Choose your destiny by FortunAaFrederica in funny

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If you want to put on some nostalgia goggles, there's a freeshard for t2a called UO Second Age you should check out.

My soul is so heavy by [deleted] in depression

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Thats exactly how I feel. My heart feels heavy. I don't want to move. I resign myself because I don't want to bother others about it.

I understand how you feel if you want to talk.

Hoppin Hot Sauce Extra Hot flavor r&d breakfast by Wtmwm in spicy

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Hi there! Friendly reminder that if you are going to post pictures of food, please include a recipe. Thank you.

More airfried firecracker Chicken and home made honey mustard to cool it down by Dogpeppers in spicy

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Hi there. Friendly reminder to include a recipe in the comments when you submit a picture of food. Thank you!

Im Listening by Magnanimouspanda in wow

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im struggling right now and i cant seem to keep my head above water. wow has been the only thing to distract me from feeling constantly alone, but its been lonely questing alone.

Round 2 by Mazzack in starterpacks

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That's definitely Edna Mode.

Summer Classes Question by Jonesywaffles in fsu

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In the German class you're essentially going to learn colors, numbers, basic nouns ("man, woman" etc.) and the nominative case and present tense (maybe some past tense). It's very easy. You'll basically have to learn maybe 30 new words a week. As long as you pay attention in class, you'll be fine.

I took computer fluency a long time ago online but I honestly don't even remember any of it because it was that easy.

Summer Classes Question by Jonesywaffles in fsu

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German 1 is a cakewalk so you should be fine. Computer fluency was also super easy.

Ruin our evening. by [deleted] in RoastMe

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Great Value brand Jamie Lannister and Arya Stark.

Suggestion about flavor of the week: by TheGarp in spicy

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We are always open to suggestions if you have any!

What is your favourite lunch to take to work? by ecfg59000 in AskReddit

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I really like keeping things simple. I usually do: sliced deli meat, handful of almonds, carrots, cheese cubes. Good variety, low carb, easy to transport, doesn't go back quickly.