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I like some of the concepts but the execution needs work. I think it’s mostly the medium is too thick. Have you ever heard of liquid acrylics? I know liquitex puts some out but I’m sure other brands do too. They are incredibly-pigmented, opaque, and very-thinned-out paints that glide on like a dream. They also dry nearly perfect without a ton of brushstrokes and a lovely semigloss finish. They would be so much better for this style of work.

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Thanks! They are fondant-covered foam balls. I was afraid cake pops would be too heavy on some of the larger planets.

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As a word of advice: Next time, try rice krispy treats instead of foam. Most bakers use it for top heavy ornaments. If you dip the end of the stick in melted chocolate first before skewering the planets, it will prevent them sliding down. The side benefit is that all the kids in the place will line up to claim each planet as an extra treat.

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Thanks, will try that next time. It was my first time attempting larger 3D figures with fondant and I was kind of in a rush because my original plan didn’t pan out. Do the Rice Krispies figures look bumpy at all when you stretch the fondant over them?

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No. You want to use pretty thick fondant (1/4”) but you crush the Rice Krispies in the molding process so there are no bumps. If it had been me, I would have bought a cheap set of bath bomb molds in three sizes (some are less than 5 dollars) and then use them again for cake pops or bath bombs. That’s only because perfectly round is a bit more difficult but to be honest...but that’s just nit picky...rolling them in your hands can get just as close and then rolling the fondant over them would cover any imperfections. But having them edible is pretty worth it. Kids ( and most adults) love marshmallow fondant over Rice Krispie treats. If you want to take it to gourmet territory, look up “browned butter Rice Krispie treats”. It’s one extra step but I warn you, they are hella addictive so they may not make it into the cake. Bonus tip:I usually take the extra treats and make themed additional sweets. Like cutting out circles from the remaining tray and adding fondant planets on top for those who do t want cake.

Very cute. If you plan on decorating anymore, may I suggest these:

I prefer americolor (also on amazon) but these are a bit cheaper. Regardless...these last forever and you only need a couple of drops to get intense color (which is great since the liquid ones from the grocery store tend to dilute icing...high pigment gel like these are always better). And they blend wonderfully to get your own unique colors.

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Thanks for the tip, but I'm in Europe and the shipping and taxes on those is crazy expensive :-(

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Sorry...didn’t mean to be US-centric. Looked it up on the UK site and I would try this

Seems to be the brand in your country. These kind need a toothpick to take out a tiny bit of gel. They also have gel drops but are a bit more expensive.

Why does she treat the grass as if its lava?

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I love that she complains about the soft bumps of the grass but then charges ahead top speed hitting every LA sidewalk bump without a single groan. Such a martyr.

I mean that's not really a fair comparison. If you actually look at the definition of artist vs scientist there's a clear difference: anyone who makes art is by definition an artist, whereas simply doing some science doesn't make you a scientist, bc that requires some expertise. Not saying this person is a good artist, but they are an artist. Even if they are delusional, still an artist, it's even in the name of the sub.

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And this is what is wrong with the art field. It’s a skill. A job. But, of course, it can a hobby. But that needs distinction. Someone who picks up a pen and just scribbles around is called the same thing as someone who hones their craft and is able to make a living from it. I would argue that she has created a creative piece that might be considered art but she is not yet an artist. An artist is someone who dedicates themselves to honing their skills in a more professional way...whether for sale, or for show. A crafter or hobbiest would be someone who does it strictly for their own pleasure. Why is this field any different from any other legitimate profession? In no other field does someone just call themselves it and it becomes so. It’s insulting to those who actually work hard to be successful at their craft.

I really don't understand what you take issue with because yeah, there is a distinction, and pretty much everybody recognizes it.

Also btw it does apply to other professions, just to a much lesser degree because most fields people don't work in as a hobby. But for example, if I teach my brother a math concept he's having trouble with in school, I might be told I'm a good (or bad) teacher. I would never claim to be a teacher, as in the profession, but I would be a teacher in the most literal sense. Of course I wouldn't go around calling myself a teacher the way one might with being an artist, but that's only because I don't feel it defines me. If someone feels like creating art is a big enough part of their life, there's no reason they wouldn't be an artist, regardless of how good they are.

