Stay classy Grindr by Meowmeow_kitten in creepyPMs

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.... god damn my area is like the opposite of that. 75% bottoms, 10% vers and 15% tops

Stay classy Grindr by Meowmeow_kitten in creepyPMs

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better then the "u up?" with dick pics that we apparently taught n entire generation of gay men is the appropriate way to open a conversation.

Manafort appeals jailing, civil case against Mueller by Will_Hack_4_Food in politics

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weird how manaforts lawyers filed the appeal the same day one of the Russian companies also filed a lawsuit challenging Mueller's authority to bring charges.

Trump calls Maxine Waters 'an extraordinarily low IQ person' in response to Waters' call to publicly harass Trump officials by hobonowe in politics

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It is, but a shit load of trolls are going to swarm you pretending this isnt. and for those wondering, one of the biggest racist talking points is about how all black people have low IQ. Its not even a dog whistle its a fucking bullhorn.

Liberal Group Looks to ‘Out’ James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Operatives by StatisticalAstronaut in politics

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Because his dad was a big wig government lawyer, so he called in a favor with his colleagues and got the charges dropped to a misdemeanor.

Michelle Wolf Slams Networks for Interviewing Trump Officials: You're Giving a Megaphone to Liars by PoliticsBeepBooper in politics

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"we just did a Ctrl + f search for male and changed it to female"

doctor: "You have testicular cancer ma'am"

The Civility Debate Has Reached Peak Stupidity by the_future_is_wild in politics

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SHS was judged not by an inborn characteristic but by the quality of her character and what she did.

Tom Holland Reveals Next 'Spider-Man' Movie Is Called 'Far From Home' by Sisiwakanamaru in movies

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bro Kraven is obviously bi-sexual. He was madly obsessed with his wife, but also makes the occasional comment that makes you think he might not care who he is bending over.

Oh Eddie, you rascal! by staCCats in pics

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The obamas are far less scrutinized than the Trumps.

the fuck are you smoking

Oh Eddie, you rascal! by staCCats in pics

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ya, now hes postitng the N-word in his comments.

A week of questions, tears and finger-pointing on immigrant family separations by googlebox32 in politics

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anybody else sick and tired of CNN's bullshit? like trumps claim is right, they are trash, but not for the reason he claims.

There's nearly a Nixon '74 level of public support for impeaching Trump by bipbopbee in politics

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I fully expect the next Democratic President to use it as such for the Left as we have so many decades to make up for.

That would require the Democratic party to find its spine, and we all know that isnt going to happen. Instead we will get some BS "look forward not back" speech while they pretend being yanked right is the new neutral.

Reality Winner, Accused National Security Agency Leaker, To Change Her Not Guilty Plea by [deleted] in politics

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says the dude who keeps licking russia's boots like there is no tomorrow.

... Things you can't un-see.... by [deleted] in PoliticalHumor

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because the democrats have a clean bill with 49 votes and the republicans have a series of pork and bullshit. you really aren't good at debating are you?

Immigrant children detained in Virginia facility say they were beaten while handcuffed and left nude in concrete cells by ScrambleFaster in politics

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The latest conservative talking point is that Obama is the cruel one, not the glorious god king trump. And that both sides are to blame for what happened on the border, but its mostly the democrats fault. You know, they are playing the classic "both sides guys!" game.