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This really breaks my heart I literally grew up at the sky he's one of The Inspirations of what made me want to get in the kitchen and start cooking for myself. My mom work in the restaurant business and unfortunately was always there so in my spare time when I was home alone I would always put on cooking shows I remember watching his first original show a Cook's tour and then No Reservations and now Parts Unknown and literally I idolize this man. what you got to do what he got to experience and get such a Global Perspective through connection of storytelling in the food we can find that common camaraderie despite the culture despite a language barrier anyting we can all sit down and break bread together. Thank you for all your wonderful memories you gave me and thank you for inspiring me to pick up a knife and start cooking everything myself is one of the greatest gifts I've been able to give my family and myself; because of the enjoyment the camaraderie and love that we all share whenever we have a wonderful meal you're one of the factors and for that sir I'm forever grateful. Thank you very much chef. You may be gone by certainly will never be forget you and the impact you've had on my life I will continue to cook forward.

Cook and drink in peace

That seems like such a steal especially for how long it's been out but the only thing that concerns me. Is whether or not they're going to go heavy on the DLC content and would rather just wait for a Game of the Year Edition with all the content available? Idk what to do.

Thank you bro! I got mine this morning 😁

I freaking love you. As soon as I wake up I'm calling both my HEB plus going to get me a PS4 pro I hope they still have them if not im ordering it thank you brother!

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I was on Craigslist and I found two used consoles ads both are PlayStation 4s and 1tb according to the postings.

The first offer was a PlayStation 4 1tb special edition Final Fantasy 7 console with a copy of Uncharted collection. $220 flat with one remote and all the charging cables

The other one was a PlayStation 4 Slim 1tb with a copy of zero Dawn Horizon l, Skyrim 280 flat with two remotes HDMI cable and the regular charge cables.

They both sound really tempting but I've never bought a used console before I've always bought in mind brand new but I don't want to spend too much. Should I go for it and which the deal do you think is better and or should I just go out and buy a brand new console? I just don't know any good deals currently going on and the second one seems pretty reasonable. However will I run into any issues down the line as far as warranty or if I need repairs or anything on it since I bought it second hand?

Any comments would be appreciated or if anyone knows any good deals going on please feel free to post I would really appreciate all the help thank you so much.


I was able to pick up a brand new PS4 slim 1tb for 200. The second deal you mentioned seems not bad but its up to you.

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Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

Where do you check to get some good bundles deals?

FF7 PS4? Nani?

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

I think he's just calling it a special edition to try and sell it what I'm thinking is he just put a sticker on it or like something he showed me a picture of it looks really nice but yeah I was kind of suspicious on the even though he did send me a picture.

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This recipe I got from Chef Toups on the YouTube channel for munchies. Really simplistic made a few modifications but it turned out amazing to everyone I served it to

I know it's not the prettiest plate but I don't care about that everyone enjoyed it and that's all that mattered


I would get paid weekly and my old employer would always pass out the pay stubs every single friday. I held on to every single one I was considering destroying them but I don't know if they hold some importance of being that I've been gone for the company for the last 6 months so should I hold on to them or should I destroy them?


I make about 19.25 an hour doing a part-time job and I added up all my time of I made for last pay periods check it seems like it's off. I usually clock in about 8 minutes early cuz that's the maximum you're allowed to do that anything else and you'll get a email about it but anyway I just added it all up and it just seemed like I was off my pay stub says 41 hours but it should be about 43 hours.

Now I won't lie and won't say this job is difficult when it is the most cake job I've ever had in my entire life half of my time is pretty much walking, helping out the people I help and then just sitting at my desk the only danger is the environment and the items I work with.I don't have a supervisor looking over my back or anything so it's a really Kush position no stress. I want to eventually go full-time with this company and I may have a opportunity in February should I just keep this to myself and don't make a big deal out of it or should I bring it up to my supervisor? I don't want to blow my chance at losing this position and turning it into something bigger just because of two hours even though like we have a lot of downtime I mean a lot of down time and I still can't believe I get paid for this I just don't want to be a sore in my managers back side and complain about my hours but then again every dollar counts. Any input or was that would be most appreciated

Update I talked to a senior coworker and apparently even if I were to clock in early that's on us management team goes by what hours are assigned so even if I was to clock in early I would not get paid for it they just rounded up to the work hour so if I had 5 minutes extra from clocking in it don't matter they don't count that according to my friend who got me in the company kind of disappointing to be honest.


Do you clock in electronically? If so, the calculation is automated. Most discrepancies can be attributed to rounding errors, but maybe there's something else happening. Are you subtracting your breaks appropriately?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Yes I do clock in electronically using Kronos As for breaks typically we just clock out 30 minutes and I just use a timer along with breaks are not factored in

I think the inexactness of it all is going to give HR plenty of wiggle room.

