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yh possibly. Should i order now then, or would you say wait? Though honestly those deals are really tempting and I have all the other components, waiting even more would be painful :P

do you think this will go even lower?

Woke kids

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Wow, wasn't thinking something so extreme. Really, I was only asking if I could paint the I/o shroud etc and if it would be safe. Nice video though.

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True. Hadn't thought about when I would sell the board.

I think I'll keep it white, then.

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I know that what is on the outside of the case has a far larger impression than on the inside but I am simply asking if i can make my build look nicer by matching colors. You may condemn this but if i can make my computer look nicer for no extra cost what reason is there not to? I probably won't look into my build after a while, but this 'while' is probably closer to 2 months than 2 weeks. I'm not sure why you denounce making your build look better; especially when it comes at zero cost to me.

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Thanks! Will look for it when the board arrives.

idk about the US but in the UK the AOC g2260vwq6 is a solid 1080p monitor for the price.

Personally, I would get 16 gigs of ram and a b450 board rather than x470 and 8 gigs. X470 boards have better quality but the price premium is much better spent on more ram - 16gb is way more future proof than 8gb.

Otherwise, seems pretty good. Do you display to connect to your pc?

edit: 'do you display' should be 'do you have a display'

fucking ouch

RIP Tilted Towers. You will forever stay in my nightmares.

Go to a PSU wattage calculator and it will do the magic for you.

a n i m e t i d d i e s

i swear the knife is the wrong way around

i sexually identify as a shitcopter


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