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Uses for LLC

I read online that an LLC can own your properties, and if your partner pass away, their shares will be reabsorb into the LLC. Are there any other uses for LLC? Thanks.


Where can I go for hanger steak?

Preferably in Arlington and Fort Worth.


CPA Transfer Question

Can I transfer my CPA in Maine, although I may not have the requirements fulfilled in states like Texas?


What are the states with the easiest CPA exam requirements?

I'm a Texan, so I would also prefer to go to states that does not require resident requirement.


Beginners books recommendation.

I used to learn how to play an instrument through the Suzuki books which you can advance through the levels by practicing individual books. However, it's not highly regarded on Amazon. Does anyone have any recommendations to the books that I can start learning from? Thank you.


Beginner's question...

I'm trying to learn sight, and the app gave me an option to learn bass or treble, and I can only pick one at a time. Does it matter which one I choose?


Cost to get to CCNP

Without any experience, what would be the cost be for all the certifications up to CCNP?


Best T-Mobile Plans?

I'm currently paying $180/9 lines (4 free); does anyone have a better plan?


What should I do with two extra lines?

My family uses seven lines prior to this addition, and no one seems to need a second phone. What should I do with these (free) lines?


Easiest literature class at UTA

What is the easiest class/Prof that you know for this?


Ultimate Breville BES870XL Setting

So far, I have found one recipe for this certain model, I was wondering if you guys have any other recipes that I can try. I'll include the one I found below:

I have the same machine and started with Starbucks Whole Bean a few weeks ago. (I now use a few different beans, each time taking about 2-3 shots to get dialed in.) Make sure you put the NON-Pressurized Double basket in the portafilter. (don't waste time with the single until you perfect the double.) Set the grinder to a 4 (starbucks seems to like a 3-5 on mine, other local roasted beans seem to like a 7-9). Set the doser to 1 o'clock. Make sure the grinder is set for a double shot. Fill the portafilter with grinds and tamp with 30lbs of force. Push hard, but not hard enough that your arm is shaking from the force, thats how I do it. Load the portafilter into the machine and click the double espresso button. Extraction should be about 25-30 seconds and will net you a nice espresso. Is your porta filter filled with beans to the proper level, try the razer tool and make sure you are not underfilling the portafilter. Another item, a wet puck does not mean much. Depending on the brand of bean, my pucks range from bone dry hockey pucks, to wet pucks. It seems to have zero effect on the flavor of the espresso.


Graduate school

I heard that graduate school at UTA is grade inflated. True or false?


Which certifications can I get to boost my health administration salary?

I heard that the certifications that I should get include six sigma and health information. I was wondering if there are other certifications that I can get? If possible please leave a link to the sites.


Need help picking classes

Hello you guys, I'm currently a senior who only has to take electives to graduate. Do you have any recommendations to the classes that I should take. P.S. I have senioritis.

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