I'd say let this one go. But if you're concerned, you should keep a formal time card with exact time stamps. If your next check seems short, that makes it much more difficult to ignore.

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Copy that I will bring it up to my supervisor and just have her take a look into it but I won't make a big big thing out of it this time but if it happens again then that's 2 hours

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Could you leave the room? Or like are you stuck there do you go on lunch breaks do you have a place to sleep are you awake 24/7 I have more questions than answers


Back in May I was having alternator issues and had to replace my alternator and have someone put it on for me on my 2012 Charger. Well lo and behold a few months later I get a notice in the mail from Mopar saying that there is a mandatory recall on my year charger for the alternator and I could be eligible for reimbursement and or repairs on this current issue. Well of course I held on to my invoice for the part I bought a pocket along with invoice for the mechanic shop I had put it on for me. It was a few months but I finally got my reimbursement by going back and forth back and forth with the representatives and finally I actually received my payment last week over $350 so I was really thankful for that. However I open up my mail this morning and lo and behold I see another check for a less amount but still a good sum of money and I call to verify with the agency and I asked them how much was the some I would be receiving and which the amount was the first amount I got so I don't know if they are aware that they did a double issue and maybe another department sent it off but I'm really tempted to keep it but then again my good-hearted side says it's not the right thing to do and I should really do more research before I make such a hasty decision. Any feedback should I return it should I keep it I mean I'm thinking in the long run they're probably going to notice and I would rather avoid that fight and ethically I know it's wrong but then again it does feel good to have some extra cash to fall back on in case something happens please any feedback would be appreciated thank you

Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago


I called the company one more time just to confirm and make sure it was okay but unfortunately of course it was an error on their part and then one of the associates did steer me wrong and say that yes I guess there was a duplicate and which the associate thanked me and sent me the address I need to send it back to via email so I went with the right thing to do and stuck with my pride and I'm going to send it back thank you all for all your help I really appreciate it


Basically I work for a military Base and I work with the Hazmat unit for a company now they pay pretty well for per hour compared to my last job I went from 12.50 to 19 per hour. However the only issue that I'm facing is the fact that they're barely giving it in the hours probably about 20 a week and I can barely survive off that. My bills are just too far and high and I was not properly thinking when I signed up because my other job was so horrible. Vicious staff very rude and just not a pleasant Bunch with the exception of a few people but management was never there to tell people how to treat others but I had to leave. However I made the immature mistake when I joined this company that I would get another part-time job but I have applied at countless places and still cannot get a job anywhere but I refuse to work fast food or anything like that. I'm losing faith because no one is hiring even though I see so many different positions being offered that I've applied countless and numbers times for as far as talking clerk work sales things of that nature and I'm not getting no responses and if I do get a response unfortunately no one can work with my schedule because I have to work Wednesday thru Friday for about 1:30 to about 6. And then sometimes weekends which could very from first second or third shift depending on what they need that week so I don't know what to do anymore I'm running out of patience and I'm falling behind on my bills and I don't know what to do. I can make full-time eventually but when that will happen I don't know I'm hearing sometime in March but that's not for certain and I'm running out of Hope. Should I leave this opportunity and go find something else to pay my bills even though I've only been with the company for about two months or should I stick through it just keep trying to find a part time job. Thank you any advice would help

And just to give you an idea of how much I paid as far as bills and my grand tools for everything I owe

Car - $420.00 (18,000) Insurance- $175 Cc 1- min ($1400) Cc 2- min ($ 2500) Personal loan - 100 per month ($2100) Student loans -in deferment till December ($17500) Gas- 20 per week Food-40 per week Cell phone-$75

Original Poster1 point · 9 months ago

Would it be in professional if I were to leave this job only two months in?

I'm guessing those people haven't watched binging with babish he'll show you how to make an exact replica of that damn sauce probably cost the same and you get a whole 5 bottles worth


