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RealCatID 3 points

Yeah mine are teens, and we used some "cabinet paint" specifically for cabinets. It's not the teens, it's everyone and everything. The paint just shows where it's always touched, etc.

trimom 2 points

This is the reason why I'm hesitant to do it

pelidc -7 points

I regret painting cabinets on behalf of those who do it. Tackiest thing ever.

trimom 3 points

How come? You prefer plain wood?

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Kevin_Uxbridge 18 points

They come with a tesla charger that can be plugged into an outlet just like the one for your dryer. I had an electrician in to put an extra one in my garage. The charger that comes with the car isn't quite as fast as the dedicated Tesla charger, but those things are an extra 500 or so and will only charge your car a bit faster (or so I understand). I get about 25 miles of charge per hour with the plug in one, I hear the dedicated ones get like 30 or a bit more. That's not a lot, and if my car is finished charging overnight at 4 am rather than 3, who cares? Either way it's sitting there till 8.

trimom 2 points

How much has your electricity bill increased since you became a tesla owner?

trimom commented on a post in r/books
NipplesInAJar 93 points

As a native spanish speaker, hell yeah! I love the way GGM put his scenes into words! I love especially No One Writes to the Colonel. Nothing beats One Hundred Years of Solitude when speaking about putting scenes into words, though Chronicle of a Death Foretold is amazing too.

trimom 3 points

Here too! "Memorias de mis putas tristes" is great as well.

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