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top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wowservers
top_kek_top 5 points

If you're talking about the long run no other server has had the same success kronos has had, stop acting like you need 10k people for it to survive. Kronos fully progressed with no issues, K3 will do the same regardless of the pop staying at 5k or going to 2k.

TheBigBallsOfFury [score hidden]

2k means you lost


top_kek_top [score hidden]

Elaborate... or have LH shills argument dwindled town to:


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top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wowservers
dry_erase_ -3 points

No. There hasn't. The vanilla code is gone. There has never been, and unless the whole "Wow Classic" experiment is successful, there never will be true blizzlike servers. (Excluding retail, of course)

top_kek_top 1 point

he thinks retail servers are blizzlike

Wait you're telling me...that the Blizzard servers are very...blizzlike?

top_kek_top commented on a post in r/worldnews
top_kek_top -10 points

It's honestly fucking hilarious that people think a meeting between the president of the sole remaining superpower and the dictator of one of the most ruthless regimes on earth would go so smoothly. Are people really that dumb that they didn't see hesitation on both sides coming?

ExParrot1337 1 point

I don't think I'd say North Korea is the sole remaining superpower. They're barely hanging on.

top_kek_top -2 points

such an original joke friendo, what third world country are you from?

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top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wallstreetbets
Hooked260 -4 points

Smart people don't typically bet against "fundamentally good" companies

top_kek_top 2 points

So by that definition never buy puts on any of the top companies. Nope, can never make money on them going down because they are so fundamentally good.

internetTroll151 3 points

You replaced "good" with "top"... Good is subjective. Top is factual. Companies with large market cap can turn to shit.

You generally dont want to short companies that you think are good just because they have a good run and you expect a dip.

top_kek_top 1 point

Yes but the market corrects as we've seen, you hardly ever get these huge run ups unless you're talking about the blue chip investment stocks like V, MA, MSFT and shit.

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top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wowservers
top_kek_top 2 points

Blizzard will not release a game that broken.

broken to you, maybe. It's all relative. Paladins weren't designed to be raid tanks, that's it. You want to whine about other retail shit? No hunter trainer in UC? Because undead's can't be about you follow the actual game and treat it like an actual world.

top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wallstreetbets
no_ragrats 5 points

And yet somehow they track momentum, volatility, and trends as well...

top_kek_top 2 points

All of which are derived from the price. Volume + price is all you need.

no_ragrats 3 points

Unless you want a a better way to track momentum, volatility, and trends over time....

top_kek_top 2 points

Trending indicators are all bullshit. By the time they signal the trend half the time it's the top of the trend. Plus, you can see it without an indicator. Unless you're using line graphs volatility indicators are pretty useless.

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top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wallstreetbets
DylanMckenzie33 3 points

All signals are printed at the close of the bar and are not repainted. I understand and will try my best to not be left bag holding. What indicator would you suggest?

top_kek_top 1 point

how about stop using indicators and learn to read price action. All indicators follow the price, learn to read that and you'll be set.

top_kek_top commented on a post in r/worldnews
Gsteel11 1 point

If you have one crazy person in a room with you, the last thing you need is a second crazy person. And now they feel like they have two crazy people.

Horrible situstion and sk just wants to get out of that room.

top_kek_top 0 points

You underestimate how much SK needs us and how nothing would've happened without the US intervening.

iplatinumshafti 3 points

Joking about consolidating power while he takes steps towards actually doing so haha hilarious

top_kek_top 1 point

Joking about consolidating power while he takes steps towards


top_kek_top commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
biffybyro 5 points

"Technical analysis is stupid lol, how about reading tea leaves or tarot cards?!"

"...unless it's bullish of course"

top_kek_top 1 point

yep, pretty much.

TA favors my position

i told you it's so easy to see from these lines I'm drawing this is def the way it's going to go

TA goes against my position

it's all just astrology fake bullshit like flipping a coin you know!

nxqv 6 points

No, you're right. He's taking one scenario that he dreamt up and then using TA techniques to justify it after the fact. It's the most basic logical fallacy you could make but 90% of crypto TA does this.

Edit: downvote me all you want. Point is, you can use TA to make any point you want.

top_kek_top 1 point

TA works but there was a good quote from a TA trader:

"If you abuse the chart long enough it will tell you whatever you want to hear"

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top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wowservers
top_kek_top 0 points

The amount of LH shilling that goes on here proves they know their shit is corrupt as fuck.

craghack_wow 13 points

You know it's funny, you are "debunking" "lies" about kronos, which btw aren't lies becuase 2400-3200 pop is what people roughly said the pop is, and that is dead to many people especially when it's a 2 month oldserver.

And then you go on and spread completely lies and rumors about Lightshope that you have literally zero evidence to back up.

Jesus the irony is strong with this guy.

top_kek_top -1 points

Ignore the LH shill guys, the idiot wants to literally see, in front him, the LH devs selling gold, because that's what he considers '''proof'''.

In other news, he also believes the earth is flat, because he's never seen it from space.

top_kek_top commented on a post in r/worldnews
top_kek_top 2 points

Of course he did this, Kim isn't dumb. He's insane, he knows by doing this he'll make himself look reasonable when in reality everyone in the world knows about the atrocities they're committing on a daily basis. How many norks were killed in prison camps today for not crying hard enouh?

AttackoftheMuffins 10,384 points

Kim successfully made Trump look like the unreasonable one.

top_kek_top 1 point

Apparently Kim played the fuck out of you if you actually believe this.

top_kek_top commented on a post in r/wowservers
Pkittens 1 point

No that's not how I define pay-to-win, that's how you define it.
If you're going to argue with yourself, why include me?
Being able to buy BoE items won't give you an advantage over a player that's twice as good as you.

top_kek_top 1 point

So giving yourself better gear and more damage isn't pay to win? Being able to get more gold is pay to win, you just happen to not define winning the same way apparently.

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