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You just literally made my point for me. There is a massive difference between teaching and being a teacher. So there is a a major difference between “making art” and being an artist. The fact that you want it to be different is exactly why it’s such a toxic thought process. It’s the reason we professional artists are not treated like any other field. We have to fight for every penny. We have to fight for legitimacy. We have to fight for benefits. When everyone can be an “artist”, no one is.

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Did you use reference? Because that’s my suggestion. Realism demands specifics and that comes from reference. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that real artists paint from their mind alone. That only happens after years of careful study and practice using reference...and, even still, whether it be stylized or realism, most artists have several sources for color, lighting, details. Your brain filters out so much naturally, memory is very vague. I would also expand your palette a bit, it’s very flat.

Holy fuck is that bad. Jaundice, crevasses that rival the Mariana Trench, and a texture that looks like a rotting orange. How in the hell can she look at that color and texture next to what looks like decent skin and not see how truly awful this crap is. I’m just in shock.

Omfg it’s fucking ADORABLE 😭😭😭😭 I’m crying at how cute this is!!! Amazing job, dude!

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Thanks a ton, I’m so glad you like it so much. You made my day! My son loved it too.

That is incredible!!!

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Thank you so much!!

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sorry I guess I should have just made it clear that your answer was not the correct one. I know now that this was drawn using a square brush, and stroked a singular time.

I know I could draw this by hand but I'm trying to work around that to cut back on time and enhance the final geometric perfection.

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Your ego is astounding...."my answer is not the correct one"...holy cow, you are funny. I gave you a step by step for an advanced or moderate user and you couldn't understand it but you think you know the "correct" answer. You didn't even know how this was attempted hence the question in the first place. The truth is, this could be done in a number of "correct" ways. My answer was one of several ways it could be approached and the way I would approach it. You are never going to advance in this field if this is your attitude toward things. I saw all your replies to are rude, demanding, and frankly amateurish in your way of dealing with other professionals. You sound like someone who has a job he isn't entirely qualified for and is trying to use others to cover the gaps.

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lol okay dude

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State your source for LLR’s income disclosure please. I would be surprised to see a list of the top people in the company on a document. I’m going to use McDonald’s as an example again. You have to stay inside the franchise guidelines including policies, pricing and marketing. I’m not saying the business model is flawless, believe me, it’s far from perfect, but it isn’t a scam. My wife and I make a livable wage, work reasonable hours, and are able to pay our bills while working to pay off debt from early on in our lives. All while being able to actually see my kids grow up instead of missing everything while I work across town for 50 hours a week plus drive time.

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And that’s great...and I can guarantee that if you take that same initiative and motivation and put it into a business venture of your own, you would be making a ton more money per hour. My husband and I are freelance artists in addition to him having a full time gig. We have our own business. We work an average of 20-30 hours a week (between the both of us)and make an easy 50-75,000 a year from it. Now sometimes it’s slow...sometimes it’s crazy but it’s all our profit. And we put barely any investment initially. I don’t have a degree in art. He does but he didn’t need it. We used our already well worn computers till we could afford to upgrade. But the bottom line is, with hard work and discipline, we make a very comfortable living with no one above us. No one to dictate hours.

And then there’s my husband’s full time gig. He works as an art director for a rock group that has their own label. He had zero initial investment. No clothes. No computers. Nothing. They hired him off our freelance work. He has a handsome benefits package, salary (paid holidays)with very flexible hours (and telecommuting at times), and two weeks vacation. They also take us to Disney every other year (on their dime) and give a huge bonus during the holidays. He makes the same pay as we do with our freelance and works a normal work week but can take off whenever he needs to...I’m chronically ill so they knew that would be necessary.

My point? You need to realize that there are tons of fields and work that can accommodate your hours and needs that require no initial investment or a similar investment as you did with Lularoe that can then turn a handsome profit that would be a ton more per hour. The people that make the real money....the money that justifies the hours Lularoe are the very tip top people. The rest are sadly underpaid. If you add your hours...every single hour spent working. All the little details...I would bet you are making under minimum wage. And that’s sad since it sounds like you would be killer at something like this for yourself.

