the partnerships, the tech with rfid patents, and the list goes on... new world order? WTC for president? Our time will come when you least expect it.

tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
celluxx 1 point

Walton is an ERC20 token now.. How is it going to be transformed to WTC tokens? Anyone has done something like this before with another token?

Is there a risk of losing my tokens if I don't act in time or something? (assuming some manual process is needed)

tobias_pham 1 point

Just keep it on Binance or MEW. They will do it automatically for you when that time is coming.

dodleif1 24 points

The fundamentals of WTC hasnt changed... Actually its more bullish than ever after this AMA. Yes, they may have delayed the mainnet for a month or two but it was neccessary according to Monitor. The delay will be WORTH it (HELLO GUYS? Mainnet will be launching with immediate THREE industry partner childchain!). The mass adoption/production may start way earlier than the expected roadmap..

  • When WTC gets listed on Bithumb within 3 months, new website in february, full focus on western marketing, and GMN/MN rewards higher than DASH.... WTC will be atleast $80 dollar.... Todays price = steal. Bing Mok ended the slack AMA with: WTC will be one of the best cryptocurrency in 2018.

There is no moon, we will go for the stars. Thanks, I keep my GMN`s. Peace.

tobias_pham 9 points

This is so true. WTC must be the most undervalued cryptocurrency today. There are more good news to come according to Bing Mok.... All GM’s that have sold are just short term moon chasers. Who remembers last year when DASH was 9 dollar pr coin? I am pretty sure that keeping your GM’ through these tough times will reward you GOOD in the future.... so good that your income is secured for the rest of your life and dont have to work anymore.

tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
tobias_pham 5 points

Make a vertical version for my iphone screensaver! :-)

StarlikeLOL 3 points

What resolution - I could definitely attempt to make one when I have time.

tobias_pham 3 points

I think its 1125 x 2436.. iPhone X. Thank you so much ;-)

tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
BettyBattie -11 points

If you read the AMA, 10th is not the deadline. Its just a start of the snapshot. The way i read it is, you still have time till Feb to become a GMN just that you wouldn't be the most senior, no big deal but you still have chance till Feb, which is important.

tobias_pham 7 points

Idiot, dont answer when you dont know. 10th Des. = deadline for GM. After that only normal masternode

fanfinifinfon 14 points

How come this is bullish? There is nothing concrete here.

tobias_pham 13 points

"However, we would like to say this, if you trust the team, hold your WTC tokens. At the same time, please be patient, good things happen to those who are." We talk two digits reward for GM’s my friend, 20% - 30% you’ll will see.

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tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
1chris1377 1 point

Anyone here who can give me a link with a realtime chart where i can see how many coins going in and out from binance ?

tobias_pham 1 point
tobias_pham 1 point
tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
dodleif1 -10 points

Keep holding guys.... WTC is now a sinking ship till low $4.... I sell high, buy low. You guys should have heard what I said. BTC $9500 now.

tobias_pham 4 points

This guy is right tho... upvoted. As DJ Khaled once said; "Gotta win some more". Sell high buy low.

wolfofwalton 5 points

The word from a couple individuals in the slack channel seems to be that there could be some big announcements soon. IDK how true it is, but you can bet your masternode that I ain't selling

tobias_pham 1 point

Yes, I also believe for some big announcements but not before the blockchain and wallet release in January 2018.

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tobias_pham commented on a post in r/waltonchain
dodleif1 1 point

I am just helping you guys.... Sell high buy low.... Mark my words till next week, thanks :-)

tobias_pham 3 points

Looks like you are right... WTC selling hard now.

tobias_pham 2 points

BTC going ATH.... alts will bleed slowly unfortunately this weekend.. :(

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