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turrsky commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
MyNameIsZaxer2 13 points

PUBG does RNG right.

RNG gets a bad rep far too often, from game mechanics like "random crits" or "cointoss tiebreakers" where the rules are far too simple: "You lose the RNG, you lose the game."

PUBG offers RNG in a different, much more appealing light: with white circle spawn locations, gun spawn randomization, and care package drop locations, the message becomes this: "You lose the RNG, you are presented with a challenge. You overcome that challenge, you win the game."

You can lose. And you can blame the RNG, but it's not entirely the fault of the RNG. At all points in the game, you are presented with the option to overcome the challenge and win. That's exciting. That's what keeps me playing.

Which is what's so wrong with the redzone. The redzone does RNG entirely wrong, and does to PUBG what random crits do to TF2. The message becomes, once again, "you lose the RNG, you lose the game."

turrsky 1 point

Once i won the chicken when the game froze and droped me far away from circle, with shity, loot - i managed to go throught unpopulated cities, looted akm with some ammo and silencer for it and won the game with 3 kills - usualy i would just quit the game becouse of difficult start of the game. in PUBG you have to just keep going, even if you have only sawnoff and one energy drink - you can still win!

Euromonies 1 point

Have you tried reloading? Do you have a previous save?

turrsky 1 point

Reloading doesn't help, I thought that I need some other skills to reveal chest so I continued to play and almost finished game already, so rolling back to previous save is no option for me, I guess I'll have to do it on another playthrough then

Euromonies 1 point

Wow, that's super strange, are you playing the normal edition or Deathinitive?

turrsky 1 point

Deathenitve edition, yeah that was strange becouse it looked like scripted, the chest just vanished when I tried to open it and thought that was the part of dungeon

turrsky commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
HorRible_ID 5 points

What if there will be a realism mode without any hub element, kill a team player then steal their clothes pretend to be the teammate 🤔🤔

turrsky 4 points

That would be awesome gamemode - you and your squad get armbands with defined colour, but you can take them of or loot dead enemies. I think it would made more sens with bigger squads lets say 10 people in squad or even more so you it would be easy to see if it's different colour than your team

turrsky commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
ThatOneNinja 59 points

Who would have time to use emotes, or want to? That is extremely pointless in a game where using an emote will literally kill you.

turrsky 3 points

emotes could work well for people creating machinimas in Pubg

Cjkavyy 4 points

People still make machinimas? People still watch machinima?

turrsky 3 points

Yup, there was actualy few from PUBG on this subredit

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turrsky commented on a post in r/thewalkingdead
thewalkingwhit 53 points

Looks like it... Looks like one of those 1950s scary film scenes where the hapless couple decide to picnic in the woods, "C'mon, Janet. There's no one around for miles!" And then the killer with the hook hand murderblates them

turrsky 23 points

i would laughed if Commonwealth have movie studio and it's actualy plan of the movie, they even look like they are in 50s

turrsky commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
bizzfarts 17 points

ar "{A},\r\nمبروك, لقد نجوت و سحقت أعدائك !"








ja "{A},\r\n勝った!勝った!夕飯はドン勝だ!!"

ko "{A}, \\r \n이겼닭! 오늘 저녁은 치킨이닭!!"





th "{A}, \\r \nชนะ! ไปฉลองกัน!"



zh-cn "{A},\r\n大吉大利,晚上吃鸡!"

zh-tw "{A},\n大吉大利,今晚吃雞!"

zh "{A},\r\n大吉大利,晚上吃鸡!"

e: may have copied the wrong strings, they're all identical to the above (barring a space or exclamation mark here or there) except

arabic: "بالحظ، بالقوة، لا يهم.\nأنت الرابح!",

portuguese: "GRANDE VITÓRIA!"

turrsky 22 points

translation of polish one to english " Match won, chicken served" but it actualy rhymes in polish

TheLegendaryBob27 -2 points

Wouldnt that be "chicken given"? Or even perhaps "passed chicken" - as in "pass me the chicken". I dont speak polish but another slavic language ;p

turrsky 3 points

It could be if we are translating it word by word but from the context correct word is served becouse we are talking about food. I am polish so you have to thrust me with this one

turrsky commented on a post in r/thewalkingdead
willyumv3 14 points

If I heard one more cliche line from carls mouth during that episode I was going to throw a hammer at my TV. "You have to be strong for x" like everyone at any wake ever has said.

turrsky 2 points

Carls speach for me was like producers was "We have a great finale for this season, but how we exactly make Rick not to kill everyone" and they forced some stupid bullshit like this. It felt like Carl was giving them Quest in RPG that Game Master is very proud of and don't want players to miss it.

turrsky commented on a post in r/thewalkingdead
Forest_of_Mirrors 84 points

Time for a dream sequence that brings Carl back?

turrsky 4 points

Rick falls in coma, but becouse he was so long in zombie world his "dreams" are about postapocalyptic world, not how that was before. Big ending would be Rick waking up in Hospital from not one but 2 comas! And we can get that "it was just the nightmare" ending ( i think it would be better than anything done by Gimple)

turrsky commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
jake_ryanOG 13 points

They kill like 12-20 a game dude, they’ve had 50 kill games combined before

turrsky 3 points

i recently watched game when Shroud killed 33 or 34 people. Damn, its 1/3 of the server (whole thing playing squads, when his mate died at begining)

turrsky commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
Bkgrime 172 points

Have a redzone where the map doesn't indicate a redzone so all of a sudden you hear loud noises. It'll be like Dunkirk on roids.

turrsky 2 points

or just do that game tells you coordinates where is center of red zone and you have to take your map, and check if you are in safe

turrsky commented on a post in r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS
Sloi 52 points

80-100 player count no lower than 20Hz we can live with it.

... "live with it" ... until Dice introduces their own BR game on the Frostbite engine with their high-frequency bubble, for guaranteed 60Hz gameplay wherever your player is located.

turrsky 2 points

i see a lot of people here talking about dice making their own BR game, was there any rumor that they are making BR game or is it just the sub wanting them to make decent BR game?

turrsky commented on a post in r/bloodborne
domnyy -33 points

I love the game too, I just can't ever imagine getting a tat of something from a videogame though. What ru gunna say years down the road? "Uh it's from a video game that came out 20 years ago.." oh..

turrsky 7 points

i have both BB lantern and DaS bonefire tattooed. Why i would i had to explain to someone why i tattoed lanternt with creepy ghosts and fireplace with sword in it

Salazzle 3 points

Mind showing those tattoos? I would really like to see! :)

turrsky 2 points
turrsky commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
kcan1 25 points

For a while there I was playing Battlefield and doing 1 jumping jack and 1 push up for every death I had in a round. Issue is I kinda got too good at sniping so I'd only be doing like 2 of each per round. Had to change to doing a preset workout every night instead.

turrsky 1 point

did something similar for Dark souls 3 ... Oh that was mistake

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