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Since you want to throw numbers out there, what is 60 hours (never more) a week divided by $13,000? I don’t have the need to open my calculator because I know that it is more than enough for me. Let me add a couple more things so I don’t have to field the obvious next questions. Yes, that’s after I’ve put away 15% for taxes. Yes that’s after correct reinvestment. Yes that is profit after wholesale purchases. Yes that includes my 25 hour a week assistant’s salary. And no that doesn’t include the few hundred dollars we get from our bonus check every month. This is strictly sales.

My whole point is that people should just stay in their lane, because they really have no idea what they are talking about (your comment about making under minimum wage actually made me laugh out loud). My wife and I made a choice, we invested, we paid off our investment and now we work from home. I don’t have to miss my kids soccer games or dance recitals anymore because of work. We work hard and we make enough to pay our bills and better our financial situation. If someone has a problem with that, then it really is them, not me or LuLaRoe.

Congrats on your art stuff though, sounds cool 👍

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Congrats on that...amazing! But according to Lularoe’s income disclosure statement, you represent .08 percent of all LuLaRoe retailers. And of that .08 percent, you are in the top part of that. Anyone who onboards now has absolutely NOOOO chance to make that money. It’s fiscally impossible to make that kind of money once the market is saturated. You were and are lucky. I think trying to tell other people that they will have similar results is very misleading. Especially when 73% of your retailers make less than $5100 a year. Same statement.

If you cut the apple then put it in a baggy and press out all the air the apples don’t brown... mom witchcraft.

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My trick is that I use an apple cutter and then keep the pieces together with press and seal. If the slices don’t touch the air, they don’t it looks cute.

I'm terrified of having a child (I'm a woman) because I don't think I can put myself through nine months of pregnancy only to have a big stressful, painful finale. They say it's different when it's your child but... man I can barely handle a period. Nothing really helps me feel any better, people who agree and say "Yeah it sucked hard" make me feel even more terrified and people who say "It was a wonderful experience" makes me feel bland and upset.

I don't really want kids or to go through any of that... but there's still that bit of me that wishes I was willing. I guess adoption is an option in the end of the day, but I always worry I'll wonder about "What if...".

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I’m neither in the wonderful nor awful camp. I didn’t want kids but I did at the same switched monthly. I come from two abusive parents so I was worried I’d perpetuate the cycle despite years and years of therapy. I have chronic pain so I worried about that. I have a lot of things I do and want to do and Motherhood was not at the top of my list. I’m also on the very tip of the autism spectrum (aspergers) with sensitivity through the roof.

That being said, I eventually did have a child because I have a lot to give and it cancelled out my worry eventually. I ended up with every side effect and spent a very annoying nine months...annoying but not really that miserable. But now I have a nine year old son that makes all of it seem null and void. He’s amazing. He’s just like me...emotional, crazy, creative, fun...and he’s brilliant. I couldn’t love him more. I like him too.

Just a middle of the road perspective for you. You do you.

Thank you, really. I wasn't on reddit so the response is late but I also have Aspergers (and my sensitivity just became manageable.).

I still... can't say I know, but honestly I'm too young anyways. I don't even know what I want to do for a career so asking this question is a bit silly anyways, I've changed a lot and by the time I'm in the range to have a child I'll probably be a different person. At least that's what I'm telling myself. Thank you for your perspective, the similar difficulties also add some comfort, that it won't prevent me from having a child or being a good mother.

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I understand. I’m glad I could give you something to help even out your concerns. And will be a different person. I wish you the best!!!

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Of course...but remember (for yourself and others)...Pain IS in your head. That’s why that phrase is stupid. Most chronic pain is a problem with your brain and nervous system not knowing when to turn the shit down. It doesn’t matter if there is just THINKS you need the pain signal. It doesn’t make the pain any less painful. And because there is no healing, there is no hope for it to turn off anytime soon.

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Thanks for this answer. You're so right , if it feels painful then it is painful. Hard to remember that though when there's so much doubt around us.

I had that realisation last night that there is very little hope for 'getting better', it's sad.

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I don't say any of this to take away hope...only to help you combat doubters and help you be nice to yourself. If you had a cancer diagnosis or were in a wheelchair, you and others wouldn't "doubt" any of it. It's because this seems more abstract and less visual to people, that it is an issue at all. You look fine so you have to be fine. It fucks with your head, your relationships, and your life. And it's not're already in pain, you don't need to feel crazy too.