I already feel like a loser for saying this but unfortunately I'm 26 I still live at home because I've made some pretty poor decisions so I'm trying my best to change my life and to make the best of what I have but the same time I need to move on because I could not stand it living with my family anymore. I live with my mom and my two brothers my mom is depressed because she's always tired always hurting and her house is always trashed because my two brothers would destroy the kitchen and not even clean up after themselves or wreck the bathroom and not clean up after themselves every single day and I cannot take this anymore I'm not there made and neither is my mom but she does not want to kick them out. I've told her time in and time out that I would gladly pay rent but she wants me to save up so that's far I'm at $1,500 saved up. I currently started a new job a month ago paying me 20 an hour on a military base but the only thing is it's part time so I'm trying to fill in another part-time job until I reach full-time status which could be anywhere from three to six months it just depends. But as much as I want to move out unfortunately I have my student loans to worry about $ 17,000 left as well as some personal debt with a combination of 2 credit cards and a personal loan about $5,500 worth. The biggest one is my car payment which I have about $10,000 left on it I pay about $463 a month. As well as my phone payment which is about $140 for me and about $160 for my auto insurance. I'm really trying my best to save up as much as I can and be as Frugal and doing what I can to cut costs. I spend about $40 a week on groceries and $30 on gas and I've quit going out to eat so much I cook everything myself. The only kind of luxury thing I have as far as monthly membership is just my gym membership which is about $20 a month. So with all that with all that being how would anyone go about trying to figure out how to get out of this and move on to get my own space for myself

  • Spending $140 dollar a month on a phone is a luxury. You can buy a phone for $140 and have money to spare.

  • $1,500 is enough for now as savings. Throw all money you have left after bills towards paying of credit cards and paying of loans.

  • Are you under water for the car? Consider selling it and buying a cheaper one.

  • Work more than full time, get another part time job. You'll make a bit more money and won't have to spend as much time at home.

You're not the only one in such a situation. There's no shame in living with your parents at 26. It beats living alone and getting into deeper and deeper debt.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 months ago

The only reason why I pay so much is because I have my phone I'm still paying on for a payment agreement as well as 2 accessories so that's factoring in the payments for both accessories in the phone and service

I mean it's a 2012 and to be honest I'm not sure if I'm upside down at this moment I don't even know how to sell this car that I still owe money to the bank to because I got it financed through a credit union

I've been applying and applying at every place I can think of no response it's kind of getting me down plus this new job really wants me to put them at top priority because it's something that I can think it would become very profitable but unfortunately I have to wait some time before another job kicks in then I'm hoping to have a part-time job really soon something more night time

I mean it's just more of living with my family and them driving me crazy with me being a maid cleaning up after them and them not doing a damn thing to help my mom out and to see her struggle and her complain about her pains and everything is really bringing my moral down so that's why it's just really difficult and I feel a shame too because I do want to move on and I want certain things I want to bring someone over to my place and share quality time and I want to have my own space to do my own thing but I know it's going to take some time


Hello I just hit the $20,000 mark on my car its a 2014 Dodge Charger unfortunately I did have one accent with it in the front. Along with my city and people I park around messing up the paint job scratching it and even leaving really bad marks in the back bumper. I have been told by some of my family that it's best to hold onto it and pay it off that way I can have a good line of credit to show that I actually was able to go through the entire thing. However they told me that if I do not see it through then it could really hurt my future whenever I want to buy a house. but the car payment is really killing my budget I may have overpaid when I was young and stupid and to be honest at this point I'm ready to just let it go as much as I love my car I need to be smart and I need to think about my future. What are the proper steps to getting rid of my car once and for all and start going into something else I refinanced it with a credit union and I have about another three years before it is fully paid off

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Well ladies and gentlemen, for some of us, this journey started August 10,2001. Here we are almost 16 years later. It's been a hell of a trip. See you all on the other side.

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How to do you both hit it right on the fucking head what an amazing journey I could not have said that better yet Bravo gentleman Bravo

Flawless Perfect And I have one man tear running

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Hello Reddit I need some life advice I want to make a change I grow tired of the constant 8 to 5 every single day job and I want to do something more with my life. I want to go back to school but I don't even know where to begin. I'm currently in debt at the moment I am still paying off my car, old student loans and some credit card debt. I make about 13.15 per hour (40 per week) with the possibility of some overtime but I would say about my take-home is about $1,800 a month. So I know the first task is to get rid of some of my credit card debt and pay off my car in order to go back to school to take those giant burdens off my back. I know I'll have to really bust my ass if I want to go to school but I can't go and do a full time schedule I was considering online courses but I don't know where to even start how to look for Grants how to look for funding it's all been so long that I'm not sure where to start from where I'm at as an older person. I want to learn a trade either with the medical field, computers securiry or a trade such as a windmill techican. Maybe start up my bachelor's with my previous degree(criminal justice) which I kind of got out of doing. But if it will help me land of solid paying job to help me support my other dreams then I can go after that. whatever kind of advice any one can give me I would really appreciate it.

I rounded everything up just to keep it clean as far as what I take in and my monthly expenses

Car -21000 Student loans -15000 Cc debt-5000

Monthly expenses Rent-100 Car-540 Insurance-150 Cell phone-150 Cc debt-whatever else is remaining from my paychecks Fun time-use what I can don't really track.


Would you happen to know what breed of cat that yours is my kitty cat looks just like that

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