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I used to have a dream where I had signed up for some class, usually a math class, but somehow forgot about it during the semester and hadn't been going at all. Suddenly it's the final and I am heading to the class entirely unprepared after remembering i was still enrolled and failing that class meant i'd fail college entirely.

Then I wake up in a cold sweat and realize I graduated 5 years ago.

That's how stressful college is. You have nightmares about failing it, 5 years after you've graduated.

edit rip my in box, and apparently every Redditor ever has had this dream. I've been smiling all day thinking about the shared dream we've all had.

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OMGD!!! Me too. Had one just the other night. Those are fucking brutal. Make waking up so sweet.

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lol at the bitchy note about them not being samples, risking a lot by putting those there, they look like samples especially at a healthcare office which usually has samples sitting out.

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They also look so unappealing with that they’re some kind of weird experimental tooth serum. Just what I look for in a dentist office, cheap-looking, uber-expensive lipstick. Next they’ll have a changing room and a rack of Lularoe to try on while you wait for your appt.

"Stop! ...They are for purchase only!"

Hun you couldn't pay me to take those off your hands. I mean, the sign is completely unnecessary they're avoidant all by themselves.

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I know, right? So ridiculous.

I thought you are not supposed to eat cookie dough because of eggs used in the process that could spoil.

Isn't the difference between the ice-cream cookie dough vs. real cookie dough the fact that the latter might spoil or have perishable ingredients?

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Funny’s not the eggs that are the problem (There is almost no issue with bacteria and’s a verrrry small risk). It’s the flour. We aren’t made to breakdown flour that hasn’t been cooked and it can cause digestion issues. To combat can make the dough with toasted flour instead and that will breakdown the parts that are impossible to digest. Look up edible cookie dough and you’ll see.

No it's the raw eggs

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Eggs have an extremely low incidence of bacterial issues. Look up eating raw flour.

You should open it and make sure there is no mold, even with a lot of oil it shouldn’t be causing the effects you guys are having. If its being used constantly and a small one like that, it needs to be cleaned with a mild detergent every few uses. (I have a non-MLM diffuser about the same size)

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People are allergic to some oils. I am allergic to anything floral. I get symptoms when really smelly flowers like magnolia are in my house. I can’t wear any floral perfumes because I get headaches, sneeze, and my nose runs constantly. Too much and my throat feels tight. If you diffuse any floral oil...which are infinitely more concentrated...I will have serious problems. It’s not mold. It would be the oil itself.

Use reference. That’s how you improve. That’s how art really works. Every time you see an artist “just draw” you are seeing the sum of hundreds of hours of reference drawing. You don’t just naturally understand how light bends or how shadows work. You don’t memorize form like some kind of genius in one glance. Drawing isn’t about technique at first. It’s about seeing. It’s about training your brain to understand things it’s actively trying to tune out. You are, unfortunately, naturally talented at this. I say unfortunately because it gives the illusion that this is a natural talent that just needs to be unlocked. And it can have an easy in but you will stagnate quickly if you rely on just that. Get some reference. Draw from it. If you can do this from will improve dramatically with help. Draw from life. Draw from photographs. Push yourself to stay on a more traditional path with the knowledge that you have an edge but you still need to earn the ground work. You’ll just do it faster.

Such good advice man, not OP but thank you!

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I think a lot of it is just reading..the act itself doesn’t really do anything except input a lot of info into your head. Add any distractions and it just becomes a thoughtful “drone” in the back of your head. I find that, for me, trying to stop once in a while (depending on the complexity of the subject matter it could range from several pages to every two or three paragraphs) to think about what I just read and paraphrase it for myself helps me retain things much better. I’m more actively “listening” when I’m reading when I try to do that. I think it becomes more of a conversation with the author and less a passive activity at that point.

If I’m studying, I never write direct quotes or highlight text...I paraphrase my notes instead. That way I am teaching myself the material instead of trying to memorize it.

I'm not "for" anything.

You are to other people.

I don't exist for men's pleasure

No, but men are interested in you for their pleasure.

I'm a person in my own right.

That means something to you, and nothing to anyone else.

You are to others what you are to them, not what you are to you.

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I want to help you understand something. This is a case of you thinking that because you feel that’s universal. My parents...both my parents...were and are sociopaths. Both of them believed things like this. Truly believed that people feel this way. But that is a very sociopathic way of thinking. You believe that everything around you is in relation to you. That people are the sum of what use they are to you. This isn’t a normal way of thinking. Most people don’t feel this way despite the exaggerations you see in movies and tv. Most people care about others for more than their usefulness. Women are not just for sex. Men are not just for protection and provisions. Your contact list is not a rolodex of services and favors. I understand that YOU see things this way and my view isn’t going to change that. But I just hope you understand that OTHERS are not all that way. The majority aren’t.

I want to help you understand something. This is a case of you thinking that because you feel that’s universal. My parents...both my parents...were and are sociopaths. Both of them believed things like this. Truly believed that people feel this way. But that is a very sociopathic way of thinking.

Oh look, it's the "You don't have my social values, that is a mental disorder" argument. I haven't seen this argument since 30 seconds ago. I do not accept your label as an argument. Call me a sociopath if you want. I legitimately do not give a shit. All it means is "I want to socially outcast you for the thing you said." I neither need nor want your acceptance, so please do not try to leverage it against me like it is an actual argument. You are not going to bully me into acknowledging your narcissistic self-worth.

That people are the sum of what use they are to you.

To me they are. Do you understand the difference between these two statements? I do not think what you are to me is all you are, but it's all you are to me. It seems to me like you're the one here who is narcissistic and self-centered, totally unwilling to accept the fact that you are not as important or sacrosanct to others as you are to yourself.

Most people care about others for more than their usefulness.

I didn't say anything about usefulness. I said you are to me what you are to me. If you are funny and fun to be around to me, that is what you are to me. If you are annoying, that is what you are to me. So on ad infinitum. It doesn't matter what you are in your own head to anyone other than you. My experience of you is how I will judge you.

Women are not just for sex.

Of course they aren't. Please stop strawmanning.

Your contact list is not a rolodex of services and favors.

It is a rolodex of a broad swath of experiences. All of which are selected. You hang out with the person who makes you happy because they make you happy. You pursue the woman who you can start a family with because you can start a family with her. People have intent toward others. This is not fucking sociopathy, it is basic human interaction.

I understand that YOU see things this way and my view isn’t going to change that. But I just hope you understand that OTHERS are not all that way. The majority aren’t.

You have literally no arguments other than condescension and social outgrouping.

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Every single response you just made proved my point. But I want to stress that I wasn’t being condescending. I loved my parents...I accept them for who they are as I accept you for who you are. The world needs and has room for all types of people. None are less or more than anyone else. I just was trying to help you understand that your views are not typical. Not less...just not typical.

Me and my wife says that our animals used to be people in a previous life.

Being an atheist, definitely plausible especially since energy (consciousness) can't be created or destroyed.

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You are the only other atheist that I’ve ever known to share that idea with me! How cool!

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Currently, she is in a heated legal battle with an ex-viewer bc the viewer is threatening to beat her up over some 1,000$ “swag bags” that they never received. Our cleopatra here says that she’s contacted the cops and is filing harassment charges on the viewer yet the viewer did her own live and said that she did in fact receive a call from the cops but it was to tell her that cleopatra was crazy and to ignore it all. Both of those stories sound a little staged tbh. She also was getting a bunch of angry faces on her live one night and she was getting so mad and she just randomly said “fu** y’all” and left lmao. Another time someone told her her eyebrows were too square and she said that it was a form of harassment and if they continue she will contact Facebook. She swears everyone on her “glam team” is out to sabotage her “company”. She is honestly just a loose canon but I can’t stop watching her.

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Could you pm me which videos have that craziness on them? I found her...but she has a huge list of videos. I’ll just go through if I have to but I’d love to skip to the best crazy. It’s such a guilty pleasure. I have a whole folder of Younique craziness to binge watch when I’m sick.

It really is delicious! Fondant gets a bad wrap because of the store bought garbage people usually think of. I still prefer buttercream because of the texture difference but marshmallow fondant is yummy.

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I know...right? I always hear people say that they managed to avoid fondant and I'm always adamant about letting know a delicious alternative. Cause sometimes fondant can make or break the design on a cake.

Thank you! I've saved this video for later. Got some family bdays coming up so maybe I'll give it a try :)

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Glad I can help. Pro tip: It's even more wonderful paired with swiss meringue cream cheese buttercream frosting.

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